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  1. 12 hours ago, Derringer Dan said:

    Soon. Very soon.

    Hope you can make the trip, would be great to shoot with you!  Let me know if you have any other questions.

    12 hours ago, OK Dirty Dan said:

    @Pony Soldier has talked it up so much I can't miss it. I'll be there!

    Sounds great!  Will be great having you join us!   You shooting the throwdown in October?

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  2. Classic Cowboy Showdown 2021 is a now a thing of the past...  BRING ON 2022





    I am once again throwing down a challenge to all you Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls across this great country! DO YOU ACCEPT?  OR ARE YA YELLA?


    The Showdown for 2022 will be held with the...


    The Butterfield Gulch Gang

    Kansas State Championship

    The Seige At Clark's Station

    May 6th - 8th , 2022


    South of Chapman, KS





    **Entry Form Can Be Found Below**




    (To get to Butterfield Gulch from I-70, take exit 286 and go south through Chapman, KS to 2200 Road. Turn east and go one mile, then turn north on Sage Road and go for about an eighth of a mile to reach the gate on your left. You should see the sign.)



    The Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Showdown is an idea I came up with in 2017, in hopes of increasing the number of classics I got to shoot with. Because nothing is greater then getting a group of like minded pards together to shoot the big guns and swagger around in all the classic gear. It is the Greatest category I have ever been a part of.  Now let me tell ya this little challenge has really taken off, in the past years we have had  around 20 classic taking part in the CC Showdown!! 


    Like in years past I will once again be putting up a Custom Buckle for the top shooting CLASSIC!  Also in  years past I have had some great folks step up and offer up awards as well.... last year we had a Champion Classic Cowboy Buckle, Reserve Champion Buckle, Black Powder Champion Buckle, 3 conchos, a bottle of whiskey, Placement plaques, custom match commemorative pins, and some great Classic Only Side match awards!!  THANKS TO ALL THAT PITCHED IN FOR 2021, COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YA!


    If we could get at least three Classic Cowgirls Signed up I would come up with something for the top Classic Cowgirl as well... but we must have three.


    This will be the 6th year of putting on the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Showdown, and I am really hoping for an excellent turn out. The Classic Category in my mind is one the best categories in SASS!  To shoot the category you have to be willing to not only dress the part but, but also shoot the bigger caliber guns!  So I urge you take on this Challenge and sign up for the 2022 Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Showdown, and come hang out with the greatest bunch of folks in SASS!


    Please help spread the word and keep checking back as many things will be added to this post.


    I would love to see 30+ Classic in attendance, the largest gathering at any match in the US, that I am aware of!  How cool would that be, let's make it happen.. plan to attend this fantastic event and get it on your calendar.


    If you have any suggestions or would like to help out please feel free to contact me:  majorarttillery@gmail.com


    Plan to attend, Let me know and I will start a who's coming list!



    (* Confirmed)

    Major Art Tillery (KS)

    Dantankerous (KS)

    OK Dirty Dan (OK) *CC

    Abilene Slim (KS)

    The Verdigris Kid (KS)

    Silverlocks (TX)

    Travel'n Travis (TX)

    High Plains Hud (KS)

    Jax T (TX) * CC

    Stirrup Trouble (NE)

    Ponly Soldier (OK) * CC


    Star Shooter (NE)

    3 Shot Shamrock (MO)

    Boss Shamrock (MO)

    Asa Smith (KS) * CC

    Parson Remington

    Silver Creek Jack (KS) * SCC

    Long Ranger  *

    Largo Casey (NM) *

    Tennessee Whiskers * SCC

    Cowtown Scout (TX) * SCC

    Chili Pepper Kid (IA) * CC





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  3. I have not but I am planning to use my Rossi 92 .45 on deer this coming year. I have already tried it with the Leverevolution round and it's accurate and consistent. I may not even bother trying to handload a round for it for hunting after shooting that round....nah, I will anyway. That's part of the fun :D

    Ain't those Leverevolution rounds the best!? Big fan of those, shoot many in my 45/70 Marlin Cowboy. It puts a thump'n on things for sure.


    Major Art Tillery

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  4. Terrible experience! Not one person has offered up a set of Ruger 44-40 Jimmy Spurs tuned pistols for $800 shipped.... And that has me mighty upset!


    But other then that, nothing but great things to say. Bought many items that shipped out to me even before they had money in hand. Always thought that was just an awesome display of the cowboy way.


    Major Art Tillery

  5. I just came off of the 3 year membership,It was discounted from the regular dues,I think they only offered it for a year or two.

    Yep just came off three year membership myself. Called them today to sign up for another year. Oh the money I pay to play this game... But oh how I love it.

  6. I got lucky a couple of times, picked up an unfired 1894 Marlin with 20" octagon barrel in 44-40 for $550. Special run done for Davidson. Next time I went I picked up an unfired 1894 Marlin Classic in 33-20 for $500. But have not seen a deal since.

  7. I use one shooting duelist for classic cowboy(BEST CATEGORY EVER). I shoot 7 1/2 Rugers and that cross draw really helps me to draw my weak hand pistol. Everyone tells me to try double duelist, but I just plain ole like the cross draw! That and my left hand is stupid and does not know what it needs to do.. :)

  8. I think we can all agree on a few points...

    A 73, a Marlin, a 92 are better guns for CAS.

    But to insult a mans choice of equipment or what HE wants to do with HIS money is not the cowboy way.

    Remember that whole freedom thing we go on and on about?

    If you can help; then help.

    If you can't add anything besides running down the mans choices; then perhaps remaining silent or moving on to the next thread is a good choice.


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