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  1. Too bad @MAYOBARD #13025L. @MAYOBARD SASS #13025L doesn’t hang here much. He goes often.
  2. One thing that works here, go find the register that sells cigarettes. It is always manned.
  3. Was it one of you that years ago a primer going off pretty much destroyed a plastic encased vacuum cleaner? I recall a post on the Wire about it.
  4. Sounds like a gunsmith is in order. That would be fun…once.
  5. I saw the writing in the wall with Arizona when a couple of huge money market, banking, investment type companies moved from Seattle to AZ. Banks always bring their citified, left leaning employees along to infest any area they move to. North Carolina is a perfect example. It was a Red state. Now Purple because BofA and Wachovia moved their headquarters there, brought their New York and Boston employees along who immediately began reshaping things to meet their wishes.
  6. I don’t think I have ever watched Wagon Train or if I did I don’t recall it. Regarding Ward Bond and John McIntyre, I have always thought of Ward Bond as the type of guy that would be a great guy to have around. John McIntyre always reminded me of that guy that just can’t seem to get it done. The guy that can be Deputy Mayor but not Mayor. Or that guy that’s a bad guy but a wimpy bad guy or a sneaky back shooter. I will go with Ward Bond.
  7. So confusing. I hate when people axes questions like that.
  8. Weird how our language has changed. I am sure at first it was a gay time. I am sure that once the men started having the vapors their hootenanny went south.
  9. Maybe, but if you’ll notice there’s no name attributed to it. Usually most Asian folks will put their name yo their creation. The second one, I am sure is AI because it mentions “Amazon partner” at the bottom. Amazon uses bots to write articles and steer people to their products.
  10. Why is he shooting at the number 11 and at that range why is he missing? I recall a friend of mine wanting to sell me his Ruger Old Army for $200 back in 2000. I passed. Wish I wouldn’t have.
  11. Here’s one our local chefs will get a chuckle out of. I am pretty sure those articles in my first post and this one are AI (artificial intelligence) generated… or natural stupidity. On hard boiled eggs floating. https://testfoodkitchen.com/why-is-my-hard-boiled-egg-floating/
  12. When the gun control crowd controls scum and criminals as they should be controlled and upholds the Constitution as they swore they would…what am I saying? We can’t become a progressive (Commie socialist) country following that old piece of paper… Never mind…
  13. Yes, no problem with cast. The reason I don’t like plated in .356” is because I caught some plating shrapnel in the face when firing my Glocks. Kind like if you over crimp a plated revolver round. It may have been a bad batch of bullets but since then I only use .355” in plated 9mm bullets.
  14. I was doing a little research on semiauto shotguns and discovered these gems of dumbassery. https://www.gunsmithinghero.com/how-to-measure-a-shotgun-barrel/ https://yestactical.com/how-to-measure-shotgun-barrel-length https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Gun-Barrel
  15. Personally, I would stick with .355” in FMJ. I might use .356” in a copper plated bullet if .355 wasn’t available.
  16. Fruitopia Is this a running gag on the perpetually manipulated? https://funny-wallpapers7.blogspot.com/2022/06/circle-beards-brave-new-look.html?m=1
  17. How does one wake up one day and think “Hey, I know what would make me look cool! Where’s my electric trimmer?” Then they do that.
  18. Wow! My iPhone is a 256 GB. I remember in 1983 Hughes Aircraft bought 2 state of the art HP personal type computers for $50,000 each. They had 50 MB hard drives and the very first color monitors that HP put out. We also got a 16 pen plotter for making graphic displays. I never learned what was paid for that. It wasn’t cheap.
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