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  1. I grew up in a very cliquish environment. I hate cliques and I despise people that are cliquish. I also despise closed minded pinheads that think anyone they don’t know is somehow out to get them or screw them out of something. One of the reasons I like the Southwest is you find a more even keeled sort of folk that aren’t so apt to be comfortable with their heads up their arses and their jaws fully engaged separate from their brain.
  2. Call them up and let them know of your proclivity for shooting up into the air to celebrate holidays...mention your love for the thunder of 00 Buck magnum loads...
  3. I am looking at Arizona and Texas. I figure they could both use my political leanings and I could use some freedom.
  4. I have an iPhone XS Max. It’s a pretty big phone and I like it very much except it’s big. It’s great when texting and looking at the Wire and such but carrying the dadgummed thing can be cumbersome if wearing jeans or shorts. I usually wear cargo pants and cargo shorts with “tech pockets” so that helps. But wearing a regular pair of Wranglers the phone feels like a brick in my pocket. Anyone else go to a smaller phone? Are you happy you did or do you wish you wouldn’t have? Honestly, I couldn’t care less if you only carry a flip phone and hate smart phones so that info can be kept to yourself, thank you.
  5. That’s a cool idea, Cholla. I wonder how well you could see them?
  6. Well, I can easily buy another G26...after the silliness is over. Even if I can’t, no great loss. The arthritis in my wrist isn’t a fan of the stubby handled Glock, but I do understand your sentiment on the matter. The G26 is a fine SD weapon. I just want a Colt Det. Spec. a whole lot more than I want to keep the Glock.
  7. Recipe for failure: Fix what ain’t broken.
  8. I am just going to say “No thanks”.
  9. Gotta find your own, Pard. Been waitin' a long time to get my hands on one.
  10. I was just reading Hawaii's gun laws (shudder). A job opportunity came up and I thought about it until I read the gun laws there. Now I am trying to find a way to gracefully bow out without offending the person making the offer.
  11. One of the reasons I bought my 2006 Mazda Miata MX-5 was that all the bells and whistles on newer cars aggravate the hell out of me. I bought the car to drive and enjoy, not to be entertained, have phone conversations, have the car drive me...The day I rented a Toyota RAV4 and the darned brakes kicked in when the car thought I was too close to another car pretty much set me free.
  12. No to Alpo Who cares? to Rye...Seriously, I do not recall a law like that.
  13. Pssst...798 2 years, 2 months, 9 days...but who's counting, right?
  14. Uh...that’s photoshopped! I would never use one of those rifles. I prefer a lever gun.
  15. Congratulations Doc and Mrs. Doc. May those smiles always be there for each other.
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