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  1. Lead Monger, I agree that it was perceived that it needed to be done. Heck, if I lived then I would have probably been all for it. It's just an unfortunate part of our history. We will never know if interring those folks actually helped save American lives. It may have. That d*** auto correct thing drives me nuts...thought I disabled it...
  2. How far forward? Could you get it wiith a long handled "grabber" thingy? If so, buy one, take it to the firing line with you and ask someone to use it...or, modify the rifle.
  3. I have always been one to try foods from different countries and cultures but I would draw the line at lutefisk. That and "Balut". Look that one up.
  4. I worked with 3 men who were children when they with their families were "Interred". They understood why but you could see it bothered them to talk about it. It bothered me that these fine men were treated the way they were as children. Funny thing is they were patriotic as all h***. We all worked together on a highly classified project when I worked at Hughes back in the 80's.
  5. Got some tears...Looking over that list. Thankj you Utah Bob. That is a very nice gesture, setting up this site.
  6. Holy Crap! $99 for a 45 gauge. I just use a caliper...or the chambers in my revolvers.
  7. I am sure that poster wouldn't be seen in a cardiologist's office...
  8. The CNO and the Navy Secretary are bureaucrat morons and should be taken out of those positions. If Trump needs recommendations on what to do with them I would be happy to oblige. Note: colorful expletives regarding those two individuals redacted.
  9. Doc Ward, Here is what I do. Sit down and make a list of positives and negatives about your options in each regard. Don't do it in one sitting. Revisit the lists over a 2 day or more period. Be honest with yourself in your lists. Once you are done whichever list gives you the most positives and the least negatives is probably the way to go. I say "probably" because there are many unknowns about what life will be like in the new job but I have done this a few times and only once did I make a mistake. Mostly because of the "unknowns" like, finding out my new boss was bipolar. Something you'd never catch at an interview. When or if you take the new job, because the positives outweighed the negatives, and you start doubting why you took the job go back and look at your lists again just as a reminder of why you are there now. It helps ground you. Good luck in whatever you decide. It's a tough situation but don't make it tougher with self- doubt and worry about "what ifs".
  10. J Bar is correct but there is nothing wrong with a Stoeger if that's what you can afford. I have used one for6 or 7 years of matches and still do...the same one. I polished the chambers myself, keep it clean and properly lube it. When / if it ever dies I will get another one. Also, I shoot Winchester AA shells. They are smooth and you can shuck them easier once fired.
  11. I had a rule about cell phones when I had my boats. The rule was "No Cell Phones".
  12. Could it be that he is trying to use a Smart Phone with Google? I cannot use my Samsung phone to get to the SASS Wire, BUT, I can with my iPhone through Safari. Google won't work with the iPhone either.
  13. Wow...Marauders site is a great resource too. Thank you Griff
  14. Thank you Griff. I fully intend to do that...get Nate Kiowa Jones DVD and spring(s) once I get my hands on the rifle and test fire it. I like to see what I have before modifying anything.
  15. Thank you Go West. I am looking forward to Santa making his delivery early next week.
  16. BMC, my cut is 30%. How did you get 40%? As a partner I hope you are aware that this should be kept secret. I am afraid our enterprise is now in jeopardy...I was really looking forward to that shop and 12 car garage too...
  17. Funny. That same Cabela's now has another listed but with a different serial number. The one for $699 has the number SASS55035. The other is unreadable with the photo they have posted.
  18. The Wire and the Saloon are not the same as they were years ago when I was a frequent poster. Lots of people aren't here any more and there are lots of people's names I don't recognize but that is not a bad thing at all. It just means that I have some new friends to meet and converse with.
  19. I walked out on deck once when I was in the Navy during gunnery exercises to have a smoke. A 5"-54 going off will rock your world.
  20. I don't believe they are your SASS number if you buy them. It appears that the selling point is that they are consecutive numbers. If you look at the Ruger website they are sold in pairs. Not individually. They also have the Montado hammer and the reverse cylinder pawl. For a pair the MSRP is $1,699 new.
  21. Great story Finagler. Thanks. Felt like I was there.
  22. If Chicago were "Cowboy" they'd have plenty of people willing to pick up that brass. Hahaha
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