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  1. Thanks Yul-my only concern was that he had caught the bug. Really good news.
  2. Does anyone know if Nick at Tombstone Leather [ Knights Leather] is ok? Figure he is shut down due to corona, but have had no luck contacting him about an ongoing project. Hope that's all it is.
  3. How about we all take a little piece of our stimulus money and help support our SASS vendors, most of whom are mom and pop businesses. Buy a box of bullets, a brick of primers, cleaning stuff, that leather item you have been thinking about. This stuff won't spoil, but these business people may be out of business.
  4. Hi Dane,

    this is Dave. I sent you and email also with a question. 

    Graz0820@gmail or aol it is from. 

    About Cindi's vaquero s

  5. You can reline the first 2/3rds of the barrel, but the last 1/3rd that is turned down for the rotating sleeve is waaaaay too thin. And a barrel is hugely expensive-if you could find one.
  6. During the military trials in the 1870s or so, the Marlin 1881 repeatedly had magazine explosions, which led to their removal from the trials. Using RN bullets.
  7. My thoughts and prayers go out to Parson - a good man to ride the river with.
  8. I have the Traditions version-same gun, just a rounded birdshead grip. Already had a Pietta 45 cal. conversion cylinder, so in it went. Neat little gun, and fairly accurate. I did have to shorten 45 Colt brass a little, so now I have some genuine 45 Short Colt ammo. Says so right on the box I made.
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