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  1. Thanks Doc, this "66 has the real red stock, is yours athe red? Can you please post a pic? Thanks
  2. My better half, Hilda Billie, has the urge to try Black Powder shooting with more than her .38 guns. She both an Uberti 66 in .45 Colt and a Moruku / Win in 44-40. Both of these have standard length butt stocks and she prefers a bit shorter LOP. Before I cut off one or both of these for her I thought I'd try and find a used stock to cut or that has already been shortened about an inch or so would be perfect. Hoping someone out there has an old stock they no longer need. Quick edit: both of these rifles have the straight pistol grip stocks.
  3. Noah Cash


    In as well
  4. and as the closing credits run a white chevy pick up is in the background
  5. The flash suppressor on both of my M1a's are splined on the end of the barrel and NOT threaded. The only way I know of the add a suppressor is to remove the flash suppressor and put an adaptor on it that is splined to match the barrel and threaded or a bayonet type mount.
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