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    God, Liberty. Black Powder and the Cowboy Way. God above all but I must admit the residing place for him must be in the heart of my wife and daughters.

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  1. I'm sorry I don't get on the wire here much. I do appreciate your reply with the cylinder and especially that you took the time to measure that extra cylinder. I ended up getting ticked off and I found two new unfluted cylinders at Borchardt Rifle and I paid a first born ransom for them but they fell in and function perfectly with no fitting. What I did learn from listening to the New Blackhawk guys (don't know if it's true) is that you can take a 44 mag cylinder (common on Ebay for $100) rent a 44-40 reamer and there you go. But 44 mag Blackhawk cylinders are not fluted like my Vaqueros are so I would need 2 for it to satisfy my anal retention and the costs would be several hundred dollars all said and done.. so I paid my money and took my chances. Thanks for the effort. I'll keep it in mind

    1. three by eight

      three by eight

      You have a good day. I luv a good 44/40

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