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  1. It will never end if we continue to allow the courts to politic from the bench. It will never end as long as our injustice system allows a revolving door for criminals. It will never end as long as prisons are soft on inmates who should have no rights for capital crimes. It will never end until police have the shackles of rules and requirements removed and be allowed to do their jobs. It will never end as long as bureaucrats and PC police chiefs cow-tow to political scum. It will never end as long as we have a media that glorifies and helps propagate low-life lifestyles while pizzing all over the Constitution, truth, justice and the American way.
  2. I find it interesting (disheartening) that the Navy is still training Saudis at our bases. This should have ended years ago.
  3. I agree to that as well. It’s Politically Correct, Revisionist, Ignorant and Indifferent and it SUCKS!
  4. I had one similar to this one until I broke it. it worked well but one must remember to back off the anchor screw for some rear sights...or it may break your adjustment tool. https://www.amazon.com/ATG-NcSTAR-Universal-Pistol-Dovetailed/dp/B07GM3LRFF
  5. The new 617s are ridiculously heavy. 44oz for 6” barrel. 40oz for 4”. How a Ruger Single Six compares? Probably about the same. Heavy, which is why I bought a model 63. A 39oz .22? Why?
  6. It’s “Revisionist” history. And it Sux!
  7. I finally got my model 63 today. What a nice little shooter. I picked it up a couple of hours ago and hit the range. I put about 200 rounds through it already and I really love it. It seems to like CCI Standard Velocity and Aguila 40 grain high velocity HP rounds. I still need to do some tweaking on the sights but all in all I really like this .22 revolver. I tried to find my original thread on these guns but the search function here in the Wire wasn’t being helpful so I made a new one. Still not too sure about the fiber optic front sight. I will need more trigger time with it.
  8. Well, it has been 8 hours and no emails regarding the items I listed above. Maybe it was just a coincidence...
  9. Earlier I made a post mentioning “alligators”. On another forum I mentioned Ruger Vaqueros. I just looked at my email and I had two emails from Amazon telling me “hear are done products you may be interested in” One was a link to a “Alligator Warning” sign and the other was for a book on “Ruger Single Actions” Here is the experiment: Amazon women Hip waders Floral patterns Ford Mustang Water filters If any of these show up in Amazon emails it’s really going to creep me out...
  10. I do not know but I assume it’s got a lot to do with the “what if” factor, lawyers and bureaucrats. I was going to post some footage from some of my motorcycle rides on YouTube. A friend reminded me that he had gotten into trouble with posting similar videos because he did break the law (going way too fast) and YouTube removed his videos then closed his account when he squawked and also threatened to send his videos to the California Highway Patrol. My videos are pretty tame compared to his. I decided I didn’t need the hassle. Apparently you just can’t post any more. There are things you need to agree to and such. Having an account isn’t good enough. Now you need to jump through legal hoops, according to friends. Besides, Google owns YouTube. I have been trying to disassociate myself from them so not using YouTube is just going to be part of that disassociation.
  11. I just quit drinking all together. And I found out that I like myself, I am healthier, I do have a nice personality (most of the time - not around morons, buttheads and obnoxious people) and I have more money for my gun and motorcycle hobbies.
  12. I vote for more alligator and reptile displays...
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