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  1. This picture, taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839, is generally accepted as the first "selfie":
  2. It’s supposed to be funny, not literal.
  3. Fried Cornmeal Mush I got this recipe from my sister from my Mom’s cookbook. Betty Crocker Cookbook 1976. She made this long before she got that cookbook. This is something my Mom made when I was a kid. I do not like cornbread, corn muffins, pretty much anything baked using cornmeal, but I loved this stuff with maple syrup. Basically you cook up cornmeal in water. Put it in a greased bread pan and chill in the fridge. The next day you slice it up, fry it up then cut into thin strips, lay it out on a plate, add butter and syrup and you have a really good inexpensive breakfast.
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