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  1. I investigated an assault many years ago a a young police officer where a nephew hit his uncle in the back of the head with the butt of a N frame Smith and Wesson with a 8 inch barrel. He buffaloed him because he missed the 6 rounds with the 44 magnum and still felt he had to share his anger with the uncle. The uncle sustained a a massive skull fracture, brain injury and subsequent brain damage and was in a ICU for close to a month. The nephew was convicted of attempted murder and went away for several years..... Hollywood head hits are nothing but fiction.
  2. I recommend this read.......True West June 2020....very well written and researched.
  3. I’d go with that miniature Ruger, it sure is fun and easy to shoot. Price is good also. Another fun one is the S&W MP .22 Compact, but it is 3 times larger than the lil Ruger.
  4. Gary Reeder Custom Guns in Flagstaff had a bunch for sale really cheap....call em..... https://www.reedercustomguns.com/
  5. I have always shared this to those new to western big game hunting. Buy the best boots and optics you can afford. Everything else is secondary.
  6. I am with you and besides the vapors are toxic.......less effort to buy.
  7. I have the same problem, great guns just follow me home. Worse than that, they breed and create new guns in the safe if left untouched for 90 days! I hope I don't encounter a side by side double rifle anytime soon, I am feeling weak in the knees.
  8. This pandemic has been bad for me. I cleaned my reloading room, sorted what I need and didn't need, reloading, cleaning guns, sold a bunch of stuff and acquired two homeless guns that are new to me. I haven't had the problem of idle time.....
  9. I'm with you! Lets talk about anything cowboy! Big rodeo right now in Woodward OK, 2 weeks till Prescott AZ Worlds Oldest Rodeo and we recently did a pack trip into the forest in eastern AZ. We had no cellular service, slept out beneath the stars, drank our coffee black and had bacon and eggs in the early morning. We talked about horses, guns, history and created memories. We also threatened to deal with any one who spoke of taboo topics that are making people crazy. God Bless Society Distancing!
  10. If my roots were not so deep in AZ i'd be in Wyoming.
  11. I have never seen one....maybe I need another .44.....
  12. Buy good once or cheap several times. Buy what is comfortable for you and remember two guns are heavy. There are so many quality rigs being made the hard part will be settling on one. I shoot classic so I do not use a speed rig, I use traditional styles from the 1880's. Remember this is not a fast draw competition.
  13. I wish Dillon would build a pickup.....
  14. SOLD to Barleycorn New Vaquero wooden grips. Classic panel silverblack checkered Fleur-de-Lis, $60.00 for the pair & I get the shipping. dr3498@hotmail.com https://www.altamontco.com/pistol-grips/ruger/newvaquero/
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