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  1. Aesthetically, I prefer the four inch barrel.
  2. Kris - I work under similar conditions but we're not even close to being as secure as your facility. We've also had active shooter scenarios in the past with disgruntled employees (civilian, not government - though it doesn't matter as bullets don't discriminate once they leave the barrel.) I don't agree with the policies but I enjoy my job. I've been halfway around the world at different points of my previous career and more than a few times in places that didn't care for Americans. We couldn't legally carry so much as a pocket knife in some locations. Get some training/additional training on threat detection and look at some non-lethal/non-traditional hand-held weapons (kubaton/ink pen) and stay alert and confident.
  3. I enjoy shooting them on occasion. I'll try to get a short video showing recoil of the above loads after work tomorrow. Between rain and a bout with headaches this week I've not wanted to do anything. Interesting note: the Super Blackhawk cylinder rotates clockwise while the Super Redhawk cylinder rotates counter-clockwise.
  4. While not exactly scientific, a 180 gr RNFP bullet from Missouri Bullet Company sized to .452" has a slip fit through all 10 chambers of both cylinders.
  5. Left to right, in pairs: 180 gr. RNFP Cowboy 45 Special, 250 gr. Speer GDHP 45 Colt, 250 gr. Winchester JHP 454 Casull. On top, Lipsey's Exclusive Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley with 4 5/8" barrel and Rosewood grips, .454 Casull. Bottom, Ruger Bisley New Vaquero with 5 1/2" barrel and fake ivory (plastic) grips, .45 Colt. Same revolvers with the grips swapped - decent fit. Feels the same to my un-calibrated hand. A look from the bottom, you can see the difference in the frames/cylinders. And the Super Blackhawk Bisley under a Super Redhawk Alaskan with 2 1/2" barrel.
  6. I'll try to remember to snap a few pics of one after I get off work today. I know for a fact that it had to be sent back to Ruger out of the box due to timing/cycling issues.
  7. Check with Cole Trigger with the Deadwood Marshall's. He may be doing something during Louisiana State at the end of the month.
  8. I'm saving up to have a pair of .45 Ruger Bisley's sent off to get worked on.
  9. This is why mine are still unfired since being returned from Cimarron. I want to like them but don't want to pour more money into them. As the internals are not the same as a standard SAA, I wouldn't even know who to send them to.
  10. I shoot a sxs and prefer double loops over singles. My wife also shoots a sxs and prefers single loops over doubles. We both use Mernickle products with web loops and each belt holds at least 10 shells.
  11. Instead of getting cartridge loops sewn onto your belt, get a 2-loop or 4-loop slide from Mernickle (or your favorite leather maker). That way you can put the reloads where you want them and swap sizes as needed.
  12. Both. I really like .38 Short Colt for frontier cartridge. Not enough difference for my wife or myself when shooting smokeless (Trail Boss, specifically) in .38 Special. C45S on the other hand is noticeably better for light loads than in the larger .45 Colt with smokeless. Great for frontier cartridge as well.
  13. Looking at my load data, when I played around with C45S a couple years ago I used Missouri Bullets non-coated 180 gr RNFP over 4.0 gr Trail Boss. My notes don't show velocity or perceived recoil but they were safe in a pair of Ruger New Vaqueros. I will be experimenting again in the future with these bullets but it's going to be a little while.
  14. I found this archived topic for .45 Colt. And this archived topic for .38 Special. And these two for Cowboy .45 Special - one, two.
  15. You can do it. Look what you accomplished in this short period of time. Keep it up.
  16. Do a search on this site. There's a thread with popular loads and some include velocity. I can't find it using my phone.
  17. Thank goodness! It was getting harder and harder not to jumo on these.
  18. A cheap single stage press and a pair of vice grips - unless you're trying to reuse the lead.
  19. Told a co-worker about them today. He stopped at LGS on the way home and they didn't have any and said their distributor was out of stock. Said they would sell it for $169 when they can get him one. I didn't ask if he was after a particular color.
  20. I would love to have those Colt's but I've got other irons in the fire.
  21. Same here, especially if I don't know the shooter.
  22. My advice is to go to a local match with what you have and borrow what you don't - especially if considering going with something other than what you already have. Contact the match director in advance and introduce yourself and tell them your situation. Most match directors can wrangle up enough firearms and ammunition fire you to shoot each stage with something different. Try before you buy.
  23. Listen to this ^^^! To be your best will require a lifestyle change, not a diet. Keep it up after you get out of the academy.
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