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  1. Around the 4 minute mark are they saying “Whip mama’s ***”?
  2. Yep, I bought 2 of em in 2005. Really kind of ticked me off they changed the grip frame on them. I wish I would have bought me a couple more new original Vaqueros years ago.
  3. The Marlin 1894CB that I bought in 2019 runs like a champ. It feeds and fires all the .357s and .38s I have run through it.
  4. In 1993 Ruger came out with the Vaquero. In 2005 they ruined…I mean, changed the model to New Vaquero. Now to add to confusion, which Ruger’s pretty darn good at doing they have now changed the names on the Vaquero series guns from New Vaquero to just “Vaquero”. Trying to figure out why gun companies do what they do is nerve racking. It’s like I’m playing cards with my brother’s kids or something’. Now, as for .45 Colt my original Vaquero and my New Vaquero, both say “.45 Cal.” On the frame. The word “Colt” is not roll marked onto the guns.
  5. Turn the car around to back through the gate. Put your back bumper against the gate and slowly accelerate. If you don’t pop the lock that way, pull forward 20-30 feet, throw it in reverse and punch it. Hit brakes as soon as gate pops so you don’t back into something or go off the roadway on the other side. Per my brother the Demo Derby Champ “Always back into the other cars hard. Never ram them head on. You don’t want a damaged cooling system or some other damage that will disable your engine.”
  6. Better than what the prices are on the CalGuns forum here in California. They run around $200 / 1000
  7. LINK: https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/category.cfm/sportsman/reloading-supplies
  8. Thanks. They have CCI LPP and CCI Small Magnum Pistol right now.
  9. Heber Valley Railway Here is a little about that locomotive. https://www.hebervalleyrr.org/steamlocomotives/steam618/
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