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  1. Yeah. I recall buying things from them when I bought my first Glock 20 years ago. You’re right, they lost their uniqueness. Now when they have a sale everyone else has it cheaper at their regular prices.
  2. My favorite line in that movie was D-Day yelling “Ramming Speed!”
  3. “He’s deal to the Glock people”? I heard they were leaving back in 2019 when I lived there. He’s all set up in Nashville now. Their prices have been too high lately. Maybe trying to make up the loss?
  4. This pimento cheese was in a tub. It was soft. Maybe it was Reiser’s or Rieser’s? It made such an impact that my boss’ wife made crockpot Queso with Rotel and ground beef. Everyone looked at it and asked if it was Sue’s contribution. Whenever they were told “No” the response was usually “Thank God!”.
  5. This business wouldn’t get any of mine. I know for sure it wouldn’t. It’s a San Fernando Valley, CA phone number.
  6. Regardless May she rest in peace. When I was a kid she was my dream girl.
  7. I remember that from the 80’s when I worked in aerospace. We had a potluck a month, it seemed, and this one lady would bring it and a box of Captains Wafers as her contribution. Everyone thought it was homemade, probably because she said it was. One day she was running late and I saw her scooping out of the factory container and putting it in a fancy Tupperware container. Every time I think about pimento anything my tongue does this weird side curling under thing like it’s trying to protect me from the full flavor of that…that…stuff. The thought of pimento cheese with pimento loaf lunchmeat, i.e.; welfare lunchmeat, on a sammich makes me want to hide and hope it goes away soon.
  8. So you’re the one keeping that stuff alive as a viable option for alienating dinner guests and traumatizing small children…like me…a few years back…50+ years back…
  9. I appreciated the fact that the gent called SOS by name, as it should be. There were a few things in that video I used to love. There are a few I wouldn’t try back then and I won’t try them now. That bananas and ham thing flipped my stomach over when I saw it. My Mom made me eat that sh…stuff once…Once! She was not happy about me upchucking the whole mess on the kitchen floor. Pimento cheese? Get a rope!
  10. Honestly, I thought Kit was going to post a burger and fries.
  11. I have never been nor will I ever be a sheep. If someone thinks you need to armed to not be a sheep that person is probably an egotistical asshat. There are more morons carrying guns than there are sheepdogs and a sheepdog doesn’t need a gun to do it’s job or function in society. My two cents…and it won’t get you 2 pieces of penny candy.
  12. Yeah, the firing of the guns aboard the Constitution was quite a let down. Kind of like going on a date with a gorgeous woman and finding out she… Nah, I ain’t finishing that statement.
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