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  1. Different sauces, depending on the use. I don't like heat just for heat. I like flavor. For wings I'm partial to Rickey's wing sauce or a new to me habanero that I picked up a couple weeks ago (don't remember the name- it's in the fridge in Italy and I'm in Spain). I don't like Tabasco brand. Too vinegary for me. I do like Cholula, Louisiana and Tapatio. I find I use Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce more than anything.
  2. Could you explain this? I find the Sizemaster to be simple and have allowed my nephews (12 yo) to load under my supervision. My wife regularly reloads using it.
  3. One miss. Shooter could have reloaded one round in operational pistol and completed the sequence with a double tap on the last target to maintain a clean match.
  4. I have a MEC Sizemaster and I don't care for the primer feed mechanism on it, either! I also lay my primers out beside the press and put them in the machine by hand. I've never used a Lee Load-All or MEC Junior, but I like the base sizing of the Sizemaster.
  5. After having a TT already, I KNOW what I want if we get another. It doesn't need slide outs but we want a shorter/smaller camper with floor space. I would really like a small bumper pull toy hauler, with a queen size bed in the nose, a toilet/shower in the middle, and then nothing but floor with a fridge/microwave and fold down counter on each side. No longer than 20 feet of camper plus the hitch and rear bumper. If I start looking around/shopping and see what's available, maybe something else, slightly different, will call out to us. We are not in a rush
  6. We're not much further behind you in age, but still like (love) our creature comforts. I'm particularly fond of a bathroom that I don't have to get dressed to use a couple times a night. The cost of these small campers blows my mind. Maybe a repurposed cargo trailer will be a viable option.
  7. Actually didn't know the CBC had rental campers. Will look into that when I get home. Thanks.
  8. D Bar J you-tube channel - lots of videos on making, cleaning, history, etc. Some people think that his hats are too expensive. Cost is relative, but you definitely get quality and great customer service from David. If you don't want to spend as much, check out his crappy cowboy hats. Most people would be hard pressed to find the blemish that David calls out. These hats are significantly less expensive but are still the same high quality, maybe with a blemish (if you can find it). That said, people seem to be paying money to have hats covered in dirt and stains from
  9. Sometimes hotel rooms are no better.
  10. Been doing a lot you tube watching on various tents, tent set-ups, campers, etc. Tent camping does not look appealing to me for overnight stays due to the requirements of set-up and take-down/pack-up. Especially for the older demographics who want/need a little more creature comforts. We do miss the ability to walk off the range and get in the camper with the A/C or heat on and relax after shooting. We sold our camper because we just weren't using it and didn't like towing it. It is something that we may revisit but we may just decide to hotel-camp. Pulling valuables
  11. I like what he's done. Great if you have the time and skill. If I use a cargo trailer I'd want to leave the rear open like a toy hauler. I really like the Work N Play trailers but they are heavy and expensive "for what I need/want". At this time of my life, a camper would sit more than it would be used.
  12. You mean like this? A co-worker had one of these and living in the high-humidity area we do, it developed mold pretty quickly.
  13. I think the price is a little on the high side, but if that is the actual wood on the rifle I could probably convince myself that it's worth it - especially in .44 WCF.
  14. I just noticed that thanks to Uncle Sam, I have enough points to stay at a Wyndham property for 7 nights. That will be a big help short term. May have to adjust our schedule this year and start with a shorter vacation. If we can only make HoW that would be better than sitting at home. We could also try to camp at closer locations, so if it doesn't work we're not far from home.
  15. The prequels were the absolute worse! I personally believe Kathleen Kennedy did everything she could to ruin Star Wars and male-bash. Dave Filoni and John Favreau have really got people interested in the franchise again. I hope they're not being over-ambitious with all the new series' that are scheduled to be coming out. With the way Kathleen Kennedy produced the prequels, a lot of things were not right in the universe.
  16. I've been looking into this as well. A lot of bumper pull TTs are being outfitted with residential A/Cs lately. They're just inside the camper instead of outside in a window. A 6x10 or 6x12 would be large enough to put a queen size memory foam mattress on a foundation with plenty of room left for a toilet/bucket and a small table and camp chair or two.
  17. I don't remember who it was, but a vendor couple in Cheyenne a few years ago had one of the real nice canvas wall tents. He had large lagging-type screws with the washers and he used an electric impact wrench to drive them into the ground and remove them. I have been looking at this Gazelle T4 tent. Whether we camp or not, the trip will be in our extended cab F-150 with ARE topper. Plenty of room for a tent with accessories, a cooler/DC-powered fridge, air mattress, camp toilet, blankets, and clothes (as long as I don't try to bring more than two hats).
  18. It's quoting me $40 for shipping and almost $20 for HAZMAT fees. I'll have to pass.
  19. My wife was a SeaBee. She "Can Do!" Yes, we have discussed it. We live on the MS Gulf Coast - it's not unusual to cook outside and live out of an ice chest for a few days to weeks at a time. The only concerns she has is the cold, the heat and the "bed". The only concerns I have are the heat, the "bed" and the bathroom! Part of me would really like to get another smaller TT, but we aren't sure what we're gonna do. We really don't travel that often due to the short summer she gets (she's a teacher) and we won't retire for another 10 years. Can stay in a lot of motels fo
  20. What nipples are you using that they fit like a Rem #10? I'd like to pick some up but don't want to waste money if they won't work well on ROAs with Slix nipples...
  21. A good TO will count the number of rounds fired and can observe the rounds being ejected from the rifle, even from a fast shooter. You don't necessarily have to look in the chamber as it's sitting on the prop. That said, a good TO will look if they think something is amiss. That's not to say the TO will call a shooter back to correct it, though. Sometimes, trying to correct a round on the carrier can cause a more dangerous situation, and penalty, than just letting it go.
  22. I'm really not trying to sound like a smart @$$, but you probably won't get a solid reason. It's been this way for a while and the people involved are not here (on this forum, or even physically still with us) to answer exactly why. If PWB can't answer it satisfactorily, I doubt anyone can.
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