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  1. Sounds like Tae-Kwon-Do.

    If my child wanted to take Karate I would look into a Japanese or Okinowan discipline like Shorin Ryu. Or MMA that doesn't put all of it's emphasis on kicks and leg work. Especially for girls and women. Why? Because a woman should learn to defend herself up close as well as fend off and attacker at "leg length". I have tangled with many a man that used Tae-Kwon-Do (spelling?). Once you get in close to them and they can't kick you can dominate the fight easily.


    That being said you should know that the first year or so of training is all basic stuff especially at only 2 times a week in classes. Emphasis is on stances, basic moves and discipline. If she were in any Japanese style class she would spend a lot of time in stances throwing punches. They have to learn muscle control, balance, self-discipline first then they can move up in training. What looks silly and useless to the observer is important for the basics. Also, often people discount the basics as a waste of time as it looks useless but any student that has the self discipline and desire to succeed in the sport will do it over and over and it will show the instructor that they have the desire and the fortitude to be worthy of instruction.It's not a one way street. A good instructor isn't going to waste time on a "belt collector" but many somewhat unscrupulous ones will, chasing that all mighty dollar.


    I would look into the awards and wins of the people running this "dojo" and especially those they have trained. Do a search of competitions and look at their standings and accreditation. Do the same with any self defense discipline. Just because some joker has won some fights / matches doesn't mean they are a good instructor. Also, regarding things like MMA, just because the instructor served in the military or was in an elite force also does not mean they are a good instructor. Look into the accomplishments of those that they trained. That goes for all fighting disciplines.


    My 2 cents...and no, I never earned a black belt. I did earn confidence, discipline and self awareness. I had an awesome instructor that wasn't about belt standings. I have beaten a few black belts in my time at matches though but that was many years ago and those stories are for another time.


    This is about your daughter and what you want that is best for her.


    One final thought (my opinion). It sounds to me like this is more of a karate hobby shop. I would look for a smaller dojo with a dedicated instruction staff. One that is about the discipline not the belts and larger classes. Regardless of the style, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, your daughtrr will do better. Get her started on the right path. She can decide what style or discipline fits her later on once she has a very good understanding of herself and her capabilities.

  2. I personally feel that anyone convicted of a crime worthy of the death penalty beyond any reasonable doubt should be vanished.

    Presented upon sentencing to a team of men in black and whisked away in an unmarked vehicle never to be seen or heard from again.

    No prison. No family or friend interaction. Nothing. Think of the psychlogical aspects of that.


    One is sentenced then one is gone...forever.


    How do they vanish, what happens to them you ask? Who cares. They are gone. No what ifs. No BS. Just gone.

  3. Trigger Mike,

    Me personally, I would go talk with the people in charge of the Dojo. I didn't quite understand, is she getting her training for free in lieu of "baby sitting" or does she still have to pay her tuition?

    I am leery of anyone that blows smoke to a child to manipulate them, regardless of whether it's a school, a church or any type of function. The "leaders" of the Dojo should have approached the "Parents".

  4. I've decided to start CAS, I have a coach gun so don't need that. Starting out I want to try to keep costs of firearms down (not much capital to work with). I was thinking about the Rossi R92 or Taurus 45LC Thunderbolt and 2 Traditions Firearms RAWHIDE 1873 45LC. Looking for any advice or help anyone can give me. From Eastern Ky if anyone knows anything going on here or anyone who could lend a helping hand.


    Welcome, Rocky Crisp! :)

    I will roll with McCandless here and throw in my 2 cents on your selections.


    Rossi 92 - good choice. Shoot it a bit before getting all "slick up" crazy. Also, just know a Carbine only holds 8 rounds. Most SASS Match stages call for 10 rifle rounds fired but you can load on the clock if you really really have to have a Carbine ;) the 20" barrel holds 10 rounds and the 24" holds 12 rounds in pistol cartridge ammo.


    I don't know anything about the Taurus.

    The Traditions revolver is a Pietta revolver and they are made in Italy. If you like that revolver I know that Cabela's has them on sale until Dec. 24th at $50 off plus, I believe, they are reduced on top of that.

    I have never fired one so I cannot help you there but I will say that if you are on a budget these would probably work nicely until a later date, should you wish to upgrade or get that gun buying bug that seems to afflict everyone in this game. ;) ...Oh, and by the way, Don't let that "Made in Italy" scare you. If that meant "low quality" Taylor's and Co. wouldn't put such a high price on their offerings, I am sure.


    One thing you will learn quickly is when you ask for advice here you will get it... :lol:

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  5. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats. None of them sleep in our bed when we are in it. My female dog, Maddie, gets on the bed when we aren't home and every morning after I get up up the dogs will jump on the bed with my wife as will our female cat but that is mostly to help her wake up to get them breakfast :lol:

  6. YEP, we are a peculiar breed.


    I kinda faced the same situation the first few years shooting my Marlin with folks who had some fancy 73's.

    Wew, I loved those 73's in both their looks and functioning. And nearly all my shooting Pards were nudging me to dump the Marlin and get a nice 73.

    BUT, for some reason, I just couldn't shoulder one of them as well as I could my 1894 Marlin.


    Sooooo, I stuck with my Marlin. And to this day, I still shoot my Marlin, which will perform as well as any 73 on the firing line.




    That's funny Widder. I remember when I got my Marlin Cowboy Comp people still said "Ya need a '73" or "Ya need a '66".


    Well, I pick up my '92 today...I am sure I will hear about that from some well meaning Pard.

  7. I guess the "new" Henry's took the place of Winchester 94's as the bane of the CAS society.


    You know, it's funny, I used a '94 for years. It was terrible the way that thing frustrated other people. Oh sure, it wasn't perfect and had a hitch on occasion, but some folks got so aggravated about it. I finally took pity on 'em and got a Marlin. Darn shame to watch grown men get so twisted up about an inanimate object that they didn't have to pay for or even shoot. It was the darndest thing...


    Kindest regards,

    Pat (what's pokin' fun) Riot

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