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  1. I have a pair from Caboots in El Paso.  I went to the store several years ago and had my feet/calves measured by Joey. 


    Price and turn-around time were both very good, IMO.  Most comfortable boots I've ever worn.


    Period boots

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  2. @J-BAR #18287, I wouldn't spend any more money on knives than is necessary.  The amount spent would be determined by the recipient's knowledge and application of knife use and care.


    Both of the brands you've listed make really good knives and both also offer Chinese knives.


    I have some of both brands.  I also have some custom knives from Carter Cutlery.


    Some of my favorite go-to knives, though, are Dexter-Russell.  All of mine are relatively inexpensive (for what they are) and made in the USA.


    I'd buy a small variety of common use knives along with a magnetic knife wall mount instead of a factory "set" with counter-top "knife block".

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  3. 36 minutes ago, Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 said:

    How about the lowest class accommodations? How are the marines berthed?


    I remember how the army was berthed on troopships but they don’t exist anymore.

    It depends on the age of the ship for the most part.


    Most embarked troops, whether Marines or Sea Bees, are in berthings with racks stacked three or four high.  These are the plain racks (no coffin lockers) and some can be triced-up (folded up against the bulkhead).


    Some are canvas "cots" on aluminum frames that are raised and lowered (vertically) as needed.  They are raised into the overhead during the day to allow for floor space and lowered in the evening for sleeping.

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  4. What's the difference between a "cabin" and a "stateroom"?


    The number of people sleeping in it.


    The CO may have two cabins- an "in-port" cabin and an "underway" cabin.


    Senior officer's (department heads) may have a single-man stateroom or share with one other.  Junior officers may have from two to four sharing a stateroom.


    On some of the newer ships, even senior enlisted may have staterooms.


    Also, the number of people in a crew's berthing (enlisted) may be lower.

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  5. 3 hours ago, sassnetguy50 said:

    @Chief Rick  was it a vented cover that was pulled tight so it formed an airgap between the cover and seat?  We have a problem with animals making a nest out of the seat foam.

    Dowco Guardian - animals weren't the problem.  It traps heat and moisture under/inside just as well as it keeps water out (or even better).


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  6. I just dropped off my seats to get recovered.


    Lesson learned - DO NOT store a motorcycle under a water-proof cover for extended periods of time in hot and humid environments.  Totally destroyed my seats.  (I don't have a garage or carport.)

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  7. 13 hours ago, Kodiak Jack said:

    I'm interested in getting 4 of them. The sire only allows me to order 2. Please PM me details on how to do it all at once.  

    Thanks pard. KJ

    The site page is set up to order two different designs of blocks.


    If you want 4 blocks all set up for the same cartridge, with the same leather cover design, just put that information in the area for block 1.  The first field under "block 1" is quantity.


    Now, if you want all four blocks to be slightly different, you'll need to send him an e-mail.


    Great person to work with.

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  8. 39 minutes ago, Ramblin Gambler said:


    Pets must earn their name. 

    We called our newest acquisition Buddy because we didn't know what else to say when trying to call him.


    After having him for a month, we almost changed his name to Chet.  If you've ever watched Tim Allan's Santa Clause 2 - he acts about like that goofy reindeer.

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  9. This Buddy, currently just over 2 yo.  We rescued him from the pound when he was a year old - long story.

    We can't keep a Kong toy for more than a week before he's destroyed it.  He tears them apart and then chews on the little pieces like bubble gum.

    String ropes?  Gone in a day or two.

    We've considered changing his name to Chet. Anyone who's seen the Santa Clause 2 with Tim Allen will understand how he sometimes acts.

    Can't let him out of the house off leash.  He loves to run and he's FAST!  Once the nose hits the ground he doesn't listen.



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  10. My wife and I met Evil Roy and Wicked Felina today! Very gracious folks.


    Then we met Charlie Daniels at an autograph session at the Daniel Defense booth (SHOT Show). After the wife and I had our picture taken, Mr. Daniels asked for a picture with just me as he said I reminded him of his late guitar player Tommy Crain.


    Over many years in the Navy and a few SHOT Shows I've been fortunate to have met several celebrities Jimmy Buffett, Mac McAnally, Jamie Farr, Trace Adkins, R. Lee Ermey (The Gunny), Craig Morgan, Big & Rich, Lou Ferrigno, Mark Wills, Darryl Worley, Luke Branquinho, and several others. The ones that stick out the most are the band Lonestar. After learning that I bought a pair of tickets to see them for my daughter's 8th birthday they invited us on their bus after the concert.

  11. Marlin,


    I have my stereo system connected to my TV (surround sound) which allows me to play around with the levels of different frequencies. Truth be told - I still have a difficult time "understanding" spoken words in a lot of movies and TV shows. It's just been easier for me, and more pleasant for my wife & kids, to use sub-titles.

  12. I'll be there making the rounds and getting my exercise.


    Will definitely stop by the SASS booth, as well as several of the other booths dedicated to our firearms. Other than that, will primarily be looking at suppressors and rifle chassis.


    Will be staying at the Holiday Inn Desert Club Resort this year - has to be better than where we stayed last year...

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