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  1. Subs are bigger than you’d think. That looks like a Fast Attack sub. Boomers are much bigger.
  2. Joe, I don’t really know for sure but my guess was radio antennas. The pic shows the antennas on the conning tower, not behind it. I don’t know what they are. Here’s a pic:
  3. I can’t remember who said this to a charity caller that said “for less than a cup of coffee per day you could fund (whatever)” So he calculated what it cost for him and his wife per month in coffee. We’ll just say $10 for a container of coffee then he divided that by 30 and he said “Well, I will give you 34 cents a day because that’s what coffee costs me for a whole day and not just for a cup. How would that be?” He thought he was being crafty but the caller was too and said “Great! We’ll put you down for $10 per month. How don’t want to pay?” His logic backfired on him, but he laughed it off and committed to it.
  4. Why? What does it matter if people do not like what you like, Joe?
  5. I had a feeling you were going to come back with this type of logic. I will buy an EV when I trust them. Not before. And not because a fanboy tried to shame me into it.
  6. I ran into the same things working at public agencies in transportation. I, unfortunately, worked for nefarious characters taking kickbacks in a variety of ways. My job life was made miserable because I would not play along and I had no problem dropping a dime on them. The corruption I encountered was systematic and still is in L.A. They think they are very good at covering it up, but they’re not. The problem is the people that are supposed to keep this in check are corrupt as well. I would never jeopardize my job or my reputation for money, perqs or special treatment. What is sad is many that do and get caught always seem to walk away unscathed because people above were involved or were also on the take so they went easy on the people that should have been jailed or at the very least fired. Gotta add the above to my list of reasons for retiring early.
  7. I will not have an electric car until I can trust the technology not to let me down.
  8. My mom and dad bronzed my baby shoes. I have no idea what became of them. My dad used to hang them from his rear view mirror until I was in elementary school then they went into a box somewhere. I know some people I would like to have bronzed. Or maybe Carbonite, like Han Solo
  9. I have a recording of me at age 18 explaining to my Grandma that I had joined the Navy and was going to train as a Gunners Mate. I had a true hick accent laced with some southern verbiage. After the Navy I worked very hard to lose my “accent”. I moved “back home” (close to back home) and I think the accent is making a comeback. To answer Alpo’s question. I think it takes a couple of years to lose it but I don’t think it takes long at all to get it back.
  10. Want to try something really good? Go to Costco and get a slice of pepperoni pizza and order their big hot dog. Throw the bun away and wrap the dog in pizza. Mmmmm-Mmmm Good! Will not eat pizza with pineapple. That is a communist plot to take over America! I love hot dogs with; - Ketchup and Onions - mustard and kraut - Pilsudski’s mustard with horse radish. Oh Man, is that good. Bass Pro Carrie’s it. - mayo, dill pickle and cheap American cheese. - Cream cheese and dill pickle. There is only one ketchup and that is Heinz. I do not give a damn about their politics. Kerry doesn’t run the place.
  11. Conspiracy Theory Here: Covid didn’t do what was intended so they’re hoping criminals will help cull the herd so they can better control society and do as they please.
  12. I wonder if that toy is a rendition of a Whooping Crane?
  13. I will say that after Covid my asthma and lung congestion have been kicking my butt.
  14. So far I have had 2 C shots and 2 C boosters. I got a flu shot on 8/15/23. The pharmacist said “You are going to feel like crap in a couple of days” I got my first symptoms Covid on 8/18/23 Tested positive on 8/19/23 I also got conjunctivitis in my eyes. Haven’t had that since elementary school. I was sick for a total of 22 days. It was like a really bad cold. I cannot help but think that wasn’t just a flu shot, but the room I got the flu shot in was not all that sanitary. For me Covid was not really that bad, but it stuck around way too long.
  15. That was probably in an age where man-made global warming was about to impact the planet and wipe out the highly advanced civilizations of the world…
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