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  1. Appreciate your help......let me know what you find.  Thanks

  2. I can probably find one, but I cannot look until Monday. I am currently out of town so PM me if you do not find one by then......


    God Bless all Cowboys and Cowgirls......horses and dogs too.

  3. Yes the spurs are still available.  Send me your info and I will ship by mid week.


    David Ramos

    7355 Yancey Lane

    Flagstaff, AZ 86004


    1. pachaug kid

      pachaug kid

      Hi David: will you accept a personal check or  a usps money order? 

      Bill Sticht

      28 Pleasant St.

      Plainfield, Ct. 06374-1027

    2. Hashknife Cowboy

      Hashknife Cowboy

      Personal ck is fine......

    3. Hashknife Cowboy

      Hashknife Cowboy

      Personal ck is fine......mailed them via USPS this morning.  3/18/21 

  4. please e mail me at dr3498@hotmail so I can get you my address and where to send the $.  I hope you and yours are all well through this bad bug...... 

  5. I'd go $60 for 2 pr.  E mail me with your info so I can ship.  dr3498@hotmail.com

    1. RAWHIDE RED, SASS # 7076 L

      RAWHIDE RED, SASS # 7076 L

      Sent to e-mail.

      J L Hamilton

      401 Betsy Ross Dr.

      Arlington, TX 76002

  6. Did the holsters sell?  If they are russet colored, I would like them.....please e mail me:  dr3498@hotmail.com 

    1. Rufus Brady

      Rufus Brady

      Yes they did.  Sorry.  I have some tooled holsters I'm putting up when I get my new camera.  fit 4 3/4 Colt: 

      1. One basket weave, right hand, crossdraw with Threepersons w/retaining strap.

      2. One fish scale pattern.  Threepersons w/ strap.  Also matching belt=size 50+  (fits me @ 52").

      3. A Desantis "Desperado Rig".  5 1/2" strongside Ruger Vaquero  (OM) or Colt SAA (Left & right), border tooling, Masonic conchos (If you're not a Mason, I can switch for something else at your expense).  Again, for a BIG man (52").

  7. If they are russet (tan leather) and will accommodate a NMV, barrel length 4 5/8th's, I want them.



  8. I am interested, would you take $100, I am at the Buckeye Pro Rodeo (10300 South Miller Rd.) for the next 3 days.  I get there today about 5 pm.  David Ramos 928 606 0846

    1. AZCarebear


      No Thank you It's sold

    2. AZCarebear


      The guty just backed out but it's  $ 120..00 Thank you 

  9. Send me your address via hot mail address    

  10. They are yours....Please send me your address to:  dr3498@HOTMAIL.COM and I'll share my address.



    1. Larabee


      i sent you my address, let me know if you got it. thanks

    2. Hashknife Cowboy

      Hashknife Cowboy

      got it, sent the box will arrive this week 

  11. I'll take em......send me your address to:  dr3498@HOTMAIL.COM and I'll share my address



  12. Let me know please, thanks

  13. Still interested in the spurs, where do I send $$, is the price firm, have they been widened to accommodate a fatter boot?



  14. Are the boots re-available? Yoos-ta-be-kid dr3498@hotmail.com

  15. I'm curious as to how you came about your alias, I yoos ta be a officer of the law, and a few other things...now i'm the Yoos-ta-be-Kid! it just seemed kinda natural. And you?

  16. If you are looking for a Vaquero in 44 I would be willing to part with it if its going to a soldier....

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