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  1. Polar bear in a snow storm waving a white flag...ah, I see the meaning. The polar bear represents “death”. The flag is “surrender”. The snow is “coolness and calmness”. Together they are “irony”.
  2. 10 years from now I am sure there will be a thread just like this one...and we will still all be dying from global warming...in 10 years...
  3. That was GREAT! Thanks for the laugh Joe.
  4. Bill Picket, Nat Love, Bose Ikard, John Ware - All well known black cowboys. I wrote a report on Nat Love in high school. My teacher told me there were no black cowboys. My teacher was a dummy
  5. Bicyclists! Don’t get me started on those...people. I am all for sharing the road but some bicyclists are just plain self-entitled, self-absorbed $&@#birds. Blowing your horn does no good. Revving your engine does no good. Being polite and hoping they move does no good. Yelling at them does no good. Rolling down your windows, turning on very loud obnoxious music, RAP or Death Metal, does do good...especially Death Metal. Their casual quiet ride being transformed into a satanic festival for the ears has a wonderful impact on things. They move over and you proceed. Having trouble picking a CD of Death Metal? Google is your friend. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/stories/top-10-death-metal-bands/amp/ Amazon has these: https://www.amazon.com/Macks-Slim-Soft-Foam-Earplugs/dp/B005YUW7A2 You can use these to quell the awful noise from your car as you watch the cyclists squirm in their seats and pull over to let you by... and they come come in handy at shooting matches. I thought purple might be your color but they do have other colors. Yep, Slim, that IS passive aggressive.
  6. Never thought of it as “passive aggressive” but, it could be. I will say that anyone trying to bully me in traffic doesn’t receive passive aggressive treatment once they initiate their move.
  7. Coroners typically are MD’s but why a mortician / coroner would need penicillin is beyond me.
  8. Didn’t watch. I may want to try and solve one of these myself someday. This guy in the E11 video has made a bunch of these puzzle solving videos, I believe. His voice sounds familiar. My son-in-law sent me a bunch of his videos on various puzzles.
  9. Buttheads are everywhere. What I find that dissuades this kind of dumbassery is I stay to the left in the lane that I am in. I stay close to the car in front of me. I have found that staying to the right invites morons and bullies.
  10. Crazy Gun Barney, I do understand. I currently have 2 Glocks, but a Smith & Wesson 327 Night Guard lives in my nightstand. That’s because my wife shoots it very well. As good as I do. She does not care for the Glocks, which have other homes in the house.
  11. Nice. I think I’ll order one. Glad they have a Glock on them, I like Glocks. But it would be cool to have a revolver one as well. I’d buy both.
  12. "Hold my wine and watch this!" Just doesn't have the same ring to it...
  13. My list is HUGE! Generating that list annoys me and gets my blood pressure up. I opt not to play...Life's too short.
  14. MORE I really like this one I did not create these. I found them online.
  15. In Oregon you'd be fine if not in Portland. In Portland? Who knows... In California it would depend on if you were legally carrying, which county you were in AND which law enforcement agency has jurisdiction. AND if you had a carry license AND myriad other things that the law knows about but the average Joe doesn't. If in any major city, you'd be in deep crap.
  16. I love these things. Years ago I swapped this one out for the real thing at work. It took 6 months for anyone to notice. Here are a few more that I like:
  17. Awesome! I was actually formulating a letter to the editor of the Orange County Register about this. That’s par for their ilk. They want to be UN-American but they don’t want to appear UN-American. They are scum!
  18. Signs? I don’t want some kid having to eat crappy macaroni and cheese due to my sign! I doubt I will get a sign. Actually, I really wouldn’t want one. In order for a sign to be placed publicly it must be approved by a committee. Once approved by a committee the sign must be ordered and a ceremony must be planned and scheduled. There will inevitably be postponements and rescheduling, usually due to one or two bureaucrats that need to reschedule. Oh, not for any real reason, just to reschedule so that look busy. It feeds their ego to look important. But, before the bureaucrats can muck things up there are other things going on behind the scenes. While this is going on, a sign maker gets an order and he gets to work. He designs a sign on paper to show to the committee. The committee cannot decide on the design so they ask for a few different samples. The sign maker complies and makes several samples then let’s a meeting coordinator know so they can schedule a meeting. The committee members, not wanting to feel unimportant all strategically cancel at some point or another so the meeting(s) get delayed for days or even weeks. Eventually everyone gets together and a sign design is agreed to. The right material for the sign is bandied about for at least an hour until the original idea is settled upon. The mounting process and location takes another hour or two to decide upon even though it was decided much earlier but after several hours the frustrated sign maker goes on his or her merry way to complete the sign. The big day arrives and there is, FINALLY!, a ceremony. Lots of hustle and bustle and finally one or two bureaucrats making long speeches finding ways to take credit for the sign, the ceremony and even the acts of the person the sign is commemorating. They get their moment in the sun and there is much “Praise for the non-participants” Then the ceremony is over and everyone goes home. The poor sign maker, who was not invited to the ceremony, submits a bill, which goes unpaid for a couple of months. They finally have to take a few hours and go visit the committee members to get paid. The sign maker is told to resubmit the invoice. This is not the only invoice the sign maker has pending and things are getting pretty tight for the sign maker. Bills are past due and his or her family are eating less meat and more generic foods, like store brand macaroni and cheese made with margarine and powdered milk. At every turn there is an issue with the invoice. After several months the sign maker can no longer stay afloat because half their time is spent trying to get paid. The sign maker goes out of business. So, I don’t want a sign. I don’t want a sign maker going out of business on my account and I sure as hell don’t want to promote bureaucrats and their bureaucracy. I sure as hell don’t want any kid having to eat that crappy cheap macaroni and cheese so, I do not want any signs.
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