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  1. Honestly, my fingerprints have been taken by numerous agencies and my DNA, I am sure is in a federal database somewhere. I really don’t care. Know why? I am not important enough, rich enough, criminal enough to matter to the Feds. I am too old to start a revolution and even if I did I wouldn’t give a **** if they identified me because I can guarantee that when that crap hits the fan I wouldn’t care anyway.
  2. I am just happy that people still choose to get married. There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun with it.
  3. I learned very quickly not to lay slim things like envelopes or ID badges on my Miata passenger seat. They somehow find a way to migrate between the seat and the console and it takes some creative work to retrieve them. Now anything that is slim goes into the glovebox or the storage cubby to the rear between the seats. I literally spent 20 minutes trying to retrieve my work ID badge one day just inside the security gate at our headquarters building. I never made that mistake again.
  4. Growing up my Dad told us on his side that our heritage was Scots-Irish, Cherokee Indian. My Mom said on her side of the family that she was German, Irish, Dutch and way back there was some Iroquois Indian. Turns out they were wrong. Currently my Ancestry.com results are: (going by memory) 41% Scottish 40% English 9% “Germanic” - could be Dutch 4% Scandinavian 1% Irish BUT! I recently found out that the man I thought was my mother’s father was her Dad in name only. Her true father died shortly after my Mom was conceived. So now I have to start over on her side. Dangit! I was all the way back to the early 1700’s researching my Mom’s side. Although my Aunts, whose father is who I thought was my Mom’s Dad and my cousins will be happy with my research. I have learned that what families may tell folks about their ancestry or heritage may not necessarily be accurate, like my Dad telling me that his ancestors have participated in every major war since the Revolution. Not true at all, unless coal mining was considered participating in a war… My parents are both deceased and I have a very fragmented family so getting accurate info is pretty hard.
  5. Bless yer heart… If you could access the video you’d know why I said that…
  6. Everybody likes to talk about Glock “Negligent Discharges”, but the funny thing is I have personally heard of more ND’s from people handling and using other brands and types of guns, from 1911s to DA revolvers than I have with Glocks.
  7. In addition what @Rip Snorterwrote I would plan for 3 days without food, water or utilities. At least a gallon of water per day per person….not necessarily in your bag but handy. Also, baby wipes and hand disinfectant.
  8. Heck yeah…Funny story. I went to the cycle shop to see about better wind protection and they told me that by installing a cow I could stay a little warmer when riding at speed, especially now that the weather is changing. So, I went and started looking for the right cow. I used one of those laser thermometers to check body temps to see which cows produced the highest body heat. Radiant heat can be a blessing on a cold day. Well, I found Betsy on a feed lot in Tennessee. Out of the hundreds of cows I examined she was the hottest. I plunked down the old master card and Betsy was mine. At this point it dawned on me that I needed a way to tote Betsy around. Those guys at the bike shop never mentioned how to install my cow, so I went on another mission. As luck would have it I was cruising through Kentucky when I saw a sign for a circus. I figured “Hey, you need a break from all this cow related searching. Go see the circus. Have a good time!” So down the road I went on my trusty metal steed to find the circus. Upon arrival I found that there was a big sign for the circus but there was a red banner across it saying “Shows cancelled due to death in the family”. I was bummed. While I stood there next to my bike getting the cow search numb butt sensations to subside I see this flatbed truck pull up to the gate. It had a big highly decorated box in the back with the word “Broomhilda” emblazoned across the side in gold leaf. It was the gaudiest big ol’ box I ever did see. It had about a dozen gold handles on each side and was all glossy black red and gold. The driver of the truck yelled over and asked me where I wanted this “coffin”. I told him I had no idea as I wasn’t with the circus but I could help him by finding someone. He said “Well you could have fooled me!” I had no idea what he meant by that, but I was warm so took off the coat of many colors that Mama made for me and my big toe over-shoes and went looking for someone to help this guy. Side note: big toe over shoes really help keep the toes warm in cooler temps at speed, but it’s a good idea to remove them so you don’t trip and bust your nose. I had a big red nose for about a month a while back due my clumsiness. Anyway, I found some clown hanging out next to a wagon and told him they had a delivery of a big gaudy box and he got all excited. He called out for the Ring Master who appeared like magic in a wisp of smoke. They explained that poor Broomhilda had passed away in the last show during the Grand Finale and that big gaudy walk in freezer sized box was her casket. It turns out Broomhilda