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  1. Thanks for the clarification- I was only speaking to the most recent conversation that I personally had with the WB ROC on the subject of starting in Condition 1 and the subsequent response received.
  2. Starting in condition 1 was proposed by SASS to the WBROC and Ambassadors in April 2023. Below is the response we received at that time: "Starting with the 1911 in condition 1 (holstered cocked and locked: The biggest concern in allowing the shooter to start in condition 1 is that we do not necessarily start the stage with the pistol. We also do not have a training program for holster qualification. This rule would also require a holster that completely covered the trigger. It was agreed that allowing a start in condition 1 was going too far in WB at this time." As mentioned in the action plan, ".... is imperative that Wild Bunch Action Shooting become a “game of the people”. The shooters’ voices need to be heard through their clubs by using the Territorial Governor program to represent their interests with SASS and the sport." Once your local club has an elected WBTG in place, begin rallying your TG for changing the rules to include starting in Condition 1. Misty
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