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  1. Yes sir, that's exactly what the Lee die is. I have one for my 45-70, and it works very well.
  2. I found the Lee Auto Prime shell holder at an obscure LGS. I've edited my original post to reflect this. Thanks. WWB
  3. Mike, You're correct about this, however I'm told that the crimp is a taper crimp, which is not desirable for rounds to be used in a tubular magazine. If your experience is different, than I'd appreciate it if you could set me straight. Thanks. WWB
  4. I'm expanding the horizons of my Win. mod. 94. I was lucky enough to find a used 2-die set for said caliber, so all I need is a crimping die, preferably a Lee Factory Crimp Die. I would consider others, but prefer the Lee. I've exhausted all my known resources online, so if any of you cowboys have something that would help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. WWB
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