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"Wyatt, there is no such as a normal life, there is just life." - Doc on his deathbed to Wyatt in 'Wyatt Earp'

"As a man he was Ace High. As a peace officer, he WAS the peace" - Fred Dodge to Stuart Lake about Wyatt Earp in 1928


"So I am a stage robber. Well, I don't believe it. They'll have to prove it to me. No honest stage robber will ever trust me again. The Behan crowd are trying to frame me, but I'll wait for the showdown. If it ever comes, I'll spread better than a pair of dueces on the table. You can bank on that." Notes from a Wyatt Earp interview printed in the San Franscico Examiner in 1896 remembering what Doc Holliday had said about charges that he was involved with a stage holdup outside of Tombstone in 1881.

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