was the fattest lady in the world and her show included her riding in a motorcycle sidecar tossing ham sammiches and baked potatoes into the crowd during the show grand finale. I thought that was a little odd, but who am I too judge. It seems she was in mid potato toss when she just keeled over dead, which according to the clown was unknown at the time because Broomhilda’s “keeling over” was more like her head just tilted forward. She was a Biiiiiiiiig woman! As I was walking back to the gate with the clown and the Ring Master they saw my motorcycle and asked if I might be interested in an oversized sidecar or if I might know anyone that might be. They pointed it out to me sitting next to a jacuzzi they said was Broomhilda’s bathtub. Well, to say I was excited was an understatement. I asked how much and they said I could just take it as they couldn’t possibly use it in another show as Broomhilda’s spirit might put a curse on them. Just then a cold wind blew passed us and a crow began cawing. I put on my coat of many colors that mama made for me and slipped on my overshoes. The weirdest thing happened then. The Ring Master asked me if I wanted a job. I told him “No thanks. I’m retired.” But he persisted even as we were hooking up the side car. Strange. So, rather than clown around any longer with these guys I hit the road back to Tennessee to get my Betsy. As it turns out getting a cow into a sidecar is no easy task. Betsy was having none of this and stepped on my big toe overshoes numerous times during the event so I had to toss those. A funny thing happened every time she stepped on my shoes. They made this funny horn tooting sound. Must’ve been from the air rapidly escaping the shoes every time she stepped on them. The farmer that sold me Betsy told me that my coat of many colors that Mama made for me is probably scaring her. He recommended that I not wear it. Well, that meant I needed something else to wear to keep warm so I headed into town. I thought about it long and hard and decided that perhaps Betsy was a vane little girl and that she should be the one everyone should see when being chauffeured about town keeping me warm so I decided a Lady should get what a Lady deserves and I got me a black chauffeur’s suit with a heavy jacket. The guy at the men’s store convinced me try out this leather helmet and goggles he had in the basement to go with my outfit and I’ll be dogged if I didn’t look like the snappiest motorcyclist ever! I looked like Evel Knievel’s opposite counterpart. Though I don’t think Betsy would be up for jumping buses, cars and canyons, but I didn’t completely discount the idea. So, with my new outfit on I headed back to the farm and “WALLAH!” Betsy just climbed right into that sidecar like a dainty fat girl getting into a bubble bath and just as pretty as can be. She actually emitted a sort of giggle when I surprised her with her own leather helmet and goggles, though they didn’t fit her and I didn’t tell her what the helmet was made of. That may have spoiled the moment. So, I thanked the farmer, handed him my coat of many colors that Mama made for me and I headed for the freeway. I think those guys at the bike shop were wrong. Once you hit twenty miles per hour the benefits of having a warm cuddly cow next to you to keep you warm dissipate rapidly. I was quite disheartened by this discovery. I stopped at a rest stop to ponder this and let Betsy replenish her cud locker when I hit upon a capital idea. Lots of folks in highly populated areas spend a lot of time in traffic going slow in fast cars. Why I saw a Ferrari once that looked fast just sitting still. So I decided that if I go fast I can’t be warm, but if I go slow but look like I am going fast no one will be the wiser so I adopted that riding position that you see in that photo above. Ahem…don’t tell anyone but I am actually only doing fifteen miles and hour in that photo. Impressive huh? It looks like I am flying! Betsy even gets in on the act. Look how she streamlines her features to make it look like we’re flying. Anyway, at fifteen to twenty miles and hour it took me several days to get back home. I thought that Betsy needed some “Biker Bling” so I took her over to my former favorite bike shop. Those guys made me so mad. I pulled in there and immediately they started laughing and making fun of Betsy and her sidecar. I got so angry I yelled at them and then I found out they were so so stupid. They didn’t even know Betsy was a cow. They kept laughing and saying she was a “Cowl” or I needed a new “cowl” and the sidecar was ridiculous. Why would I need a new cow? I had Betsy. Anyway, thanks for posting that photo, Joe. If you don’t mind, could you tell me where you found that. Betsy and I haven’t posed for a photographer yet and I would sure like to get a bigger copy of that to show my girl Betsy. She’ll get a kick out of that.
  9. This is one that I have on my “want list”. Celestron – Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope – 20-60x Zoom Eyepiece – Multi-coated Optics for Bird Watching, Wildlife, Scenery and Hunting – Waterproof and Fogproof – Includes Soft Carrying Case https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0002CTZ70/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_TS9F4WJ5PTHWRQYWN501 80mm lens with decent magnification from a reputable company at a good price.
