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  1. There is quite a bit to do there, possibly too much. I have quite a bit of family there and near there, I find that I go there too often. You will not be bored if that is your worry. There are a lot of SASS members in the area, some are snowbirds in the winter and others are just plain tough for tolerating the summer. Me on the other hand, I am weak, I don't do heat well, that is why I live at 7000 ft, 140 miles north of Phoenix. E mail me directly with questions should you feel like wandering north (dr3498@hotmail.com).....

  2. I learned to shoot on a Winchester pump .22 made in 1902 and on a Single Six made in 1960, .22 also. I was probably 5 or 6 years of age. I only knew lever guns and single actions for a long time. My first big bore was a old .45 Colt SAA. One day I found myself driving down Carefree Highway north of Phoenix and looked to the north and saw lots of tents and folks in hats way off in the distance. It was Winter Range, I think it was 2002 or 2003. The rest shall I say is history.....It was WR that got me started, been broke since.

  3. Get the Marlin, money well spent.


    I have a older JM Marlin in .44 Magnum. It has the 20 inch octagon barrel. I do not use it for CAS, it is a woods gun carried in a scabbard under my right knee when on my horse. It is tuned and shoots any flavor of .44 mag. They exist just have to look around for one.....

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