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  1. Haven't started reloading yet but got it all set up to go ! Thanks ! Horace
  2. Got my info from Tequila Shooter. I have a MEC in 10 gauge and most of the components for it from Ballistic Products and Track of the Wolf. Thanks, TS ! Horace
  3. Since I got my 10 gauge SxS off the classifieds, I have all that I need to reload the shells. Today, I looked online at Cabela's in Fort Worth for a box of shells. It said "limited stock", so I went there and they had 3 boxes. I bought one box. $50. Gun prices were better there than would have thought. Horace
  4. I have one that is WIDE, made for and sold by Buffalo Arms for my 50-140. One heck of a belt. Horace
  5. The AR 10 has larger dimensions to handle the 308 cartridge. Historically, they are either Armalite or DPMS. This is important because the upper to lower receiver fit has a different shape between the two. DPMS is less expensive, which is what I had before trading it to my brother. I believe accessories that are particular to one or the other are more plentiful and less expensive for the DPMS pattern. Other opinions may vary but that is my take. Horace
  6. A friend of mine and his son were very involved in SASS. For those who might know him, it was Fred Bursey Jr. aka Goatneck Clem. That was about 22 or so years ago. Horace
  7. Reminds me of the light poles at Fort Worth's water gardens. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-xpm-1991-03-23-9103231011-story.html
  8. I used to have one that was finished in a non factory blue that was so bright and shiny it looked like blue or nickel depending on how the light hit it. I wish I still had that gun. Horace
  9. I have no use for it myself, unless my wife gets REALLY mad at me. Apparently, the person who owned this stuff was Army and/or National Guard. He said there must have been dozens of sets of uniform or issued clothing. Horace
  10. I have a friend who buys storage units that are abandoned or unpaid for. He gives me all of the gun related stuff. Previously MG belts, ammo, blanks, blank firing adapters etc. Today it was a bunch of insignia, ribbons, Yugoslavia medallions etc. AND an unused, still in package Point Blank body armor vest with plates. Plates are about 1/2" thick. Can anyone tell me about this. It shows a manufacture date of 2009. Horace
  11. Most likely, I'll be using smokeless. If I do go BP, I will get some brass . Horace
  12. Got my 10 gauge MEC Jr. and my order from BPI this week. Now looking for starting loads. Anyone using Winchester WST in 10 gauge? I've used it in 12 gauge so just wondering. Horace
  13. Got my 10 gauge MEC today and this buttstock cover. Horace Order from Ballistic Products shipped today also. Horace
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