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  1. I can’t read the “full story” but got the gist of it. I hope he goes to jail. BUT, I also hope this raises awareness to the California public how anti-Constitutional this state actually is. That someone in that man’s position would go to that length to get something that is so much easier to get in the rest of the country...well, almost the rest of the country.
  2. Unless I suspected the gun may have been used illegally I would keep it / them. A friend of mine bought a house in Long Beach, CA back in the mid ‘80’s. A short tie after moving in he went up into the attic crawl space and found a shotgun and two rifles wrapped in oily canvas inside a long cardboard box. He and his wife tried contacting the prior owners to no avail. My friend Mark showed me photos of them but I only recall that one was a Winchester semiauto carbine but I do not remember the model or even the chambering. The shotgun was a SxS. The other I don’t recall. Anyway, once they couldn’t contact the owners, his wife, being a dipstick from NYC and being a rabid anti-gunner called the police and turned them in. I never got to put my hands in them to see what they were. I only saw bad Polaroids of them. The sweet part about the whole thing is my friend and his wife bought a house in a neighborhood surrounded by drug crime that made it’s way into their “diverse little slice of heaven”, as my friend’s wife liked to call it, over a period of a year. They actually called me and invited me over to beg me to loan them a gun. I said “No, buy your own. You should have kept the ones you found.” And that was that. They eventually sold the house and moved after a break-in. No one was hurt not much was taken. Only food and their kid’s piggy bank. I have no idea what eventually happened to them. We grew apart.
  3. That bear attack was truly amazing.
  4. Yes, you can. You just have to have it shipped to an FFL and pay a small fee.
  5. I love In & Out Burgers. 5 Guys too. But I wouldn’t wait a half hour let alone 12 hours to get a burger from anywhere. Oh, and to you heroes that think In & Out doesn’t make good burgers... Good, stay away, keeps the lines short.
  6. So I have been right all along...Well, that and $2.50 may get me a small coffee at Starbucks.
  7. Taxation without representation. Me thinks we have a Constitution, Boys.
  8. Okay but I am not removing the dents out of the back of them....
  9. No, I meant three or four...No attached zeroes. I might be able to go with five, but that would be pushing it....
  10. A 9mm Luger (or Parabellum. depending on the label) will not chamber in a .380 chambered gun. It will protrude out the rear of the chamber. A .380 will chamber in a 9mm Luger pistol and may fire but probably will not be extracted and the casing may slide further into the chamber. If that gun is based on a Browning design the 9mm designation may be 9mm Browning, which is the .380 ACP.
  11. My answer is always "NO". The only people I will help with ammo are friends and family, damn good friends. I do not have many of those and the "family" is my immediate family. I guess if one were an anti-gun leftist and they looked at my ammo supply they would think I had WAY too much ammo. One of y'all might look at it and say, "Wow, that's it?" It's all about perspectives.
  12. Your girlfriend had you fix her sister's dishwasher when her sister is married and the sister says the husband could have "fixed that" when something totally obvious is the problem?
  13. Ah, I didn't see it as "poking". No biggie. I remember the movie coming out and all the raves it received and then I saw it in 1981 aboard ship when I was in the Navy and all the guys that served during Vietnam were all excited about the movie being played on a Sunday afternoon. I watched it and was pretty much sick of all the "Nam" stuff at that point so I was not into it at all. Then over the years it somehow became a "Thanksgiving Tradition" to some folks. To me it's just an annoyance that seems to come around every year at this time.
  14. Maye it's because the movie and the song suck?
  15. I never used to text but everyone texted me...I guess "texted" is a word now... Anyway, I really didn't get on with texting until I discovered I could send photos and web page links via text. After that I was on board with it, but I will only text a couple of lines. My family will hold complete conversations with text. Once a text gets a little deep my response is "Call Me" and I stop texting. If they call, good. If not, no biggie, but I will not continue the text conversation.
  16. I was a year and 10 months old... Believe it or not I do remember the funeral precession on TV. Why I would remember that I do not know. I remember sitting on my Dad's lap and watching.it.
  17. Duh...I didn't catch that it was a less than lethal but possibly "stingie" BB gun. I also think it's actually kind of cool.
  18. Absolutely. Been doing it for a couple of years. I just got brass the other day and bullets enroute. Got powder a while back. Would like to get some primers, but we all know what’s going on there.
  19. I went to their website to see what the base revolver was. I was thinking it might be an Italian SAA clone. I cannot tell what the revolver is but the machine work makes me think it’s a SAA CLONE clone. http://www.kingarms.com/product_detail.php?id=2908
  20. I would ship the C&B revolver intact. I would ship the cylinder separately as a “machined part”, if the contents of the package are questioned.
  21. If both are lowered the same you should be fine. I wonder if you have “suppressor sights” on the gun. Are they enough to use the sights with a suppressor, do you think? Also, is the gun designated with an “MOS”? Modular Optic System”...is there a slide cutout for a reflex sight to be installed?
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