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  1. I submitted my DNA for test. The results haven’t come back yet. My wife’s did and she was surprised that she had no Polish ancestry. My daughter got her results. My Dad always said he was Scots-Irish / Cherokee Indian. My daughter’s results showed Zero American Indian. If my Dad were alive he’d probably be stomping mad. Once I get my results I’ll get to see if there were any woodpile activities in my background. By by the way, I figure if anyone wanted my DNA they’d be able to get it fairly easily. Heck, my finger prints are on file from one end of this nation to the other.
  2. Chili Ron, I have no experience with these but those that I have talked to that do say they are cheap and reliable with premium .22 ammo. Jimenez Arms JA-22 https://jimenezarmsinc.com/ja22lr/ They are small. They are copies of the old Jennings .22s. They are cheap. Do a search on them and their reliability. Like I said, they like premium ammo. CCI STINGERS and such.
  3. Thanks for the laugh. Luckily I had just swallowed my coffee. Good one, Marshal.
  4. It is a bit annoying isn’t it? Especially with that QR Code. That just seems wrong. I asked the salesman at the store where I bought it if it would be against the law to obliterate that with some “engraving”. He said “I have no idea but I think I would leave it alone.”. My guess is that Marlin would use that code for tracking if you sent your rifle back for any reason. Saves time actually reading and verifying numbers, I guess. I would love to alter it so when they scanned it they would get a readout showing that they had just scanned a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. That would be hilarious!
  5. I was just on another forum where a guy asked about shooting Uberti SAA clones with modern smokeless powder. I guess he thought they were Black Powder “only” guns. People proceeded to tell him about other guns and how he should get rid of it and get a gun with a transfer bar and blah, blah, blah... Annoys the hell out of me... I have been on gun forums for well over 20 years and this kind of thing has been going on since before I started, I am sure. It’s not just gun forums either. I have seen it on others. When a person asks about something why do some people think they need to interject with their opinion regarding something the original poster didn’t even ask about? I guess you could call this a pet peeve of mine...
  6. WOW! The one I looked at was at Riflegear and it was $999.00. I thought that was a little high...
  7. Joe, just yesterday I moved a cart from a handicapped spot and one from a veteran’s parking spot at Lowe’s. I went ahead and used the cart from the veterans spot. I had parked in the second Vet spot. When I came out there was an Asian guy pushing an empty cart towards the still open Vet parking spot. He was just leaving his Mercedes that was parked across from the Vet spot. I guess he put some things in his trunk. I said “Don’t leave that cart in that parking spot or your car will be wearing it.” He glared at me for a second and then turned right and put the cart in the cart corral a couple of spots away. As I backed my truck out he flipped me off. I rolled down my window to call him some colorful names but he had scurried to his car and got in. Sometimes I really dislike people.
  8. Very nice, Rye. I knew you’d get one. After you posted about it a while back I knew that soon we’d be hearing that you got it. Good for you. I hope you love it. Side note: I have yet to see one in real life. Cobra or King Cobra. I did get to see an S&W Model 19 Carry Comp the other day. I want one.
  9. I tried that when I got my CCW in OR (CHL there). It seemed okay until I got in my truck. I got poked with my hammer and the barrel jammed into my thigh all in one move. Only time I did that move.
  10. Yeah, I wouldn’t doubt that one bit. I would bet they would see this as a “cane sword” and hit you with a felony.
  11. I found this on a google feed and thought it was quite unique. I have not seen these before and I thought they were interesting. It’s called a “Fortel Knife”. They are made in Russia. The company that sells them calls them “the Transformer Knife”. This is a link to the first video I found on them. http://m.worldstarhiphop.com/apple/video.php?v=wshhgvWDY635hg6tPb5h This shows the smaller knife the man in the video mentioned. http://atroposknife.ru/product/pocket-fortel/ This link shows the different knives they have for sale. http://atroposknife.ru/product-category/transformer/ I probably will not buy one. I just think they are interesting. What unique and interesting knives have you found?
  12. I seem to recall the term “special account” when I was a kid with my Dad and we were at the bank but I have no idea what was meant by it. I just remember people at the bank mentioning it.
  13. Dang, Birdgun. Your revolvers are very nice looking. I love mine but they aren’t lookers like yours are. That doesn’t mean I enjoy them any less.
  14. I have only been to one of the sites listed. Fort Necessity in Pennsylvania. I went when I was a kid. Very good history lessson.
  15. You know, I do believe I might slap someone that did that to their dog. At the very least they will remember the encounter.
  16. Nope. I have the lock on my 327 Night Guard and my model 60 Pro. I have run .357 Magnum in both and shot them both a lot. Personally, I think those that have lock problems have created the problem to have something to bi...complain about. Anyone that I have heard say “I know a guy that had problems with his lock” I have called Bull Spit on and asked them to prove it. The back peddling is quite humorous and quite annoying all at the same time. Yep. I am opinionated on certain things.
  17. Someone asked me about my brackets the other day. I think I threw them for a loop. I began explaining how I earthquake proofed the new shelving in my garage. They left me alone after that.
  18. I see some of the tools that got burned were Kobalt tools. They have a lifetime warranty. I am pretty sure it’s a long shot but you could call Lowe’s corporate and ask about replacement. I am sure the store would tell you to pound sand but a sympathetic ear at headquarters might just authorize replacement as your son is a loyal customer...know what I mean?
  19. Beware of imitations. http://www.opsolmini-clip.com/ Nice job, J Bar Binks. Just like Alpo, I would like to know how you loaded them. Friend of mine would be interested.
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