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  1. How would one ship live ammo? I know if your order ammo you have to pay fees from a vendor but can one ship live ammo to another person with no licensed vendor involved? Are the fees high?


    The reason I ask is I have about 1000 rounds of .223 / 5.56 I was thinking of shipping to my son-in-law in CA and was wondering if the cost would be too high.


    I know about the new ridiculous laws there so let's skip that issue, please.


    Thank you,

    Pat Riot

  2. I have seen pistols discharge when the slide was released and 2 of those were 1911 style pistols. In every case I have witnessed, except for 1, it was because the owner was dinking around with the works trying to "modify" it somehow or using "bargain" gun show parts. Once it was because the gun was so filthy the firing pin was stuck fully forward. No gun design is immune to ignorance, stupidity or being a cheap skate.


    Yul, both guns that you mention are good choices for carry but, like the advice every new to our sport shooter gets here, try and shoot them before you buy them. If you can rent them at a range or shoot a friend's it would be a good thing.


    Me personally, I carry revolvers because I trust them but , Lumpy made a good recommendation on the S&W Shield. I have not shot one yet but everyone I know that owns one raves about them. Especially the fiber optic sighted ones. I am seriously considering one myself and I am renting one at a gun range this week to try it out.


    I do recommend you determine how you wish to carry before making a decision as well and take the recommedations of people with experience, not what some yahoo at a gun magazine says.


    If you just want to carry in a pocket any of the .380's mentioned by our Pards above would be good choices but use a pocket holster sleeve.


    Ankle carry - Galco Ankle Glove. Your ankle bone will thank you.


    IN the Waist Band holsters - comfort is king but I personally hate them. AND you have to buy trousers just to fit you with an extra 2 or 4 inches in waist band.


    Shoulder holster - you always need a cover garment.


    Those fancy under shirt or belly band holsters - if you aren't a skinny man they tend too roll and bunch up all wrong.


    Outside the waste band - one of my favorites. You have to wear a cover garment.


    I mostly carry in a vest pocket position but that requires a cover garment. If i can't wear a cover garment I ankle carry or keep it in a back pack but I ride motorcycles so carrying a pack doesn't look odd or attract the wrong attention.


    Try to steer clear of the latest rage BS, like; appendix carry. Look at what's tried and true for your body shape. Also, think about how you will carry while driving, while shopping, while going out to dinner, etc... Select a method that matches you life, not alters it...too much ;-)


    There are all kinds of things to think about when going CCW. Not just which gun.


    Just so you know I have carried the following:


    1911's .45s (3 different ones)

    Glock 19 9mm - fat

    Glock 34 9mm - too big

    Glock 26 - a loaner. Would not recommend.

    Kel Tek P3AT .380 - too light for recoil



    NEF .32 Mag revolver - ugh...

    S&W 442 .38

    S&W 36 .38

    S&W 327 .357 -too big

    S&W 60 Pro .357 - almost too long


    My personal favorite - S&W 442


    Also, just so you know, I am considering the S&W Shield because it's slim and has a good reputation. But, if recoil is too abrupt I won't buy one.


    Any CCW gun that isn't "fun" to shoot or too uncomfortable to carry should be overlooked.


    I hope this help you some.


    Pat Riot - by no means an expert

  3. I haven't shot one but on other forums people like them for occasional use. Especially those that want to scope them. Usually I do not comment on guns I have no experience with but I have read multiple accounts of people having good things to say about the Henry's for plinking and hunting.


    Google it.

  4. Souvenirs are nice. Of course I have never received a "participation award" but it would be nice to get one. It's the thought that counts. Somebody went to the trouble of making them up or having them made. That is very cool.

  5. Well, I finally got my Rossi 92. It's got the 24" octagon barrel. It's used but it's in great shape, just as Kid Rich, the Pard I bought it from said it was. Thank you Kid Rich! :-)


    It is smooth. He said it was a little slicked up and I might want to replace the springs but I am gonna shoot it a bit before I do anything with it. Gotta send for Nate Kiowa Jones' video. I will also be getting one of those plugs for that safety. Man, what a hokey design that is.


    It has a flat top rear sight. The jury is out on that for now. I find that I have to search for it when I bring the rifle up as if I am shooting it. It may be just fine but again, I will shoot it a bit first. I may like it.


    I am stoked anout my new rifle.


    Thank you all for your advice and input. I do appreciate it.


    Kindest regards,

    Pat Riot

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