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  1. Captain,

    Only looking to trade for a BSS. Sorry. Think the barrels are 18" I think . Will check tonight.

  2. Fireball,

    I know you are trying to sell these items of your dad's . Would you entertain a trade on the 28 GA. i have a like new SKB  280 E that I would trade along with $800 in cash.

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    2. Paladin  Gun For Hire

      Paladin Gun For Hire

      I’m unable to shoot cowboy any more because of bad knees. Have been doing a little clays shooting and would like to add a 28 GA  to my game.

    3. Paladin  Gun For Hire

      Paladin Gun For Hire

      It also might be easier for you to sell the SKB than the Browning. Just something to think about sir.

    4. Fireball #7709 Life

      Fireball #7709 Life

      I would need to be in it better to make that trade, $1000 cash and the skb would interest me,  pending some pics and further details on it.   My email is fireball7709@live.com.


      Thanks, Fb

  3. Dustin, I too went through boot there, 1967. In the winter, very cold, lots of snow.
  4. Thank you for putting me out of my misery. I was trying to find a way to buy it , but just didn't make it in time.
  5. Rusty, Ted Blocker Holsters is in the Portland, Or. area. You could make arrangements with them on a wild Bunch Rig, have it made and either pick it up or have it shipped to the Yakima area.
  6. Very nice, Is this one of the new ones or a restoration, I'm unable to tell?
  7. Badger, When ya get that money, I will be happy to sell you my 1/2 interest in the Bonneville Dam down here on the Columbia (which allows you to dip Salmon from the fish ladder as a side benefit). Your cost will only be around Five Million. Are ya in?
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