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  1. My wife and I were considering Edgewater Florida as a possible place to retire. We found a nice house about a mile from the beach. A one story Ranch style home with a chain link fence, 2 car garage, nice interior. There were small lakes or retention ponds on the other side of the road. I was using Google Street View to try and get a look at those ponds to see how big they were. One of the ponds had what looked like a log floating in it. My wife said “Zoom in, maybe it’s a boat.” It was an alligator, or something that looked an awful lot like an alligator. My wife looked at it. Her eyes got big and she started saying “Nope, nope, nope…no way in hell! Unh-uh! Nope. I forgot about Florida having alligators.” And that was that. Florida was off the list. I decided not to tell her that alligators can climb chain link fences.
  2. And after a merge you can’t copy and paste pictures again until you leave the thread then return.
  3. This merging bull sh** is aggravating
  4. Boy, someone is truly naive…or just plain stupid.
  5. Good Morning…Where’s my alfalfa treats?
  6. Bravo Doc! Bravo! I have often wondered why gun companies continue to do business in California or why they don’t restrict law enforcement contracts to the guns on CA’s Roster of “safe” handguns. The dollar speaks louder than two-faced blather, I’m sure. I avoid anti-2A states *when I can. My wife thought I was a little nutty, but now she sees my reasoning behind it. I refuse to spend money in them if I do pass through them. * I am going to CA this week. We are driving my Mazda MX-5 Miata cross country. (Hey @Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 I finally get to do it!!!) My Grandson graduates High School next week. The course that takes us the least amount of miles goes through Illinois. Screw ‘dat noise! That trip would be 2,426 miles. For the first leg we are traveling SSW to Knoxville, TN then cross country on I-40. It adds 100 miles and a little time, but that’s okay. I do the same type of thing with Maryland. I will take large detours to avoid Maryland when going East in WV or going to VA. If I did not have to go to CA, I would not. I despise that state.
  7. I will have to see that. Thank you.
  8. I would buy this mat just for the tag.
  9. Holy Cow! I did a search on DDG using this phrase “civil war 2024”. All kinds of links to “civil war” came up besides links about the movie. The one by NPR was quite laughable. Y’all should check it out.
  10. Is it a movie or a series on Netflix or something like that? I know there are a lot of people that think or hope there might be a civil war come election time. Most people are too fat, dumb and happy to actually do anything but run their mouths so I doubt it would happen.
  11. I know you said your system was off, but could it be a neighbor maybe accessing your system via Bluetooth by accident? One of my coworkers would lose control of his sound bar because the lady next door was playing with her new phone. She turned it way up because she couldn’t hear music coming from her TV sound system. They figured out what was going on when the lady knocked on their door to see if my coworker could help her with her new phone.
  12. Rolls Royce = British Grey Poupon = French Rolls Royce Ice Cream Truck = Priceless
  13. I got a survey like that from a store in California. I threw it in the trash. A couple of weeks later I got an email asking if I had received the survey and sent it back or did I still have and they asked if I would complete it and send it in. They said I was selected as I was a special customer. I responded that I threw it in the trash and that if they persisted in this bull sh** that I would no longer shop there. Never heard or saw another word about it.
  14. Privi makes .38 S&W? That’s interesting.
  15. I remember when I was a teenager I was in an old gun store in my hometown. There were several Fitz Special revolvers (or copies of them) in their own display cases. I asked the gent that owned the store what happened to those guns and who would mess up a gun like that? He laughed and told me they were customized that way. I don’t recall all that he said but for years it baffled me why anyone would “molest” a perfectly good gun that way.
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