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  1. I’m looking for a great condition, Stoeger Supreme, .12 gauge SxS Coach Gun. Prefer Polished nickel barrel/receiver. Maybe a Stoeger Uplander, Supreme. I Will consider other SxS shotguns Prefer one that has been slicked up for CAS. What’s available? Whose got one? Thanks. WTB Stoeger
  2. Is Stoeger still available?
  3. Thanks. So they don't retract?
  4. I'm looking for some help to answer questions about opening my SKB SxS. When I insert two rounds and close the gun and then open before firing off the rounds, the shotgun breaks open like with ease. However, after I fire off the two rounds, the breech will not open at all un less I take my off hand and slap the barrels about half way down. Opens smoothly when cocked, hard to open after firing. Has anyone had this problem and/or knows why this is happening and what the fix may be? Hate to be a, "Pain" on this nice Sunday, but any help appreciated.
  5. This is a really, really nice Yugo M48, 8MM rifle for sale. $500.00 shipped. Super for Bolt Action Military (BAM) matches at many SASS sanctioned events and at many club shooting events. This rifle has a cleaning rod and the front site hood. It is in really clean, sharp and in wonderful shape, as you can see by the pictures provided. You can't miss (pardon the pun) with this truly beautiful rifle. If you don't yet shoot Bolt Action Military (BAM) matches, here's your chance to get a great rifle with which to participate. PM me with inquiries.
  6. I am in need of a replacement stock for my SKB 100. If anyone knows where to get one, I'd be grateful to know. Thanks all!
  7. Hi Major,

    I'd be interested and would like to check it out at EOT please.

    My phone number is 903 394 8678 and we're at the Sunset Motel in Moriaty.



    1. Major Pain

      Major Pain

      Ok. Thank you. 

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