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  1. If Chicago were "Cowboy" they'd have plenty of people willing to pick up that brass. Hahaha
  2. I found this searching Cabela's gun library. Who would break up a set like this? I can't afford it right now or I would buy it. Click the link: http://www.cabelas.com/product/ruger-new-vaquero/2437647.uts?Ntk=GunLibrary&searchPath=%2Fcatalog%2Fsearch.cmd%3Fform_state%3DsearchForm%26N%3D0%26Ntk%3DGunLibrary%26Ntt%3DRuger%252BVaquero%252B%26x%3D0%26y%3D0&Ntt=Ruger+Vaquero+
  3. Now that is something...Indoor CAS in the winter. Cool!...er, uh, Warm!
  4. Have any of you tried the Hornady FTX LeverEvolution round in .45? Have you loaded the cartridges your self with the FTX bullet? I have shot the factory load in my 7.5" Vaquero. I was impressed with the accuracy at 25 yards and it wasn't punishing at all to fire.
  5. d Cody, I started out with and still have a Win. 94 Trails End in .357. I used that for a long time then I got my hands on a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Comp in .38. I stopped shooting CAS at the end of 2004. Now I am back. I had sold the Marlin and I gave my son in law my revolvers. When I decided to come back I moved up to .45 Colt Vaqueros and I want a fast strong rifle in the same caliber.
  6. Well, I just sent money off to a Pard in Arizona for a Rossi 92 with a 24" barrel in .45 Colt. It's lightly used. I would tell ya who I bought it from but I didn't get his permission to mention his name here so I won't. Anyway, I went back and forth between Marlin and a Rossi 92. The problem was the only Marlin's I could find were either to danged high in price or they were chambered for .44 Magnum. I didn't want a .44 Magnum. I did find a few Marlin 1894 Cowboys in .45 Colt but I could not find out when they were made. The sellers all said that they were "new" but as far as I can find out Marlin has not made any since RemLim re-tooled last year...I am getting off track. Enough about the mysteries of gun companies and why they do what they do and when they do it... I had decided to buy a brand new Rossi 92 but the supplies are drying up real fast. A few websites I looked at showed that they had them available but when you tried to order they did not have them. 2 weeks ago Gallery of Guns had around 30 of them. As of last Friday they had none. One FFL dealer I talked with here in Oregon said that Rossi wouldn't be making any few a little while and they had no idea when they would get any. So, if you think you want to buy a new Rossi 92 you may want to get on the stick about it...just my opinion. Anyway, I am a very happy man and I am sure I will be just as happy when I actually get my hands on my new toy if it even comes close to how nice the photos look. I would like to thank everyone for their input on this thread. You all are the best. Best Regards, Pat Riot
  7. Thank you all for your input. I think I have my solution. I am going to have Springfield Slim make me a right / strong side Mexican Loop type holster for the 7.5" that has a 2-3" drop to it so it rides lower and then I am going with a standard crossdraw for my 5.5" gun.
  8. Like Blackwater I saw a table at a Gun Show in SoCal at the Orange County Fairgrounds. At the time I hung out with a bunch of "tactical" types but the video that was playing at the table intrigued me. These guys, and gals, were Combat Shooting (that's what I call it anyway) Combat Shooting with Cowboy Guns! OMG, I was hooked! Funny thing is, I didn't talk to anyone there about it and I don't know who was at that table but I now wish I did. I went home, did the research, joined SASS and started buying guns. It took me a year and a half to put together everything I needed. My "tactical" friends all shunned me...I have been much happier since.
  9. A boy named Hillary and a girl named Donald walk into a bar... That's funny enough right there. No punchline needed.
  10. Howdy J. Mark...Great to see you back. I am a recent getter-backer as well Things are a little different around here...Bottles does keep the drinks flowin'...if ya ask nicely. He's a lonely barkeep though. Not many people requestin' his services these days for some reason. It's good to see you back, Pard. Pat Riot ...I do like this cool flag thingy...
  11. Driftwood, that is one of the things I considered. I haven't found a crossdraw for a 7.5" barrel though. Thank you.
  12. Yes and since the holster sits high it was awkward. The sight hitting is not the issue. It's how I have to draw the revolver. Thanks for the info on Old West Rep. holsters. It appears they do not have a holster that lowers the gun on your hip though.
  13. Howdy, I have always shot Rugers with shorter barrels than 7 1/2". Mostly 5 1/2". My current strong side holsters are for 5 1/2". They are Galco 1880's type holsters and gun belt. At my last match, the first match I used my new, old model 7.5" .45 Vaquero I used my "old" rig. When I drew my 7.5" on my right I had to do this strange move with my arm and the gun came out of the holster and kind of came back and to the side and the RO told me that I came really close to breaking the 170 and he recommended I move my holsters more to the front so that wouldn't happen and his suggestion worked but it was weird for me. Years ago I used to use a cross draw with a right strong side but switched to 2 strong side holsters on a typical gun belt so I could shoot Double Duelist and then Gunfighter. I am thinking about going back to a Crossdraw for a 5.5" Vaquero and a strong side right holster for the 7.5". I like to stay in the period of the 1880'a / 1890's for my attire and gear. I did look at a Buscadero rig for the 7.5" with a crossdraw or a left strong side for the 5.5" but I don't know if I would like the Buscadero. I found a maker/seller C&I (link below) that has a Mexican Loop type holster that would go with a traditional gun belt but the holster belt loop drops the holster down an inch or 2 for a longer barrel and I found that Mernickle has a "high performance" holster that utilizes a traditional belt but puts the gun down further on the side. The Mernickle rig looks a little "gamey" but I like the idea. I am not sure if I would like a Buscadero as it limits you on where you place your holster on the belt. Old West Cowboys & Indians - THIS is an example of what I was thinking - https://old-west-cowboy-and-indian-store.myshopify.com/collections/old-west-gun-leather/products/western-impressions-hand-tooled-leather-holster-long Mernickle High Performance http://www.mernickleholsters.com/bm_hp.html My questions are: 1) Does anyone have a recommendation for a traditional looking strong side holster and who makes it so that it drops the butt of the revolver down say about 2" or thereabouts? 2) Has anyone ever switched from a traditional to a Buscadero with a crossdraw holster and how do / did you like it? 3) Has anyone used a crossdraw for a longer barreled revolver and what are the pluses / minuses? If so, who made the holster? It seems like a lot of the major makers of holsters are not offering 7.5" holsters. Thank you for looking. Pat Riot
  14. My guess is for some that these will be popular: Dewey, Cheatum and Howe
  15. Thank you, Calamity Annie. I will check it out. I don't do Facebook though.
  16. W3G...That looks like fun! Where would one find info on it? I tried 3 Gun, you know, modern semi-autos...too many big egos and too much "tacti-cool" for me.
  17. 1 (888) 280-4331 What a pain in the ***!...To get the number, I mean.
  18. Glad you posted this John Boy. I use the same info Yusta B posted but I used some nifty labels I found at Office Depot. Long story short, I loaded up a bunch of 30-30 and 38-55 loads about 10 years ago. I was trying different powders and load combinations. They were all safe loads, nothing crazy. I stuck these labels on my plastic ammo boxes. Over the years of moving around those labels came "unglued". I had a box of plastic boxes full of cartridges and a bunch of loose labels floating around in the box with them. I use blue masking tape now.
  19. Very nice! A old friend of mine has one in .308 Winchester. He will not sell it to me but he never shoots it. Drives me nuts. I would love to have one, especially in .308.
  20. Simple enough. The loading bench safety person could verify 5 chambers loaded and the center not loaded, no? ...and You are not alone
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