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  1. You should be able to order them directly from Altimont. They are the company that make them for Ruger
  2. Things That Annoy Me In Stage Writing Hammers down on empty chambers, HDEC - Pistols, Rifle Make firearm safe - after shooting one gun before firing next And my all time favorite - Draw pistols according to category
  3. Obviously Mr. Boomstick you are blinded by how cool you will look standing in the crowd with skulls on your holsters and not how cool you will look standing on the podium being handed a first place trophy. Nice looking rig but the Cowboy thing to do is support the venders that support us. Just another opinion.
  4. Did you mean Remain in your holster?
  5. Same load as Mr. Tyrel but I use Clay Dot not Clays. Red Dot works also.
  6. I know two different shooters who made the wagon carts that you speak of. They were top heavy and prone to tip over on any small hill. Both use something else now.
  7. I too, when I shot crossdraw with my large belly my left foot was so far forward there was no way to holster weak handed without sweeping my leg (and not breaking the 170).
  8. What Mr. Captain just said. Crossdraw shooters seem to do it a lot when reholstering with their weak hand.
  9. Thank you sir, all my lazy efforts have payed off.
  10. The call was a no call because that gun had been cleared and discarded. I believe SASS rules as written may say safe when all guns are cleared but I am just to tired to look it up at this time. Looking for an easy answer as so many do here. Can I be any more honest that that.
  11. I do not do face book and was told that a similar topic was recently discussed. Today a shooter went to the unloading table. He placed both revolvers on the table as well as his rifle and shotgun. He showed the shotgun to the unloading officer and the officer cleared it and the shooter placed it back on the table. The shooter then picked up the rifle and cycled it and the officer cleared that. When the shooter placed the rifle back down on the table to do the pistols next, he hit the shotgun knocking it off the table onto the ground. WTC, no call for gun had been cleared or stage DQ for dropping a firearm on the ground before all guns were cleared.
  12. I'm assuming with your good looks and charm.
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