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  1. I have a feeling someone is going back to 1-1 day.
  2. I am trying to remember…I think the only plague that hasn’t hit California in recent history is locusts. I may be wrong.
  3. That’s the term I was trying to remember. Another “look at me” stupid weather reporter term.
  4. Nearly every website that I have had a problem with regarding their emails I have remedied by selecting “Unsubscribe” then selecting options for my preferences. If they don’t offer preferences I select “Unsubscribe” again. Simple.
  5. Yes, I know. But without the Jet Stream it would be hard to have a newfangled weather phenomena called an “atmospheric river”. Stupid name.
  6. I like that Fairlane but I couldn’t do a black convertible with a black interior and top. I’ll go with that Chrysler 300. Actually. I’d rather have a ‘57 pickup truck. Ford, Chevy or Dodge. I’m not picky.
  7. Gee, I guess Jet Stream isn’t dramatic enough.
  8. Yeah, I really hate when I modify my preferences and they send thugs around to rattle my cage all Mugsie and Bugsy like…
  9. I get one email every other day from Bud’s. I used to get a lot more. I hit “Unsubscribe” then I was given options for what emails I would like to get. Give that a try.
  10. I’d leave them alone and find another route…after taking some photos.
  11. I worked with 3 men of Japanese descent when I worked at Hughes Aircraft. All 3 were interred as children. All 3 loved this country and were very loyal. All 3 had Secret Clearances with EBI’s on several programs. An EBI is an Extensive Background Investigation. It’s like a program related Top Secret, but it’s not a Top Secret clearance. Only one spoke of his experience when his family was interred. It broke his parents hearts but they said they understood why it was done. I have often wondered how things would go if we went to war with China. I doubt history would be repeated, but with today’s politicians and how two-faced they are I wouldn’t be surprised if they did try to inter Americans of Chinese descent.
  12. My wife says I am special. Then she follows up with a look that says “Bless yer heart”.
  13. Both these bills are an absolute affront to the Bill of Rights in general. I wonder how far they’ll get? The backers and the people in politics that come up with these things time and time again have shown themselves to be very un-American yet they stay in power because of a number of things, but mostly because they have a blind, manipulated population of people that keep them there in power.
  14. Huh? https://www.congress.gov/bill/110th-congress/house-bill/6981
  15. I knew a lady that would buy prom dresses, evening and wedding gowns from 2nd hand stores then remake or repair them and resell them. She made some decent money in that hobby.
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