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  1. Heavy marketing. A very good product. Way overpriced.
  2. Great Grandson of Sitting Bull. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=u-3NIrXW92s
  3. Yeah. Don’t confuse him with Texas Man.
  4. They’re cheap on Kindle at Amazon https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discworld
  5. I recall that case. It was in a Walmart. Female shooter took out the Samaritan. Another tactical training point. Scan for threats. Don’t get tunnel vision. Easy to say. Not easy to do without training and practice.
  6. The man did a courageous thing. He ran toward the gunfire He engaged the bad guy. Bless him. But gunfight are complicated. Part of a good ccw training should include scenarios like this.
  7. There are lots of things to consider. This unfortunately is one. Armed citizen who stepped in to help was tragically shot by police EDIT 6/25 4:25 pm Arvada police have just released this timeline information. The suspect’s brother had called 911 saying his brother was going to do something crazy. Shortly thereafter the suspect was involved in a disturbance in Old Town Arvada and Officer Gordon Beesley was the first officer to respond. As soon as he exited his vehicle he was fatally shot with a 12 ga shotgun. The suspect then fired repeatedly int
  8. Nobody move! I think I found Bob's P38.
  9. Every system in the US is vulnerable hacking unfortunately. My buying is all via credit card. When I am divested of my militaria collection I doubt I will be selling anything further on Ebay.
  10. It’s not just a book, it’s a 40 book series. And they have tried to make one book into a tv series, “The Watch” which premiered this year. It was not great. Mainly because like many books, it’s really difficult to translate the spirit of the story to a film. The Discworld book series is wild, wacky, SyFy, fantasy, satirical and brilliantly written. It’s sorta like if Douglas Adams (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) wrote Game of Thrones. With a little Monty Python thrown in.
  11. No. A retired veteran gets more benefits than a one hitch soldier. Medical care, access to PX shopping, etc. My statement was simply to counter yours that you don’t think peacetime vets are vets. It is not my desire to engage in a pissing contest. I have my opinion and you have yours.
  12. Just an artist’s conception. Not one that I completely agree with.
  13. Ya know that Cheerios commercial with the curvy lady in the red dress. First thing that came into my mind when I saw her was ... Lady Sybil Ramkin. Am I crazy?
  14. The system is not set up simply to help needy veterans. That’s an incorrect assumption. I receive a social security check each month. It’s not because I am needy. I paid into the system. Service members have paid into the VA system, perhaps not with money, but In many other ways. Bottom line is that your statement is your own. Fortunately, the military, the Veterans Administration, and millions of vets disagree with you. As do I. I don’t think I’ll be removing any peacetime GIs from the SASS Vets web site.
  15. I was also a cop for 30 years after the military. So I can look at it from both perspectives. People assume certain similarities between the two jobs. Apples and oranges believe me. If your problem is with this one individual that’s one thing. But your statement is that you don’t consider a peacetime serviceman a veteran, we will never agree.
  16. Not a combat veteran perhaps but certainly a veteran. I weary of the arguments I see between even among vets about who is more veteran than the other. The fact that the military did not send everyone into a combat zone does not detract from at all from honorable service. Being separated. From home and family for years, getting paid half of what you would be making, sacrificing weekends and holidays deserves the thanks of a nation. Military service is a contract. You swear to serve and the government swears to provide you with certain benefits. Service is service. It’s up to the mil
  17. The English language, of which I am very fond, continues to …..evolve? deteriorate? Circle the drain?
  18. The system was a mess when they started. Took a year or more to straighten it out. I tried twice with no luck, then again last year and it worked fine. Did it on line. I haven’t used it for anything, but like my pistol. I have it in case I need it.
  19. While EBay has many flaws and policies I don’t agree with it is still a fairly simple method of buying and selling from the convenience of home. I have had very few problems in the years I have used it.
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