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  1. THIS would be my rider on that bill: “All movie and film prop guns must now have the word “DEAD” etched into their frames just before the manufacturer’s name thus rendering them “dead” and not “live” guns.” It’s just as stupid as the bill itself.
  2. They didn’t tell you if it a boy or girl? That’s odd. Most folks do that in the first few words of a birth announcement. Some of the names people come up with are truly odd these days. Hollis & Parker sound like last names to me.
  3. Hertz? The company that went bankrupt then flooded the market with overpriced used cars thus, in a roundabout way, causing the prices of other used cars to rise instead of diminish. That Hertz? Screw Hertz!…and screw electric cars! Now morons that incessantly talk about their diets and eating habits now have another subject to blather on about with their range anxiety, charging issues and creative travel plans that revolve around charging stations and their logistical strategy of getting wherever they’re going on a daily basis.
  4. Actually the release of the R51 was 2014. I had heard about all the QA issues, but when they released the Gen 2 (supposedly better) I waited a while and bought one in 2017. I wanted one because of the heritage of the design Mine had issues from the get go, so I guess I got a Gen 2 “lemon”.
  5. Well, of course we can’t read it. I tried to get Apple to translate it and it’s apparently Croatian! Duh! It ain’t Japanese!
  6. I guess I didn’t clarify. I truly believe that in 2 decades we will see videos like this regarding the old Tesla automobiles.
  7. I thought I wanted one for years until I rented one and shot one. The hammer bite was quite annoying. I had “hammer flinch” if there is such a thing.
  8. Yep, on the Brownells site…only they are out of stock with no backorder. Dunderheads…
  9. …and all this was happening in 1943… I truly believe that in 2 decades we will see videos like this regarding Tesla automobiles.
  10. I had one of those Remington R51s. It had issues. It was what they called a Gen. 2 and all the original problems were supposed to have been taken care of. After 3 trips back to the factory they replaced it with a “new” Gen 1. I tested it with 250 rounds of 9mm. After it successfully fired those rounds I sold it. I liked the way the gun handled but it’s shortcomings far outweighed the positives with it.
  11. Hmmm…how do they explain no wrinkling in salt water, which is my pH balanced for the skin?
  12. I am hoping that this Christmas will be my last in California. That is my Christmas Wish for me.
  13. My grandson and an old shooting buddy has this issue. Right handed but left eye dominant. For handguns they use their left eye for aiming. My grandson closes his left eye and uses his right eye for long guns. My friend did the same until he had a pair of shooting glasses made that helped him use his right eye more efficiently without having to close his left. He ended up going back to just keeping his left eye closed as the glasses caused him issues, like; headaches, eye fatigue and they were a hassle to take on and off between shooting and not shooting.
  14. I have always wondered the same thing @Widder, SASS #59054 Years ago I made the mistake of negatively commenting on this “natural pointing” phenomena at a match and you’d have thought I triggered a bunch of socialist sorority girls. The “Waaah-Fest” was on! I have come to realize over the years that every high priced and beloved product comes with free thought manipulation, commonly known as brain washing and peer pressure, and a support group to protect the owner from undue stress. It’s a fascinating thing to me.
  15. I somehow missed this when you posted it. Interesting. I actually wondered if something like this would be or could be a fix. I also find it interesting that I heard about here and not from Philips, the online respirator company I have been corresponding with or my pulmonologist. To be fair my pulmonologist hasn’t been working with me on my BiPap. I see Amazon has a bunch of suppliers providing inline filters for this particular problem but none say “HEPA” on their ads.
  16. I love that Longitude entry; “Indefinite”.
  17. Another one that I haven’t seen. Thanks Buckshot Bear.
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