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  1. To each their own and I too support this to an extent (I no longer watch sports except rodeo and some motorcycle racing), but a person that won't watch sports/tv/movies based on liberal political beliefs probably doesn't need to own a TV.
  2. Yep - News of the World - SASS Wire Saloon - SASS Wire Forum (sassnet.com)
  3. Absolutely! GCWR, GVWR, rear axle weight and tongue/receiver weight.
  4. Anybody use one regularly? I want one to use on my trip to Cheyenne at the end of the month. As much to video scenery as to catch any mishaps along the way. We had an Audi sedan blow a right rear tire in front of us on the way back from PA earlier this week and pelt us with debris. I have a GoPro but it kept overheating and/or faulting, which would stop recording with no warning and no notification.
  5. I'm not able to answer your question because I've not owned one. I have been looking at smaller bumper pull TTs, though, because we miss having the comforts of home available without having to load/unload the truck. Specifically a bathroom and our mattress/pillows. Saying that, the wife and I just took a long weekend trip from the MS Gulf Coast to Somerset, PA in our pickup staying at hotels. We took mostly state and US highways. Sure would have been nice to be able to pull over most anywhere and use a bathroom! On the other hand, we would not have been able to hit the brakes
  6. A #26 MEC bushing throws 14.4 gr of Clays in my MEC Sizemaster. Use with Claybuster CB0178-12 (gray) wads in Winchester (new style) AA hulls with any 209 primer.
  7. I'll have to play with the drying time to see how it looks after an hour. One thing for me - I'm not in a rush to reload the brass that I've just cleaned. Regardless of cleaning method, it usually sits for at least a week or two before it gets reloaded.
  8. I feel the same way. I just didn't comprehend that in the way you wrote it (what I quoted).
  9. I'm not following what you are saying. As the rules are currently written, if the RO/TO stops a firearm falling - it's a SDQ because it has to be "assumed" the gun would have fallen. If the RO/TO doesn't touch the gun and it falls, it's a SDQ, BUT if it doesn't fall it's no penalty.
  10. Unfortunately, that's the way of the current US Navy, too. A lot of the meals are pre-prepared, frozen entrees that only require heating up. Taking all the deep-fat fryers off the ships but putting all this frozen stuff full of additives & preservatives (sodium) because of convenience.
  11. SDQ - if the TO/RO "STOPS" the gun from falling the penalty is to be assessed the same as if the gun had completely fallen and broken the 170..
  12. I've just recently started using a wet tumbler for cleaning, no pins, with Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series InstaClean Brass Cleaning Packs. I am cleaning approximately 200-400 pieces at a time and I don't deprime before cleaning. I am drying using an old round Nesco 4-tray dehydrator. Two to three hours in the tumbler (still experimenting). Rinse three or four times. Then three hours in the dehydrator. Does it take longer than just using walnut media? Yes. Is it any cleaner than using walnut media? I really can't tell - EXCEPT I'm not havi
  13. Here's a link to the website: SGARR 21 Scores
  14. To these two points: 1 - Speaking specifically of Vortex, they have optics manufactured in China, the Philippines and Japan. The ones made in Japan are the more expensive and usually better product through their lines. Even Leupold has products made overseas. 2 - Christmas tree style reticles are very different and it's highly recommended to look through the optic you're choosing prior to purchase. The H59 is very busy. Also, most of these Christmas tree-style reticles are useless at the lower magnifications. What is your intent for 1K yard shooting? Do you wa
  15. If you plan to do any competition long range shooting I recommend you go with a MIL reticle for commonality between competitors. The other shooters will be able to give you corrections in the same measurement. If you only plan to shoot by yourself, there's nothing wrong with the MOA reticle. I try to stay away from MIL reticles with MOA adjustments. I am also looking at the Leupold MK5 but in the 5-25x56mm with PR2-MIL reticle. The other optic in my top two is the Vortex Razor HD Gen-2 4..5-27x56mm with EBR-7C reticle. Take a look at the Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS-
  16. 2014 GSA "only" has a 7.9 gallon tank. This pic taken last year along the Amalfi Coast (Italy) before the world went totally stupid.
  17. You could always try a convertible sports car or a Jeep - I find I get most of the enjoyment that I have on a motorcycle when I put the top down on the Jeep. Been considering get something like a Mazda Miata convertible when I decide to get rid of the bike.
  18. Is she a Craftmaster? I can't make out what the craft is she's piloting - but it looks like an LCAC/SSC.
  19. For anyone reading this that wants to do a documented SS1K, the biggest obstacle to overcome is making efficient stops. While travelling, regardless of how many wheels, more time is lost at the gas station than anywhere along the way unless there happens to be a major traffic backup due to an accident. You have to multitask: pump your gas, eat a bite and drink something all at the same time.
  20. Do you RTE with the MTF? I will say that my wife enjoys riding in the Jeep with the top down more than riding pillion on any motorcycle. With the top down, we get to experience most of the sights/smells as on a motorcycle, with a few additional benefits.
  21. I had a Vulcan Classic 1600. I put 24,000 miles on it in 24 months. It was "ok" around town and back/forth to work (25 miles each way), but I did not enjoy it on longer trips. My back and shoulders would give me fits with the feet out front/long stretch to the handlebars. Went to the FJR from that motorcycle and put 64,000 miles on the FJR in four years. One would think I would have learned my lesson but I got rid of the FJR for an Electra Glide Ultra Classic. 12,000 miles in eight months reminded me of my aches and pains. I traded that motorcycle for my current BMW R1200GSA.
  22. I agree. Started with Brick Stones (Bridgestones) on the FJR and changed them out quite early for the Michelin's. I am also running Micheline Road 5 Trails on my BMW. I may change them out for something a little more aggressive next time - they're not so good in gravel, sand or mud (my driveway and yard).
  23. AEROSTICH! The best I have ever worn for wet weather.
  24. The only mods I made to my FJR were grip puppies, bar risers and a Bill Mayer Saddle.
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