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  1. My wife shoots duelist. I don't think she cares much for the smoke. Not that it'll help you at EOT anyways, but I wish you luck.
  2. Did a couple of swim calls - Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. I jumped in the water and swam the first time, each location - just to say I'd done it. Then I volunteered to stand shark watch every other time. We had M-14s. Never saw a shark. I just don't like swimming.
  3. ~1997-98 I was stationed at NAS Pensacola. Good Morning America did a telecast from the Air Museum. I was security for the the area where they set up some monitors for the downlink from the Goodyear blimp, which was cruising between the base and Fort Pickens. There was a constant feed from the blimp but very little of the footage was broadcast. We were watching the sharks swimming around the people on the beaches on base and along Pensacola Beach. The people in the water had no idea. Might not have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. A dozen or so sharks in all over the few hours we
  4. The water flows, though maybe not that fast. Yes, kids (and adults) wade and swim in rivers, creeks and ponds. Gators, for the most part, are not an issue. You leave them alone and they'll leave you alone. Again, I said for the most part. They are animals and will do what they want. Crocodiles, on the other hand... Water moccasins are more aggressive than gators. Have you ever seen an aerial photo of beach-goers along the Florida coast? Might make a person re-think going into the water at a beach.
  5. Why is that when someone asks a questions - regardless of the question - a person/people feels the need to reply with "why" instead of either ignoring the question or answering it? If you can't answer it or don't agree with it - ignore it.
  6. I have more than some but not as many as others - I "think" I have six (I'm in Italy, they're at home). I know I have three cavalry, two buckaroo and a gus - but I feel like I'm missing one. But - no cattleman. That sahara cattleman reminds me of the Raylan Givens hat in Justified.
  7. June 14, 1775 - Army October 13, 1775 -Navy November 10, 1775 - Marine Corps September 18, 1947 - Air Force December 20, 2019
  8. And as @Creeker, SASS #43022 pointed out - some of these same shooter's that are complaining do not appear to be (1) very fast or (2) very accurate. I'm not saying this specifically to anyone on this thread, or that I even know, but some people just need something to complain about to rationalize/justify their decisions and/or abilities (or lack there-of).
  9. I don't do theory if possible. I didn't state he "couldn't", I stated he probably (or may not). All dies are different. I did not have good luck with the set of dies I had.
  10. You can bell, seat and crimp but you will probably not be able to full-length resize or deprime using .45 Colt dies.
  11. I wish someone would buy one of the two 7 1/4 Cattleman's he has - it's taking all the will-power I have to not get the darker one. I don't have a Cattleman crease.
  12. 1 - Close and large are subjective. Different shooting abilities/skill sets influence a shooter's opinion. I've not been to many large state/regional/national level matches so I can't compare. Is every match like Bordertown? I think not. Hell on Wheels (Cheyenne, WY) certainly isn't. Neither are the matches I've been to in MS, LA or FL. 2 - Who knows what "potential cowboy shooters" want as a challenge? The people I've met, that show up at a match and show interest but don't come back, usually cite the expense of getting started. The keyboard commandoes that hav
  13. In the op - I can see a video but there's something above it (below your text) that's still "unavailable".
  14. It's already been shown - make the matches harder/more difficult and the top shooters are still going to be the top shooters while the slower shooters are going to be even slower.
  15. My everyday hat is also the first quality hat that I bought that didn't say Stetson, Resistol or Bailey - I bought a 100X from Buckaroo Hatters. Wife and I drove up to Memphis on a Saturday and got a tour of the shop. Our first D Bar J hats were bought pretty much the same, though. We were in Las Vegas and called David up to see if he was there on a holiday (he was) so we drove over, got a tour, got our heads measured and ordered two hats.
  16. I have an InstaPot - 30 minutes for the meat. Release the steam and add carrots, potatoes and onions (sliced/diced/chopped) along with a package or two of the gravy mix and put it back on for another 20 minutes. Let the InstaPot slowly release the steam by itself. Full pot roast in an hour and a half.
  17. If you're considering a D Bar J hat, you're considering one of the best. My best advice is to call David and talk to him. There is not an industry standard, or else you probably wouldn't see straw hats with an X rating or more than 100X. With David's hats specifically, the higher the X the more beaver. The more beaver, the more expensive and theoretically the higher the quality. A 100X is pure beaver. Have you taken a look at his Crappy Cowboy Hats? Most observers will never see the issue David does. I have a 100X crappy cowboy hat that I bou
  18. No. Using a VPN and watching it online. We also have AFN so we get a selection of the more popular TV shows and sports, usually a few days later than the US airing.
  19. No - not a foreign national living on an official basis in a country of which they are not a citizen. The new TV show on SyFy starring Alan Tudyk. I've watched the first two episodes and enjoyed it. Alan Tudyk is a great physical comedian, IMO.
  20. I'll have to take a look at the cocking notch when I get back home.
  21. Ever been bit by a mosquito?
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