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  1. Thanks to all the shooters, plus family members, who traveled far and near to come out to the shoot yesterday. It was GREAT seeing everyone! We had a beautiful day. The new covered bay areas were especially nice when the sun got warm. The scores are posted. Thanks Artic Fox and Mariah! Congratulations to Dirty Dale top cowboy and Sunshine Marcie top cowgirl. Also congratulations to our clean shooters: Dirty Dale, Hooligan Howes, John Barleycorn, Johnny Lawbreaker, Punch and Sunshine Marcie. https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/cowboy-action
  2. It’s time to shoot again! Saturday, June 8th Registration 8:00-9:30am Safety Meeting 9:45am Lunch Available Katie’s Pulled Pork Come join us Saturday as we honor the western sidekicks. Always in the cast but never the star. The tunnel and buckboard are back along with two knockdowns. For more information, check our website https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/cowboy-action
  3. Thanks guys for sharing the directions. Great information for anyone trying to find us.
  4. Saturday is coming fast. Lone Rider - two minutes is 2 less, but three less tolls is a find! Safe travels. Hope the trip goes smoothly. Glad you can make it. John EB, Ricochet, Barleycorn, and NA good to hear from you. Look forward to seeing everyone Saturday, hopefully that will include Calico Cat. Take care.
  5. Logan's Ferry Regulators shoot this Saturday, May 11th. This month your are invited to celebrate Mother’s Day Weekend with us. Our theme is the Ladies of the West. Cowgirls, Doctors, Ranchers and Saloon Girls take the stage. We have a FUN and challenging shoot planned. There will be a star, a popper and a tomahawk. Lunch Available: Katie’s Cowboy / Cowgirl Tea Check our website for more information https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/cowboy-action.
  6. We will take Howes anytime. Don’t let that scare you away, Seamus! Great to hear from everyone. Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday.
  7. ARE YOU READY, PILGRIM? Pilgrim, think you can make it.... Take some advice Pilgrim.... Step down Pilgrim.... Whoa, take it easy there Pilgrim... Pilgrim, hold it..... Your a persistent cuss, Pilgrim.... Cool off Pilgrim.... I hate tricks Pilgrim, but that’s what you’re up against. Yeehaw! It’s shoot week. Can’t wait to see everyone! April 13th If we would happen to get rain this year or be blazing hot, we are now blessed with covered areas on each stage! For shoot details, check our website at https://www.logansferrysportsmens.com/cowboy-action
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