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  1. 31 minutes ago, Reverend P. Babcock Chase said:

    Howdy Schofielders,


    For what it's worth. I wouldn't waste my time on moon or 1/2 moon clips. I have a pair of speed loaders that are designed for the S&W (don't know the model) .45 DA revolver.  They dump 5 .45 colts into my 2 Schofields perfectly ( all the speed with none of the mods). Incidentally they also work fine for my Rem. NMA conversion cylinder. 


    This info is worth every penny you spent on it.

    Rev. Chase

    Reverend Chase beat me to it.  I've got a couple of speed loaders for my S&W Model 29 Mountain Gun in 44 mag and they work just fine on my Schofields in 45 Colt.



  2. I don't wear them everyday, a couple are on my gun belts. Gave my dad a couple and he wears them everyday and brags about his boy. :)

    That's a good idea. I'll give my Dad one.






    You would think that being all thumbs would work in my favor for a hammered double but alas it REALLY does not.

    I gotta keep it simple.


    You may recall I had a stock TTN double.

    I shouda spent some money and had it worked on but I'm stubborn and cheap.


    Still thinking hard about the bandoleer thing though. :)







    I admit I'm biased. :P A bandoleer is the only way to go with a double. :wub:



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