  10. Many states now have laws regarding “animal harassment”. They come with stiff penalties. If I were a game warden I would consider that animal harassment. They saw the gator was watching it. They hovered it there to see what the gator would do. They found out. Now maybe they’ll find out how the legal system works in this regard.
  11. My primary safety is between my ears. I own 3 Glocks now and may have another soon. I have owned a total of 7 Glocks I like them very much. I wouldn’t mess with the mechanics of a Glock with that device in the first video. I prefer to use my head and handle my gun properly and not rely on any aftermarket device (gimmick) that I would add to my gun for safety. I noticed they didn’t go into any detail on that device. That also makes me leery of it.
  12. I think it’s even more sinister. The flag is red, white and blue. Both parties use red, white and blue for obvious reasons, but if you want to create a divide why not use the colors of unity to create that divide? The Republicans became Red and the Democrats became Blue in the 2000 election. Check this out: http://factmyth.com/factoids/republicans-and-democrats-switched-colors/ Tim Russert is credited with the Red and Blue designations in the 2000 election. I distinctly remember him on a panel on CNN or MSNBC discussing this and being snarky about how coloring the Democrats red could be seen as a historical throwback to the Cold War in the coming years so he felt blue was more appropriate. Read into that what you may, but I have my theories.
  13. Absolutely! Whenever my wife says: “The computer is acting up will you look at it?” My first inclination is to grab a ball bat and “fix” the computer “My brother is dropping by.” My first inclination is to grab a ball bat and “fix” the brother in law.
  14. “Oh, you’re from Chicago? Drop the gun or I will shoot you!” What the heck does being from Chicago have to do with anything? Did the shotgun guy not expect the store owner to be armed? Probably not. Regardless; guy from Chicago carrying shotgun. That would definitely raise my defense level to red.
  15. One of the funniest things I have ever seen regarding weather “reporters” was in California. There was a “storm” occurring. In Southern California a “storm” is what the rest of the country calls “rain”. I was watching a news station when they cut to some guy standing in a stream in Malibu reporting the rapidly rising water in that stream. The water was rushing and it was about mid-calf. I switched channels and there is a woman reporter standing in a stream shouting into the Mike like the torrent of water was too loud and she had to shout over it. She was yelling that just a half hour earlier the water was ankle deep and now it had risen over 6 inches. I left the room for about 15 or 20 minutes and when I returned the news cut to their in the field reporter on the devastation of the rising water in that stream in Malibu. The lady was in a different location this time and the rushing water was just below her knee and she feared she may not be able to get out of the water without being swept away. I switched to other local channels and each channel had a field reporter in a stream freaking out about how the water has risen “well over a foot and how the water may swell outside the banks of the stream.” Every channel had a reporter in a stream except one. Channel 9. L.A.‘a “black sheep, redheadeded stepchild” station. Channel 9 had a chopper in the air and had a camera aimed a stream that fed into the ocean with about 20 reporters with their camera operators all positioned up and down the stream reporting the devastation of the overflowing 6 foot wide stream. The pretty lady reporting from the chopper made a few sideways comments about other stations blowing the effects of the rain being blown out of proportion. I truly wish I had a copy of that video. It was hilarious.
  16. Cold Lake Kid, we have a Tim Horton’s here in Morgantown. I will have to check that out. Thanks. I have driven past it a couple of times trying to remember where I had heard of Tim Horton’s. Now I remember.
  17. Recently took a couple with visitors.
  18. Well, her true colors are showing. Red, as in red Chinese red, not the backwards political color scheme here in the USA.
  19. Stephanie Abrams, self proclaimed “Weather Nerd”. When I lived in NC she did the wreathed in The Weather Channel and I believe she was based out of Atlanta. Once she was on doing the weather when the green screen graphics computers went down. She was in a lurch and had to do something while techs at TWC had to figure out how to get things going again so she literally had to wing it in live TV. Gor probably 15-20 minutes she explained how weather was predicted using computer models and how most weather reporters weren’t meteorologists but talking heads and how when they hit the weather wrong one shouldn’t blame them because they only refer to computer models. She also explained how computer models do not get things right because often weather reporters will input weather variables into the computers to get different more dramatic results and therefore skew the forecast to “dress up otherwise boring weather reports”. It was a very educational 15 or 20 minutes. She explained how computers are used. How data is processed. How predictions are made. It was fascinating. She got into trouble for her comments about “weather reporters” vs educated Meteorologists and they took her off the air for about 3 weeks. I guess her management didn’t like a true “weather nerd” telling the truth about how weather is forecast. To me, she went up several levels in my book. Not only very attractive, but very smart and she’s got sand. Here are some recent shots of her.
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