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    God, Liberty. Black Powder and the Cowboy Way. God above all but I must admit the residing place for him must be in the heart of my wife and daughters.

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  1. Looking for a Single(not a Pair) Quality Revolver in a caliber that ammunition can be commercially purchased for that can be shot(not just displayed). Not interested in an Italian Reproduction. Would be interested in a Colt , Ruger or Original Antique. I'm confident that there are other Cowboys out there that have bought a single with the intention to make a pair and things just haven't developed. Gun will be used to shoot at non Cowboy ranges for influential visitors to experience a "Western" experience so big bore is a plus. Antique with Providence a plus.
  2. Dash,

    The gold came in today. I have the grips ready to ship, and will get them in the mail on monday. I will PM you when they go out.

    Thanks, Fallon

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