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  1. Pat - I've got so many choices of Louisiana cooking down this way that I sometimes have a hard time choosing which one to go to. But we don't have any good German sausage/Sauerkraut restaurants.
  2. Looking for specific recommendations for a place to eat on a Saturday evening that's good and doesn't cost $30+ per plate. Been reviewing Yelp & Trip Advisor but looking for first-hand experience. Our hotel is in Kerrville, TX.
  3. +1 for Taz - I'm sure he has some pattern that will replicate stipling
  4. Hmm, once I get this year straightened out that just might make for a good weekend - shoot with the Peacemakers on Saturday and the Gunslingers on Sunday. Sounds good - now just to see if I can make it all work out.
  5. I tried the google search but can't find a place has the machines like he is looking for - at least not listed online. Will be in Vegas for the SHOT Show so won't have time to drive all over and check each place out individually.
  6. Is there a company in Vegas that sells the old-style one-arm bandits? I have an acquaintance that is looking to purchase one of the silver-dollar coin operated machines.
  7. As mentioned, gloves may or may not work. I have a pair that I wear that keep me warm but there's no way I could shoot in them. The thin gloves that I can shoot in make my hands feel colder than no gloves at all. As an alternative I've been looking at the hand warmers that football players wear. Here is an example:
  8. GJ, Thank you for taking the time to explain this and providing some links.
  9. Accurate Molds website asks what material you will be casting with as casting with any alloy other than the one specified will change the resultant diameter. Can someone explain how the below casting materials would affect as-cast diameter? These are the casting materials listed by Accurate Molds: - Lead - Clip-on Lead Wheel Weights - 1:30 Tin - Lead - COWW +2% Tin - 2-6-92 Hardball - 1:25 Tin - Lead - 1:20 Tin - Lead - 1:15 Tin - Lead - Lyman #2 - Linotype
  10. In summer temps - this. A freezer that is full will maintain cooler temps longer. Always a good idea to take up any extra space in a freezer with frozen water bottles. It also makes the freezer more efficient.
  11. Noticed the same effect with both Clays and Trail Boss at minimum listed loads in pistols. Bumped the charge weight up a little and rarely notice the issue anymore.
  12. My name and the date loaded - when I used them to load from. Now only the date loaded since I use Missouri Marshal's Loadin' Blocks. Same for shotgun shells - date loaded on a piece of blue painters tape.
  13. Yes ma'am. That's the Marshal with Logan Sackett in the foreground across from him and Irish Pat behind.
  14. Interesting - won't let me copy & paste from there either. When I inspect the code from that picture I get the following: Here is a picture from our Facebook page, which is also a JPG When I inspect that code, I get this: Now, all of that means mumbo-jumbo to me. BUT!! If you read through the code you can see in the second one where it says jpg - the first picture (from Amazon Prime) doesn't and appears to be redirected through a temporary link.
  15. No - I can't physically do it while maintaining a proper grip.
  16. PR - As long as the pics you post to the net are not protected from view you should be able to use it. Go to your Amazon photos, right click the pic you want and then click "copy". With the Wire open in another window, right click in the thread you want the pic in and click "paste". I personally use Facebook but I do it the same way.
  17. While I didn't have a hand in the physical actions - I did enjoy laughing at the Royal Baby after he'd been stripped and duct taped to an office chair on the flight deck. The Royal Baby was a big ol' hairy BT3. I was fortunate that I'd only been onboard for about two weeks so I didn't have anybody out to really get me. Crossed on the East coast after finishing NEO Ops at Mamba Station in '90.
  18. Funny thing - the old timers when you were a boot were probably saying a lot of the same things. I know the old Chiefs I served under did.
  19. I was issued dog tags when I enlisted in 1989. A sailor becomes a Shellback when they cross the equator and are initiated. Until then they are lowly Pollywogs. In years past, the Shellback initiation was quite elaborate with quite a bit of hazing. I'm not sure what happens in today's Navy.
  20. It's listed as a new product for the SHOT Show - booth 146.
  21. A few years ago I bought a Belgium made Browning BAR in .308 with a Schmidt & Bender 4-12X scope for $750
  22. info@acammo.com is the e-mail address I used. The link from their website is corrupt - it shows on the website correctly but the actual link has added code that doesn't allow the e-mail to go though. While not exactly quick, the company was easy to do business with and shipped what they said they would.
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