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  1. Thank you and Merry Christmas Rooster. Bottles, I will have a tankard of your best hot cider. Mmmmm…It warms the innards.
  2. When Albertson’s bought Safeway I was pizzed! Not much changed though. Their primary deli lunchmeat brand changed to a better brand. They fixed up the Deli and brought in better food as well. The fried chicken got better too and you could buy individual pieces, not just 8 piece family meals. I decided I was pizzed over nothing. Give Kroger a chance. Besides, there is nothing you can do about it anyway. You can go elsewhere. That’ll show ‘em!
  3. Lobbyists funded by Soros and other leftist / modern communist scalliwags started in California and honed their skills. These same lobbyists then go to other states to ply their wares of progressive policies and line the pockets of politicians to get them on board. Lobbyists operate behind the scenes and they are patient and persistent. When I moved to NC I actually met lobbyists that were being sent from CA to NC to “help bring North Carolina into the 21st century”. Their words not mine. I guess they assumed that since I moved there from CA I would be a fellow comrade. They were very wrong. NC is now Blue, is it not? Their tactics work!
  4. I wasn’t going to go that far, but you’re probably right!
  5. OWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Is right, I’m sure. I hope you get better news at the doc and your suspicions are incorrect. Now, tell the truth. You lost an arm wrestling match with a little bitty fella, didn’t ya?
  6. My friend had a set of those books. We learned how to trap muskrat and prep the hides for sale. We also learned how to build a still. He was 15. I was 13. His uncle destroyed our still after he tested out first gallon of potato / corn liquor. He said we’d go blind if we tried it. He poured it it out and took an ax to the still. We figured out later on that we had done it right. He probably didn’t want us to get into trouble
  7. Check the national chains and who owns what. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_supermarket_chains_in_the_United_States Safeway was standalone then Albertson’s bought them and upgraded their fried chicken recipe, thank gawd. Now Kroger wants to buy them from Albertson’s. Kroger does have some excellent store brand ice cream.
  8. Like @Creeker, SASS #43022 I have had lots of injuries and have the scars to prove it, but I have never had kidney stones because I drink lots of water every and have for years. But I had an injury pain that totally made realize that what I thought was a 10 on the pain scale really wasn’t. The day the 4 ribs from vertebra T6 down became separated at their breaks and two of them punctured my left lung near my spine. Glory Hallelujah! Was that the most incredible sensation I have ever had. Intense pain the like I hadn’t experienced before. I had a bike crash Thursday. The folks at the ghetto hospital called St Francis in Los Angeles sent me home with some painkillers and said I would be fine. Saturday after a shower the ribs popped free as I reached for a towel. I went to the ER and ended up having rib plating surgery and nifty tubes running out of me to drain various fluids the were where they shouldn’t be. I used to consider whacking my shin on a trailer hitch to be really really painful. I was wrong. It is painful, but it’s no longer at the top of my list.
  9. A state glad should represent the state and its history. Not the political whims of those in power at the time.
  10. You could easily do 5 deer in a “season” here in WV, but not in a day.
  11. That’s interesting and funny. On my ship we had a soft serve ice cream machine. A couple of evenings a week the Shop’s Store would sell soft serve starting at around 1800 hours. When the machine was installed the Captain announce a reminder that rank and rate had no privilege in the Ship’s Store line. Any Chief or Officer that tried cutting line “heard about it from the man”. It didn’t happen often and it usually was someone new to the ship that made that mistake. Once!
  12. Doc, thank you for your message and I appreciate it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours.
  13. Well, learn from this and move forward. Who’s your carrier? Perhaps go to them and see if they can help.
  14. Hmmm…The D’s, or one of their loyal minions selected blue as their color as they didn’t want red as it might hit home a little more honestly. I think they need some red and a symbol or two to reflect their true goals. Perhaps a red star or a red sickle to represent agriculture and maybe a hammer to represent industry.
  15. Forty Rod, I never leave the phone store without having them do the transfer. I am tech savvy enough with these things to be my greatest impediment in getting them working. You should take it back a make them make it work. If a phone store tech says “It’s simple. Just blah, blah, blah.” I say “Prove it. Show me.” If he or she balks I remind them that “I am the customer and I need your expertise.” The words “your expertise” gets them every time. I am not opposed to messaging someone’s ego to get my way.
  16. The way I see it is I don’t like to see an animal suffer at the hands of a bunch of dipwads. I didn’t see anything that told what weapon they were actually using.
  17. By the way, my post above is not meant to convey that the .308 Winchester against a horse is like a .22 LR to a human. If the morons used an actual expert marksman using a highly accurate firearm from a smooth operating helicopter perhaps they could kill horses more humanely. I have a feeling it’s more like this:
  18. The ***holes firing these weapons should be ashamed of their accuracy. Helicopter culling? It’s really too bad their idea of “humane” is “humanely expedient for our budget”. ****ing bureaucrat scum. I wonder how this sonofab**** Atticus Fleming would like it if he were diagnosed as destructive and the choice of his cessation of life was a pizz poor shooter hanging out the door of a truck on a bumpy road firing .22 rounds at him as they made several passes? I’d be all for him finding out.
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