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  1. Saw an Army Private call a Navy Captain “Colonel” in an airport. He got an education about learning ranks real quick right there at the ticket counter in front of everyone. Saying “How’s it going kernel?” Is probably something he never did again and remembers to this day.
  2. And just because a person is an O-6 Captain and the person that is the ship’s Captain might be if a lower rank it doesn’t mean the O-7 becomes the commander of the vessel. The “Captain” usually remains in command of the ship. Example: An Admiral transfers aboard a ship captained by a Commander. The Commander still remains the “Captain” and is command of that vessel. Even if the Admiral is the Flag Officer of the fleet. The Admiral commands the fleet, the Commander “captains” the Flagship. Clear as mud?
  3. I would love to see a war between the Kardashians and the Cardassians. By the way, I agree with that guy...
  4. And people thought Richard Petty started a trend...
  5. I can tell you that I believe this article is subterfuge. They can go faster. How much faster I am not positive, but I know my ship when traveling with the Ike, USS Eisenhower CVN-69, would travel faster than speeds listed in that article. I won’t say how much but it was faster.
  6. My girl Maddie. Watching for possible squirrel activity from a comfortable station. Someone just had ice cream
  7. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I got a notification that my Ruger New Vaquero was shipping from New Hampshire on Weds morning. The notice said they would deliver Friday (yesterday). It actually got to me yesterday before noon. Probably flew from New England to LA.
  8. I have been noticing a whole new level of belligerence and hatred from people lately. At the same time I am seeing people acting a little more upbeat. The belligerence, we can do without. Who knows, Yul. That guy could be one of those crazy guys that think everyone is out to get his woman. Or maybe he’s just an arse. Either way you did the right thing. I hope your next trip there is completely uneventful.
  9. Pepper spray. You don’t have to use it, but it’s nice to have when encountering ***holes. Glad you got your first shot.
  10. They can’t land in the cities ‘cause then we’d see the aliens that the men in black tell us don’t exist...
  11. I learned the hard way myself with these scumbags. Between them and Discover Card I discovered in one transaction how messed up both were. I was purchasing gun parts and linked the card to the PayPal account. PayPansies froze my account. Discover froze my card claiming "fraud" even though I called them. I paid off the card and cancelled it. PayPansy contacted me 11 months later with "Good news! Your account is now active!" I maintain an account but never use it. They send me a zero activity statement every month. They emailed me a couple of months ago asking if I needed anything
  12. So good to be in the 600's... It's all downhill from here...obviously...
  13. I can’t stand cornbread or corn muffins or corn pone...I grew up poor we had cornbread nearly everyday, especially in the winter when times were tough. We also had lots of bean soups, black eyed peas and ham and things like that. When I became an adult I still loved beans, beans soups and black eyed peas and ham hocks but I still cannot bring myself to eat cornbread and such. Yet I dearly love corn tortillas and tamales. Weird.
  14. Birdgun, I can believe this... Some people’s idea of chili is so hot that it should be classified as hazardous material. In Elk Grove, CA they have a street festival every year and one of the events is a chili cook off where the public judges the winners. I guess the first year they had some issues with “burn your face off” chili so before they unleash some of these concoctions on an unsuspecting public the main judges go through and rate the heat levels of the chili. I guess after the second year lots of folks toned down their recipes so they might have a chance at winning, but
  15. They use algorithms in their system to pick up on key words or phrases...or did you mean on here?
  16. Question: Did they chamber okay after? Looks like I may need to get me a 30.06 sizing die. I noticed something similar years ago when I reloaded .308 for my Garand and my Remington. I have my Garand back and will be reloading for it soon.
  17. That figures... The internet...the global trailer park.
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