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  1. I have a C Sharps - it needs an experienced 'smith to repair. The hammer spring (I think) is broken. It won't stay cocked, but the firing pin does rotate when the hammer is manually pulled back and pushed forward. Any recommendations?
  2. I'm overseas on non-personal computers - no video allowed. Thanks.
  3. Too bad I can't get the video to load where I am...
  4. Any idea what the entry fees are going to be? Those links aren't working on the website.
  5. My rifle reloads take a few seconds, regardless of whether it's before the first shot is fired downrange or at the end of the shooting string. I fumble more with getting the round out of my belt than getting it in the rifle, but still, probably 3-4 seconds on my best day. Pistol reloads? Get a sun dial.
  6. With just over four hours left to race, a few things surprise me: - The intensity/aggression of the racing within classes - The almost complete lack of attrition due to mechanical failures - How nice the weather has been/is
  7. I agree with you on IMSA and NHRA. NASCAR - ranks right up there with football and basketball. I don't even want to see the results. I prefer rodeo and PBR to anything, to be honest.
  8. Gonna be tough watching it with a six hour time difference, but I'm gonna try. I don't have a way to DVR it to watch it at a decent hour. Green flag drops at 2130 local.
  9. Anybody familiar with the sonar trunk on a guided missile destroyer? Imagine a vertical ladder - four stories tall. I've had to climb down, and then back up, for three days now wearing a N-95 respirator. I consider myself to be in pretty good physical condition but I have to take a break each day after climbing back up. NO!
  10. Just thinking out loud. Use the same set-up as you'd use for a top-gun shoot-off. After the match, use all reactive targets (no questions on hits - either it falls or it doesn't). Single or double elimination.
  11. Is the oil part of the recipe or what you're going to fry it in? If you're asking for an oil to fry in - I say canola or corn.
  12. I started using MS Word, and it worked "just ok." The I started using MS PowerPoint. Much easier than using word. You can use the basic shapes that are in the program (squares, circles, triangles, etc) or cut & paste images from the internet.
  13. It's normal. You can use a small spring to help return the charge bar to it's normal position. Sorry, I don't have the ability to take pics or explain it better right now.
  14. I don't shoot BP/subs often, but when I do - NO. I pour boiling water down the barrels. Boiling water heats the metal enough to evaporate any residual water residual quickly. Then I lube with Ballistol.
  15. I love the 550. Load four primer tubes (100 primers each). Set up 400 pieces of brass in loading blocks for inspection and lubing (I like to throw out bad brass before it gets loaded - and while it won't lock up the machine, trying to bell a .357 when your set up for .38 Special wastes a perfectly good piece of brass and a primer). Then slowly work my way through. Take a few minutes break after every 100 rounds when I drop another tube of primers. I can load 400 rounds, including brass inspection/prep and initial loading of primer tubes, in less than two hours REALLY taking my time. I ca
  16. Depending on your bench - you may or may not need the strong mount. If you have a complete tool kit around the house already you don't necessarily need the Dillon tool kit, unless you want it for convenience. Other than the spare parts kit Hoss mentioned, I'd recommend the deluxe quick change assembly and a caliber conversion kit (you'll need a caliber conversion kit #20206 for the .44WCF and #20137 for the .45 Colt). Set both tool heads up and never have to mess with them again. I am also partial to the Dillon dies, especially when loading lead bullets. T
  17. If you haven't seen it, I recommend watching Dead Man's Walk first. I enjoyed it and it will give some backstory to the characters. I can't remember watching Comanche Moon, but it takes place between Dead Man's Walk and Lonesome Dove. Just plan to take a whole day and watch each episode back to back.
  18. The medals that I am familiar with, we use stars. Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medals (Navy or Marine Corps). One bronze star for each subsequent medal you receive. A silver star is used in lieu of 5 bronze stars.
  19. Bottom line - no one pistol or one holster is going to work well for one person in all situations. As far as where to carry on your body, not only does it depend on the season but also on the way you normally dress. Ankle holsters are great for deep concealment but I wouldn't want to carry there all the time. Think about the pants you wear (how tight are the legs and how long is the hem) and what kind of boots/shoes you wear (how high will the holster ride above the top of your footwear and will it fit around your calf at that point). What do you normally do with your
  20. No problem. I have a Ponsness-Warren 800 that I will be trying to sell when I get back to the states. I have never got comfortable trying to run that machine and currently have hulls stuck in it that I'm going to have to take the machine apart to remove. Besides, I don't reload enough to justify that kind of machine.
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