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  1. 2 hours ago, Toranado, SASS # 58447 said:

    If you use electronic scoring (and why not), would highly recommend the timer from AMG.    Purchased one last year for our club and love it.  It's small and lightweight but is well built, very accurate and does not pickup false taps from the TO.     Would highly recommend.  


    ALSO the big thing why we purchased was that the timer communicates with the tablets and transmits the score.  After the end of the run, the scorer just hits a button on the tablet and brings the accurate score in from the timer without communication or translation errors.   Eliminates any issues with scores maybe not keying in correctly or hearing correctly from the TO.   Again, love it and highly recommend.



    We started using the AMG timers a couple of months ago.  We read out the raw time to verify what the tablet downloads but I’m now aware of any errors as long as the scorekeeper has not “jumped the gun” pecking the download command.  

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  2. On 11/12/2021 at 1:15 PM, meesterpaul said:

    btw; does anyone have a Marlin 1894 in 41 mag that needs a new home? It won't be a quiet calm home. It will make noise at many Cowboy, Silhouette and Steel Challenge matches and perhaps 3Gun against new fangled ARs.

    While I don't expect I'll ever rationalize paying a premium for the pristine versions that haven't been allowed out to play I would buy a well used one. Surface rust, scratches, nicks...whatever. If that's what it takes to get a 41 I'll accept that. I'm going to use it myself. I'll have it and use it 'til the end.

    meanwhile I've forwarded this listing to someone that wants a 357.

    I have a .41 Magnum revolver and have always wanted a Marlin in that chambering.  They are really dear, though.  I'm hoping Ruger will consider reintroducing it, since they make revolvers in that chambering.

  3. Try cooking sous vide (or as the British say, in a water bath).  Almost impossible to overcook it and because of the long cook time you can serve it pink.


    I started using a large pot of water on the stovetop monitoring the water temperature with a cooking thermometer.  A Ziplock bag will suffice.  If you like the results you can order a circulator which makes sous vide simple.  Some modern pressure cookers have a sous vide feature as well.

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  4. I’m just puzzling over the acronym “SSAA” for “Single Action Shooting Australia”!


    Kidding aside, I admire the cowboy shooters in jurisdictions that place so many restrictions on the ownership and use of firearms used in our game. You have a high level of commitment.

  5. 15 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    OP, did you confirm that ammo is in stock?


    The website says out of stock but all ammo sales (according to a notice on the site) are in-store only so who knows?


    My new shooter picked up the limit of five boxes the other day.

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  6. A prospective new shooter let me know about Grizzly Cartridge .38 Special cowboy ammo that he found on sale for $20 per box of 50 (limit 5) at a local Sportsmans Warehouse store.  I was not familiar with this brand.  A Google search showed some negative reviews, mostly involving other types of ammo.


    Anyone on the Wire have any feedback?


  7. Reloading is a must if you shoot Frontier Cartridge.  Opinions differ if you shoot smokeless.  

    Prior to the current component shortage I figured I could load a low recoil AA “clone” for a lower cost than budget 12 gauge shells IF I could get shot at less than the $45-50 retail cost of new lead shot.  I have purchased reclaimed and homemade shot when I could find it at a decent price.  It is not perfectly round but it’s fine for the distances we shoot.  I generally use the same powder (Clays, originally and now Red Dot) that I use for .38 Special.


    Hulls I have scrounged and sometimes purchased.  I generally sort my hulls into three categories:  once fired (for big matches), used good condition (monthly matches) and “eww-but the ‘97 or Model 12 will eat ‘em”.


    Claybuster wads are less expensive than major brands.  They’ve been a little scarce but I’ve found them.

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  8. Shooters are accustomed to carrying the long guns vertically to and from carts and tables.  It’s a hard habit to break, apparently, when moving with a rifle or shotgun during the course of fire.  Still, that’s the rule.


    I agree with Scarlett on gun handling.  I was swept with an open shotgun at my home club’s match.  I don’t enjoy assessing any penalty but we have to be safe.

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  9. On 9/22/2021 at 4:22 PM, Nickel City Dude said:

    The Sizemaster has …a taper crimp die in the last stage to taper the top of the cartridge.  The 600 does not have these dies.  These two dies help make shotgun shells go in and out better.

    I don’t believe that is correct.  My Sizemaster has a pre-crimp and a final crimp.  Same as the 600/Jr., I believe.


    I have an older model MEC Grabber that ends with a final taper crimp station.

  10. I always loaded my .38 Special ammo over the top in my Uberti ‘’73.


    I started shooting a .44-40 Miroku ‘73 in December.  Had my first “on the clock” reload this month.  I loaded a regular length cartridge over the top.  I fumbled it a little but it worked.

  11. I avoid an air gap, personally, but even if it is not dangerous, you may find that your loads will be more consistent without a gap.


    I’ve followed Capt George Baylor’s advice and use a column of foam caulk backer rod as a filler in .44-40 loads.  Good results so far.

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  12. I’m in the habit of decapping my cases first, while they are still dry.  If possible I put them directly into the wet tumbler.  If I am delayed I will soak them in soapy water with a splash of vinegar until I can clean them.

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  13. Kingsnake on the Wild Bunch forum can fix you up with good magazines with legal leather baseplate pads and your alias engraved on the back.  It’s easy to lose a magazine at a match when they all look much the same.

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  14. I’ve been shooting stainless steel .38/.357 revolvers for a long time.  I’ve never felt the need to clean the burn marks from the cylinder face.  It’s just going to happen again the next time I shoot it.


    A few years ago I started shooting black powder and black powder substitutes.  At that point I switched from petroleum based powder solvent to Ballistol.  My regimen for the revolvers is to spray them with “moose milk” (Ballistol and water), let them sit awhile and them wipe them down, swabbing the bore and chambers.  I was surprised to find that the burn marks largely are gone.


    All I have to do differently is to get used to the smell of Ballistol.

  15. 20 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:

    Thanks for the replies all, we have a lot of folks in our club that are really interesting in taking up CAS, there's a big $$$ difference in Australia between a pair of Vaqueros and a pair of Uberti Cattlemans.


    Just trying to gather information so that when folks ask me should they buy Uberti Cattlemans because that's what they can afford I can hopefully give them sound advice. 

    Also look at the Pietta cartridge revolvers, assuming they are available in your area.

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  16. At one time EMF (Early and Modern Firearms) was handling all US warranty repairs on Pietta revolvers.  I would call them.


    I have read that Pietta changed the way they heat treat the transfer bars so that they hold up better.  

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  17. Although there are some Uberti and Pietta revolvers that are short stroked, most of the short stroke conversions I have seen are on Rugers.  These are aftermarket conversions and they are not cheap.  

    I usually shoot Gunfighter.  I have Rugers that are polished a bit but not converted. I have tried some short stroked versions.  I think they would be of some benefit but perhaps not worth the cost to me.


    The converted revolvers I have tried had heavier hammer springs than my revolvers.  A little more effort, a little less travel.


    Most (but not all) of the short stroke conversions involve removal of the transfer bars.  The hammer will then have a half cock position for loading and unloading.

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  18. 1 minute ago, Boggus Deal #64218 said:

    Colt started putting Coltrock(plastic) stocks on 1911A1s at around serial # 718,000 in November 1939. Several different styles of plastic stocks were afterwards 

    Lucky, Boggus Deal is an authority on this stuff.

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