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  1. I lived in South Florida for 50 years. I know humidity well. I much prefer the dry climate here.
  2. Yes, 32% is mind numbing! It’s usually around 15 here.
  3. Actually that was about 10 minutes before the hail started. It’s just reflection off the really big rain drops. I didn’t know it was hail until the back door bell started ringing.
  4. Yesss! Rain, hail and puddles….actual puddles!
  5. Well, there are bears and then there are Grizzer Bears. Just like there are Toyota Corollas and there are Ford F250s. Black bear attacks are pretty rare and people have even fought them off bare handed. Now I know of one guy who kilt a Grix with a Buck 110 by generally, I would recommend something large and lethal. And bear spray is actually very effective. More so than oc on druggies. Mostly because the bear’s olfactory mechanism is s sensitive. Much more than humans.
  6. About the oppressive 32% humidity, the temperature dropped, clouds rolled in and there has been a lot of really noisy thunder for the last 10 minutes. No rain yet. The lightning seems to be all cloud to cloud stuff which is good it we don’t get a soaking rain.
  7. Into the next century and beyond!
  8. https://www.wideopenspaces.com/alaska-man-kills-charging-brown-bear-with-a-9mm-pistol/
  9. Shortly after the NPS approved firearms in parks several years ago, a guy killed a Griz up in Glacier with a 1911.
  10. To get back to the OP, hunting is very regulated. Not all states allow bear hunting but the ones that do generally require certain calibers and possibly Hunter education courses. Due to habitat destruction and lack of natural forage along with development in former bear supporting areas it is necessary to keep the population of bears healthy and at a manageable number. Regulated Hunting is the best way to do that. New Jersey in some areas is up to it’s butt in Black Bears cruising through the yards in town and feasting on garbage and pets. Not their fault, completely a human created situation.Bear hunting is a controversial subject in NJ. It was outlawed from the 70s until 2003? If I recall, it was outlawed again in 2021. Once you screw with Mother Nature you have a hell of a time fixing things I have hunted feral hogs but never anything else.
  11. When I look in the mirror and think I look okay, I call it an optical delusion.
  12. No I won’t put up with domestic abuse.
  13. White ones were for garrison. OD ones for field. Don’t know what they issue these days.
  14. My first purchase was a Colt Trooper in 1967. Got it at the rod & gun club on post in Germany. $88.
  15. I am spending as much on groceries just for myself as I did for two.
  16. It’s just a training film. The actual training is done by real live, not always gentle, instructors.
  17. Lives at 3,000 feet and is not happy about it.
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