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  1. A few things for sale.


    Spurs and straps, good shape. $25 Shipped ***SPF***



    32 Cal. Ammo Slide for belt.  Adjustable for two different belt widths.  Is missing one Chicago screw as seen in picture. Easily found at local hardware store  $12 Shipped





  2. On 10/5/2021 at 10:11 AM, largo casey #19191 said:

    Got my entry printed out.(If I dont lose it.) Classic Cowboy...


    Great news!

  3. Have been having some troubles with what I call over travel on my CZ Coach Gun.  (Opens up to far and gets stuck when you try to close it)


    Found the problem the lug the forearm clicks to has moved forward an 1/8 to 1/4 inch... Assume it will require a resolder... Or is it trash? Where to send them for repair?




    Thanks for any info.



  4. 48 minutes ago, hud said:

    I DID. Bear trap is having the California state championship next year, at the Cajon Cowboys. I talked to him, he said he tried to contact you, did he not? Let me know. Thanks

    Yep he did, I got back with him.  Hope something can be worked out.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Parson Remington said:

    Okay, Major, I'll shoot Classic.  Now I have a question and a plea. 


    Question - do I shoot it cap and ball, smokeless or cartridge BP?  Decisions, decisions.


    Plea - you and HUD need to talk with K-lynn.  I have failed to convince her, but given your powers of persuasion you two have a chance. 

    Great news!  I will add you to the list!  Glad to have ya join us.


    I will try my best to persuade K-lynn, will you folks be at Parker?

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