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  1. I may have to try this. Thanks Sedalia Dave.
  2. That is pure Bull Shtuff! The cleaners I used to use tried that crap with people. They also started charging double for long sleeves versus short sleeves for men’s shirts. They changed their practices when me and many others quit patronizing them. Joke was on them though. We found how easy it was to do our own. I never went back. It also dawned on me that no one noticed that I stopped having my shirts and pants professionally pressed. I am at a point in my career that I really don’t care about impressing a bunch of pinheads anyway.
  3. Probably the one and only time you’ll $#!t one of those...I’ll bet you were thinking “How’d that get there?”. I would say you definitely messed that gun up.
  4. Discovered this today and it is just too neat not to share. This is a 1 pound .22 LR single shot takedown Pack Rifle. It’s made by a company called Mountain View Arms. https://www.packrifle.com/ I tried to attach the videos from the sight but I can’t. Some kind of iPhone versus Google versus YouTube BS. Here is a link to their video page. Scroll to the “Instruction Video” to see how it works. https://www.packrifle.com/videos/ I have a Ruger 10/22 and a Henry AR7, but this little baby would be a neat little pack gun if weight is a concern. I just think it’s cool for what it is...Oh yeah, it doubles as a small fishing pole. I would definitely buy the added trigger guard.
  5. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t be a police officer in any city in this country that has been run by the party that has been in power in all these cities that are having problems. It’s bad enough having to work in one as a non-police employee. Systemic and Institutionalized stupidity, ignorance and a special type of brain cancer is rampant in these cities.
  6. Liberals do not want to defund the police, Leftist Marxists and Useful Idiots do.
  7. I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but these folks might have what you need. https://www.dripworks.com/drip-irrigation/fertilizer-injectors
  8. I have a co-worker that is a shooter. He and I are friendly, but technically I am his manager. Anyway, the last week he and I were talking about pistols and this other guy walks in and tells us that we should provide guns to the other guys at the shop for self protection. Mo looks at me then looks back at idiot boy and says “You want a gun? BUY ONE! I don’t loan guns. Period!” I just smiled and walked away. This past Monday morning idiot boy announces “Man, we live in a messed up state. Did you guys know that there is a 10 day wait on guns and that wait is delayed up to 20 days because everyone’s buying guns? This is messed up!” Mo and I both laughed. I said “Here’s your sign.” and walked away. I heard Mo say “Guess who passed those silly laws?...You like to vote for ‘em.”
  9. Earthquake...I vote for earthquake. The aliens will land after that.
  10. Did you know that a new Snap-On 3/8” drive ratchet handle reacts identically to a 40 year old K-Mart long handled 1/2” wrench when coming into contact with heavy duty truck battery terminals? In 40 years car batteries haven’t changed much. They will still vaporize the ends of your tools, make that air smell funny, put a metallic taste in your mouth and allow you to realize that after 40 years you still do some pretty stupid stuff once in a while. Brilliant!...pun intended
  11. Check under your front seat. I had a 2’ garter snake come out from under my seat when I lived in Virginia. It surprised me but I didn’t freak out. My buddy, on the other hand, did He actually jumped out of the truck as I was slowing at about 20 miles and hour and he did not fall. His short little legs were definitely moving though. I stopped the truck, caught the snake which went back under the seat and then I let it go in the grass by the side of the road. I never figured out how it got into the cab of my truck.
  12. Correct Joe. Or in hillbilly speak it’s “You’ins”. I actually used to say this when I was a kid. Then we moved South and I picked up “y’all” then we moved back north and it became “you all” for me and then I moved west...Now I say whatever I like.
  13. By the way, it's further along than people know...the border fence, I mean. There is supposed to be an additional 450 miles complete by Dec. 31. 2020
  14. That’s hilarious. My wife says “Yinz”
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