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  1. I used to go to Ascot in the 80’s for the dirt track races. At that same time period I was an avid “Canyon Bomber”. Fun times.
  2. Good point. Imagine having your front end going airborne at speed or worse, the wings fighting you in a curve.
  3. One always tempts fate when climbing on to a motorcycle, but there is such a thing as going too far. I once knew a guy that rode a chopper with a knucklehead engine the left side engine case removed to expose the big belt. He was missing his pinky finger on his left hand. The belt got it one day when he reached down to straighten his pant leg. Did he put the cover back on his engine after loosing a finger? Heck no. About 4 months later, yep, you guessed it….POP! Off came his ring finger! He reached down to keep his pant leg from rubbing on the belt… I wouldn’t ride a bike that had the potential to take my cajones or any other parts off. That’s all there is to it.
  4. The first bike has a precarious looking seat arrangement. One bump and your crotch is YEOWIEEEEEEE The second bike is truly odd. Fun, but odd.
  5. And this is the picture where I got my new nickname. You can call me “Winky”.
  6. When I was a kid we would have been going the same thing.
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