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  1. Well I bit the bullet and ordered the Winchester by Miriku in .357 mag.24 inch barrel and pistol grip. I have lots of IMR 700X and 158 gn swc bullets, any suggestions for load data keeping the pressure around 22,000 psi
  2. I am a reloader so the cost for reloading is about the same - hopefully we will be able to get some components soon i.e.: primers, brass for 45 colt have lots of 357 and of course powder.......
  3. I have no intention of using this gun for competition , just a good reliable quality gun for shooting, hunting and just admire it for what it is. The Uberti is 45 colt and the Winchester is 357 magnum if that makes a difference.
  4. I have an opportunity to purchase Uberti 73 or Winchester 73. The price difference after all fees' is $350.00 more for the Winchester. My question is the price difference worth it for the Winchester? Thanks inadvance
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