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  1. Can someone please tell me whether the JR press has the bushing that can be removed to accept 1 1/4"-12 dies, or only 7/8"-14 dies
  2. I don't care for gel pens. Working in an industrial environment I'm not going to carry something that I'm not willing to lose or break. I have been happy with the Zebra F301 pens.
  3. Three boxes ought to last me for a while.
  4. I paid $25.99/box when I ordered from BPI.
  5. No gun = not hunting. MDWFP License Requirements
  6. The wife and I last year before I came overseas. I had some Got 2 B Glued in the 'stache.
  7. Also use this occasionally.
  8. Got 2 B Glued spiking gel - when I'm not constantly in a mask.
  9. It has taken almost six weeks for a package (prescription glasses) to be shipped from Mississippi to Italy through USPS/military postal system.
  10. I've got several packages delayed. Between C-19 and the weather, I'm not anticipating getting anything as scheduled. I believe your hat will be worth the wait.
  11. Good for you! My wife reloads when I'm not around. Pistol and shotgun when necessary.
  12. I agree with this. BUT - I believe even F1, Indy car and IMSA would have stopped their races for what I saw coming out of the sky and across the track yesterday. At least for a little while. I'm waiting patiently for the next IMSA race in March. Indy car, like F1, is only exciting to me on the starts/restarts.
  13. Nothing new - even when I was really into NASCAR I hated Daytona and Talladega. It's not racing.
  14. When I retired I started letting my beard and hair (head) grow. My beard is currently down to my sternum. It's been trimmed a couple times since early 2013 but never completely. My hair was almost to my belt when I finally got it cut, and went back to a high & tight flattop, in Feb 2018. I kept it like that until April of last year when barber shops over here were closed. It's been tough letting it grow back out - irritating on the ears especially. I'm continuing to let it grow now because (1) it's still a PITA to get into a barber shop and (2) it appears to be
  15. Same here, minus the people coming over.
  16. At over a buck a round. Is that normal or pandemic pricing?
  17. I placed an order on 2/12 and have received an e-mail stating it shipped later that day. Can't get in now.
  18. Just finished watching this movie on Netflix. Not your typical shoot'em up film and some of the special effects/CGI leave something to be desired. Thought it was pretty good and recommend it if you have access to it.
  19. I only started wearing glasses about 10 years ago. Perfect vision, pretty much, up to then. I really think all those computer monitors over the years had an effect, and all I pretty much do any more is sit in front of a monitor. Anyways, I get ANSI rated safety glasses and I use WileyX frames. I get the best lens material I can, all the coatings I can and the transition lenses so I'm not having to carry multiple pairs of glasses. I tried using the metal frames with the little nose pads, but my nose isn't quite strait and them little buggers start to hurt i
  20. I can change a tire with the included kit - be aware some new vehicles don't have a spare. Can't work on anything under the hood of a new car. This is my tool kit.
  21. I appreciate that offer. We'll have to see what 2022 brings.
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