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  1. Did you click the “Why wait? Enter now!” button?


    If you do you will probably see some blurb about providing a credit card to lock in …blah, blah, blah. 
    I bailed out. 
    A few moments ago I went back to get a screenshot of that BS and it’s not there now. :blink:
    I have a hard time believing that “Rossi” any Rossi is worth $5400!


    I entered their contest only to find they want you to jump through more hoops to “earn” points to increase your chances. 

    Here’s a screenshot:


    I cancelled then visit Midwest Industries.



    That took me to Midwest Industries. Those stocks are $270 for a butt stock. 

    I exited the entire mess. 

    It’s a damn shame Brownells has sunk to this level. 

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  2. In California, Los Angeles and surrounding cities, do get down to 40 in the winter. Sometimes below that but very rarely ever get to freezing temps. 
    Even into June and July the clouds move inland overnight and stick around until afternoon in the beach cities. They call it the Marine Layer, not to be confused with prostitutes in Oceanside. Temps will stay in the low 60’s up until noon. With an ocean breeze some will wear jackets. 
    In the winter it snows in the foothills and mountains surrounding LA.

    It does get cold in SoCal. 
    It’s not all sunshine and snacky cakes there in the lands of granola. 

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  3. 6 hours ago, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

    Santa Anna did live and do business in New York, but returned to Mexico City in 1874; he died there two years later.


    Ol' Antonio had a pretty checkered but amusing history.  One of my favorite stories about him was his leg:  In 1838, two years or so after losing Texas, he lost his left leg during the Pastry War at the Battle of Veracruz - undoubtedly considered  by him to be the greater of the two losses.  And, being the pompous ass he was, he ordered the leg buried with full military honors.  When he became president again in 1842, he had it exhumed and given a state funeral in Mexico City.   Six years later, he fled Mexico City ahead of a mob - who were so pi$$ed off they dug up the leg and dragged it through the streets 'til there was nothing left of it. 


    Ironically, in 1847 during the American-Mexican war, he narrowly escaped capture, but during his rapid "get-away" left behind his wooden leg.  Soldiers from Illinois liberated the prosthetic leg, allegedly used it as a baseball bat, then carried their "prize" home - where it remains, on display at the Illinois State Military Museum at Springfield.  :rolleyes:


    Santa Anna's Retreat | Old Time Party

    Sounds like everybody got a leg up, except Santa Ana. :D



    Oh, look at the time! I gotta go…

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  4. 44 minutes ago, Alpo said:



    I wonder if y'all are talking about the same woman?


    There was a Canadian woman. Not Alaskan. Cree, I think. Out berry picking. A grizzly bear decided he wanted some berries, so she hid and waited for him to finish eating and leave, and after he had enough he lay down for a nap. And she crept up beside him and at muzzle to the skull distance she shot him 11 times in the head with a single shot 22 long.


    Largest grizzly bear on record up to that time, 1953. But that woman used a rifle, not a pistol.







    Not singling you out Alpo. Just using the story as an example. 

    I wonder how she would feel about someone shooting her in her sleep? 

    So many people bring this subject up when hunting or hiking is discussed. What cartridge for bear, what gun for bear, where do you have to hit to kill a bear, yada, yada, yada.” What’s worse is the flippin’ subject usually isn't even about bears. 

    By the way, how many Indian women have killed bears with a .22? Pretty sure it’s only one and the damn bear was asleep when she did it. 

    Jees H Crisco!



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  5. 6 hours ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:

    Many Many Lustrum ago, in Washington State, I took an Elk at 30 paces.  .45 Colt, 265Gr Semi-Wadcutter, loaded to about 1500 FPS, from a Ruger Blackhawk 4.65 inch barrel.  That particular load WAS NOT fun to shoot.  The gun needed way oversize stocks.

    My hand and wrist hurt just thinking about it. 

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  6. 5 hours ago, Crooked River Pete, SASS 43485 said:

    Have you checked the crown on that rifle?

    Yep!  My carbine only seems to love 255 grain bullets at 800 fps. I am not sure why it doesn’t shoot the LeverEvolution round worth a darn. The twist rate of the carbine barrel is 1:16, just like my Vaqueros. Not sure what the twist is on my S&W 25-15. This round is accurate from all 3 of my revolvers. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    Hornady makes some good factory game loads specifically for lever guns.




    As others have stated passing on marginal shots is prudent.

    It’s funny, that ammo is accurate as all get out in my revolvers but in my new Henry X model it patterns. Terrible accuracy. I bought some of the bullets and tried to find a load that works in my Henry. So far I haven’t found the right powder and weight load. It’s a bit aggravating and Hornady will not divulge what powder they use in the ammunition.

    According to Hornady the 225 FTX is designed to expand at over 900 fps. Any less and it won’t expand as designed. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, J-BAR #18287 said:



    A few bucks extra to avoid future shortages.


    I did the same with Unique; paid more than most would have, but now I got it, and don't have to worry about powder availability.  Probably for the rest of my life!

    I did a search on Unique and you’ll be happy to know it is available on scammer sights. :huh: :D :lol:

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