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  1. Even the ones that say “flushable” are not. 3 of the last houses I bought had to have the drains roto’d out because someone was flushing sanitary wipes or baby wipes. The rental I had in SoCal too.
  2. And my brother. Poor kid was allergic to it too.
  3. The last looney bin, I mean, job I worked at the Divisions (shops and rail yards) got single ply wax paper (not quite but close) while the people at the headquarters building got nice soft 2 ply TP. I raised a little hell. You know what they did to fix it? They removed all the single roll dispensers at my shop and installed those great big industrial TP units with the roll that was 20 miles long and 4” wide. Mother………….s! So, while CoVid was happening I found the part number for the bureaucrat soft 2 ply they used at headquarters and I ordered 30 cases of it. When it arrived I checked it all out of stock and had my people stash it. That caused a nice young lady from Stores to call me and ask if I needed the Min/Max numbers modified. I said “Absolutely! Set the max at 30 and the min at 1.” And she did. That wasn’t even an “authorized item” for the rail shops, but once stores puts it in to the system it becomes “authorized”. I am pretty sure when I left my people had at least 180 cases stashed. I say screw the ivory tower pansies! We got what my people deserved.
  4. There are some things you do not mess with. My wife My bike My guns My tools My wife is on the list but she cannot mess with the other 3.
  5. No Sgt, your wires are not crossed. I do see how all these comments can be polarizing, but in a positive and humorous way. Though this may cascade eventually into negativity at some point.
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