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  1. When we observed the shooter he was already at the firing line laying the rifle down, so no matter what we said prior to him laying the rifle down would have changed the outcome of the call either way. I, like others, were concerned how anyone at the loading table allowed him to leave in such a manner and yes, he is a fairly new shooter. This was a good lesson today in that we ALL need to be more observant and safety minded of everyone and everything around us. Fun is fun but safety is of the upmost at all times.
  2. Further clarification on this since I was right there close and observed the shooter lay the rifle down. The shooter brought the rifle to the line with the action still open, NOT CLOSED, and layed it down in like manner. Would this change anything on the SDQ ruling??
  3. Looks like cool weather but no rain this Saturday, so Sassy says she'll probably tough it out and make it. I have some new buffalo head targets I am picking up on Friday thanks to Deadeye Dingus and Leatherman. Also the club donated some pieces of AR500 plate so I have a few other large and small targets that I hope everyone will like. Just a reminder that this month we will be shooting straight through again but with NO lunch following this time due to some other circumstances, SORRY. Sassy and I are donating coffee and donuts for the morning and she has made over 8 dozen of cookies to offset the hunger pains. Look forward to shooting with all our cowboy friends!!
  4. Sassy and I are lookin' forward to it. Weatherman says cool in the morning but warming up to 59. Haven't got the rifles and shotguns out of the safe since our last shoot in November so I better check em out to make sure they're not siezed up.. Pistols were out only to do some jeweling on Sassys', then had to do mine too after seeing hers.. not jealous ya know Woody has written some great stages with FUN written in. Set up is at 3:30 on Friday... OK, need to finish loading ammo and check them there guns.......
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