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    The TO at the match last weekend commented that my CZ-USA hammer coachgun was shooting about a 4" pattern. My Magtech hulls were loaded with 10 gauge plastic wads.


    This evening I shot a target with 10 gauge plastic wad loads and another with 12 gauge 1/2" wads. The powder charge and shot weight were the same. The distance was 12 steps and fired from the right barrel of the CZ-USA.


    I marked the shot holes with a Sharpe to make them easier to see.

    Boy the 1/2 wads really leave a hole in the pattern hey pard!? That is what my experience with them was also.

  2. Anybody tried a 12Ga plastic wad cut down to be just a shot cup on top of the fiber compression wad?? Good?? Bad??



    I have tried that, it worked just fine. Sure was better then dumping shot right on just the fiber wad (blew hole in shot pattern. I just went to the full platic wads for simplicity... was easier then cutting the shot cups off.


    Major Art Tillery

  3. Will the RCBS 12 ga. Brass reloading die re-size the 12 ga. brass case ? The info states it will roll crimp, no mention of resizing.

    Loaded these with say APP maybe 8+ times, I have yet to resize any of them. I figure the low pressure of the BP sub never really gets them to expand to much. BUT DANG THEY ARE HOT TO PICK UP!

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