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  1. She looks like a doll. Why do I have a craving for a sugary doughnut with pink icing and sprinkles?

    I know! Right?! Kill you with cuteness!




    I thought I was the only one going round the bend. Guess not.

    I view the bend as more of a slide. Perhaps I should stop cutting in line....

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  2. I called bond got their competition spring for the derringer and that was about all that was needed

    When I talked to them they said that the competition springs are now standard on all models.


    OLG, I did have a 1911 hammer spring that I wasn't using. I got it cut down quite a bit but it works. It's still a bit stiff but it's better than what came on it. I'm planning on shooting it and maybe cutting another loop or two today. I'm making sure that the cut end pushes on the larger part of the guide rod.

    I nearly messed up big time. I was installing the new spring when it slipped and the smaller end of the guide rod shot off to parts unknown. I found it the hard way, I stepped on it. Luckily the nerves in that foot are dead so it didn't hurt. I just heard it scraping on the floor.

  3. A cut down 1911 hammer spring works very well in place of the garage door spring Bond installs. ^_^


    I'm checking Brownells and I can get a 17lb Wolff Hammer Spring. Would a reduced power spring hurt me at all here? I think stock that spring is supposed to be 21 or 22lbs.

    How much did you cut yours down? If you don't mind me asking.


    You can also call Bond and see if they still sell their competition mainspring.

    I had called Bond earlier today to ask about that. They said that the Mini45 already has their lightest springs but that it'll ease up in time. They said that all of their guns come with the competition springs already installed.


    I bought a Bond Arms competition spring and it helped. Then a pard told me he used a SP101 spring. I had one from a pack I got from Wolfe. It was even better. No idea what lb they are, but I like it.



  4. Well, I got one, a Mini .45. I like it but I think it can be better than what it currently is. I was wondering if anyone has slicked up their derringer. What I'm wondering is, lightening the trigger and hammer springs. Right now it's harder to pull the hammer back on it than both of my main match guns combined. If I could lighten the springs a bit I think I'll be happy. I'm sure I could probably take a loop or two out of the hammer spring but I don't know about the trigger.

    I'd much rather do the work myself so that if something goes wrong I only have myself to blame.

    So, any tips or know where I can get reduced power springs?

  5. I guess I'm the odd man out here. I have a lot of wool clothing and never found it to be itchy. Wool trousers, shirts, coats, scarves, socks, etc. Guess I just got good quality stuff that they took the itch out of. I've got a wool blanket that's itchy but I think that's because of some sawdust that got into it.

  6. In my club our mascot is a squirrel. Clean matches get a white squirrel pin, disastrous matches may earn a black squirrel pin. As far as awards, we've had "customized" poker chips, as well as steel squirrel trophies, and other such things. At another match I won a couple of plaques that were laser engraved. I'm sure you'll find something. Just use a little imagination.

  7. I've dove hunted with my double. That was a lot of fun. I've also taken my Marlin .357mag out hog hunting. With the loads I worked up hogs drop like they've been hit by a cannon. 168gr RNFP traveling at about 1500fps with gaschecks. As long as I stay withing 100 yards I'm good. I wouldn't hesitate to take it deer hunting. Cycles my hunting rounds the same as my CAS rounds.

  8. There is a windows version of Handbrake. However I am pretty sure current versions of handbrake will not rip DRM protected DVDs

    Tried it. Would not convert my John Wayne movies. I'll try an off the shelf version. If that doesn't work I'll just get a good case and take the disks with me.

  9. Oh, I've thought of that. Space is my main concern. That and forgetting they're in there and letting them get damaged. I use one for CDs in my truck. I could use it in a pinch for dvds but I'd rather just copy a bunch of my movies and just have to worry about a cheap thumb drive.

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