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  1. I had a woman I worked with convinced that she could buy a trunk monkey from the Suburban Auto Group. I convinced her to call them. She did. She was not as amused as the lady that answered the phone was. I got a lot of dirty looks for a few days. Probably because every time she glared at me I burst into laughter. She was and maybe still is a brunette.
  2. (favorite 4 letter word) the Feds!
  3. @Trigger Mike I found the 3 mag pouch bag for less money on Amazon. https://a.co/d/200Z8Lb
  4. There are 2 different pouches. One with 3 pockets and one with 6. Here is the 3 pocket one: https://www.wiskurtactical.com/prod/GLTRBOOD.html Here is the 6 pocket one: https://www.wiskurtactical.com/prod/GLMP30BAG.html This is the one that there is only 1 left.
  5. Quoting myself here. I sent Wiskur Tactical an email @Trigger Mike Here is the body of that email and their response is above my questions:
  6. Don’t you mean “V-ger”? That is truly amazing. 15B miles. That’s 600,000 trips around Earth at the surface.
  7. Time to buy a daily 3 lotto ticket…
  8. Exactly! I was pretty much going to say the same thing. If I am making something that normally would take an hour but I halved it at 40-45 minutes I would check the temp. Nearly every time it is done in 3/4 of the normal recipe time at the very same temperature. ADDING: I want to try lasagna in my smoker. Pizza in a smoker is fantastic.
  9. I have owned 3 different safes that had the fingerprint option. Not one of them worked with my thumb or finger print. I tried everything recommended in the manuals. They just wouldn’t work for me. They worked okay for my wife, just not me. Fortunately they also had combination locks on them that worked just fine. I no longer have two of those safes. I kept one that also utilized RFID (that doesn’t work) a key and a combination lock. Electronics that detect fingerprints are fickle. If you get it to work with your finger when dry and at a nominal room temp the sensor may not work if your hand is wet and cold, wet and hot, dry and really hot or cold. I had an iPhone that opened with a finger print. It was only reliable if my hands were dry and warm. Unless technology has advanced that dramatically in the last 5 years I would not bet my life on a bio lock. Period. Even if it has advanced I wouldn’t.
  10. This bag looks interesting. I may get one myself. I have tactical gun bags made by US Peacekeeper. They have mag pouches that will hold 2-30 round AR-15 mags. They also hold a 20 round AR-10 (.308) magazine each. https://www.wiskurtactical.com/prod/GLTRBOOD.html ITEM DESCRIPTION FROM LINK: Olive Drab Green. This quick deployment bag is the perfect bag for the shooter on the move. Constructed from 1000D Nylon, the main compartment includes Velcro backing and MOLLE Straps to attach pouches, or use as a standard carry bag. Features two side utility pockets which feature outside MOLLE Straps for additional gear. Three front magazine pockets can carry two .223 caliber 30rd Magazines in each pocket, for a total of 6. Will not hold 30rd AK Magazines as the magazines are too tall. Comfort back padding for easy carry. Adjustable carry strap with quick-release and removable shoulder pad for over the shoulder carry. Lockable YKK Zippers. Two Year Warranty. Overall Dimensions: 14.5" x 8.25" x 4" Main Compartment: 11" x 8.25" x 4"
  11. I am gonna hafta say “Nay” on this one. I had a heckuva time putting contacts in my eyes years ago. But I will keep this in mind. Thanks Dave.
  12. NRA Board of Directors 2024. Ballots that arrive after Sunday 4/28/24 will not be counted. This isn’t a call for a whine-fest. It’s just a reminder for NRA members that want to vote.
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