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  1. At the indoor range I frequent I was testing some new .38 loads. On one target I had a couple of fliers. Then I noticed I counted 8 rounds, not 6. The two knuckleheads in the lane next to me thought it was funny. I laughed and asked them not to do that. I guess they had to do it one last time on my last target. As I was putting my stuff away the one guy sends a tennis ball on a string down range. The range sells them as .22 fun targets. He set it at 10 yards and they were loading 10/22 mags. I went ahead and got my S&W 25 out and loaded one .45 Colt round and took aim and put a nice
  2. I read it. Taking that bet. Didn’t see a letter. You owe me $4,815,1G2,342. I don’t take checks.
  3. Oh, by all means…double em up, shoot em down.
  4. Beach…and a storm is brewing. Might as well go home and eat cake.
  5. There oughta be a rule! No similar posts unless your shooting double duelist and only then if you’re doing better n any day ending in “Y”!
  6. Euthanizing a pet is a truly hard decision. One has to look at the quality of life the pet has as well as your reasons for considering euthanizing a pet. If a pet is on meds and the meds are not helping, the pet is suffering or the side effects of the medication are harming the pet and it's quality of life is terrible it may be time to consider putting the per to sleep. You also have to look at whether or not your reasons for keeping the pet alive are purely selfish reasons. No one can tell you when you should euthanize your pet. I am pretty sure that you will know when the
  7. I would list them by animal name. Cow, Chicken, Opossum, Frog, Pheasant, etc...
  8. Traipsing through the woods my favorite carry gun is my S&W 327 Night Guard loaded with 8 rounds of .357 Magnum. I used to carry Remington 158 grain JSP ammo but I shot all that up over time. I did try Hornady American Gunner .357 mag with 125 grain hollow points, but from a 2.5” barrel the flame and report were just stupid so I switched back to a 158 grain load. Now that I am in Granola Land I am not doing much woods traipsing and just biding my time until Independence Day.
  9. From what I understand when rigor sets in you can’t move limbs without damage but rigor dissipates within 12-24 hours. I believe it takes around 6 hours for full rigor mortis to set in.
  10. Long story short: There was a police sponsored federally illegal transfer of small arms in Huntington Beach, CA back in the 90’s. My friend and I went and were offering to legally buy people’s guns for more than the $100 being offered. The police came over and told us “You aren’t allowed to do that here, move along.” I told them we were offering fair money and we were insisting that the people meet us at a local gun shop for a completely legal transaction. A police Lieutenant came over and said he was going to have us arrested. Haha! I loudly asked him who on their tea
  11. Irony would be if Chick-Fil-A started doing a booming business with a similar ad that includes pigs. Leftist ****bags hate Christian run businesses like Chick-Fil-A and In & Out Burger. Another thing, politicians hate it when their kind are harmed. Of course, pigs are so much better and so much more intelligent than most politicians.
  12. Oooh…bummer. I also learned the hard way about humidity, dampness and blued steel a long while ago. With one gun I did the WD-40 and steel wool (use Chore Boy copper pads - Walmart has em) thing and removed the rust…also removed bluing. The gun had a nice patina. I would have preferred not to have had to go that. The other gun I had Cerakoted. It wasn’t a SASS gun. Of course purists lose their minds when they hear I Cerakoted a Winchester 94. My gun. I will do as I please. A couple of things I learned. Don’t use polyester fleece lined gun rugs. They hold moisture a
  13. I think I will stop looking at threads regarding California. They are just blood pressure enhancement and I am to the point that I really don’t flippin’ care any more. My Independence Day is but 339 days away.
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