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  1. Where exactly issat worn? Ouch!
  2. I only drink Don Julio 70 that a friend brings me from Mexico. It is not just Tequila, it is amazing. Otherwise tequila can be a very, very bad idea.
  3. Cigs have more chemicals in them than tobacco anymore. Just like fast food has more chemicals than food anymore.
  4. Benefits of smoking? Uh, RJ Reynolds keeps making money? Otherwise ZERO, ever.
  5. Cooler weather, nothing beats heavy shotguns. That said I've never worn heavy real woolies but there's a reason Montana cowboys wore those. Batwings are probably a bit easier to get in and out of. Shotguns fit a time persona of 1870s through 1900 whereas batwings came about mid 1890's from what I've read. If you're going after a certain period "look" you might research that. B Western would certainly be batwing appropriate more than shotgun. Chinks are more modern and often worn in hot weather. CC can be and is done with chinks but it's more "rule" technical than a period costume look.
  6. Saw him at EoT. Maybe 2009? He got up on stage with FJT's band and whooped it up good! A very good entertainer, show host and after talking to him learned he is a gracious fella and gentleman. I'd love to see him again.
  7. Oh, I expect to get some of exactly what you mention but for the tons of published loading data for these I'd love to try the XTPs and Speer big jacketed bullets. These are indeed difficult to impossible to source. Now that Starline is making .480 Ruger brass again maybe, just maybe Hornady will offer its excellent bullets for these again.
  8. .475s. 325 grain or heavier bullets. For .475 Linebaugh/480 Ruger. PM me if you have any you'd sell. SASS folks only, no scammers.
  9. Yup. My ex-wife misused self defecation when she meant self depredation once while she was lecturing me on some of her self aggrandized feminist nonsense. I couldn't stop laughing. And did my reaction make the situation better? It did not.
  10. Foolish? I would reference the thread on nose ringsā€¦
  11. Some excellent 300 grain .452 options. All depends on how well a levergun will cycle them. The Speer 300 grain .452 jacket soft point is amazing... if you can find them. The Hornady .452 XTP 300 grain is awesome. And very available. Some great cast options as well... be interesting to what COL the X would cycle reliably.
  12. All the Henry X's I've tried off-the-shelf have been pretty smooth and well-balanced and seemingly well thought out and put together rifles. The sights while a departure from standard lever action open irons are quite excellent for this gun. Just one of the reasons I like it. And yes, Pat... handloading. Because you need another retirement hobby.
  13. Thanks for the review on the Henry X in 45 Colt. I've been giving these the big think for a few years but just haven't done it yet. These Henry "tactical style" lever actions I always thought were done rather tastefully compared to some of the tactical garbage available today in modern lever actions. Any chance you have any 300 grain handloads you could give a review on?
  14. And with this information terrorists now have almost precise information of how to replicate this disaster into something much worse.
  15. Found one of these after the last match. Small primer 45 Colt, same headstamp. Got me scratching me head too.
  16. If that had been Trail Boss you'd discovered, uh I mean gold, you could have paid off the national debt!
  17. In no particular order... Coffee, black. Anything else in coffee (besides Jamison) ruins coffee. Whole milk, cold.
  18. I remember reading an article about that back in the 80s in probably Newsweek magazine. They were literally running circles around Russian armor making the Russians quite miserable.
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