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  1. 1,000+ Nickel plated 357 Mag Brass mixed head stamps. (38 look new with primers) also tossing in a handful of brass cases as well. Polished and ready to ship. $75 shipped via flat rate to your door for all
  2. Fantastic shoot folks, great people and incredible range.
  3. I did run this brass through a tumbler and pulled out any splits I saw.
  4. 1,000+ (approximately 1,100ish) pieces mixed headstamp 38 Special range brass. Only a handful of nickel in the mix. $75 + Shipping
  5. (2) Winchester AA 12 Gauge Hulls Large Flat Rate USPS box - 400+ Hulls. Boxed and ready to ship. $48.75
  6. (1) 51 pieces of (looks to be new) Nickel R-P 45/70 brass. $30 + shipping ***SOLD*** (2) 96 pieces of used 45/70 brass. (Winchester and R-P). 13 pieces have a little BP corrosion as seen in lower right of photo. $30 + Shipping ***SOLD*** (3) 20 Pieces of Primed 308 Brass. $5 + shipping (4) 10 pieces of 270 brass $2.50 + shipping (5) 4 pieces of 30-30 brass I will just toss into the box of anyone that wants it and has purchased one of the above lots.
  7. (1) 12 Gauge Shotgun Hulls... Most look to be Federal. $26.25 shipped. USPS MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX APPROXIMATELY 225-230 HULL (3) Paper 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells. $36.25 Shipped. USPS MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX APPROXIMATELY 225-230 HULL
  8. We have received a few entries already for the Showdown. Who else cars to take in the challenge? Get them entries in folks, don't wanna miss out!
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