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  1. When I received the call last night I was deeply saddened. When I shared the news to Sassy she just wept. Sassy stated that when she started shooting he was the first and only shooter to ever chew her out for an incident but over the years he become such a great friend to us both. In fact the pistols she shoots now were his. After borrowing the pair after one of hers went down on a 3-day she somehow sweet talked him out of the pair... ladies charm I guess. His smile and presence will be GREATLY missed!! Prayers out to the family... RIP Catlow! Badfinger Bodene and Sassy Southpaw.
  2. Well, the targets are set and anyone with true grit is welcome to come out and join us ... not sure I'm even up for this but am giving it a go tomorrow. Sassy's still shivering..... Faygo... come on down and warm up with us tomorrow. If ya leave now you can be here by morn LOL. Rye & Dawg... I think you guys are playing it smart. Sorry that we won't see ya till spring. Oh.. Catlow.. knock off the warm comments!!
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