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  1. There is a non-disclosure agreement in place that prevents either party from discussing the particulars of the negotiations, either party, and the potential sales agreement- including its challenges and ultimate failure. Nothing beyond the initial non-disclosure agreement was ever signed by either party in terms of the sale of the property and after 8 months of discussion and the "deal" being at an impasse, it was clear an agreement could not be reached. Anything beyond that "explanation" cannot be discussed. Misty
  2. Howdy SASS Members! It has been brought to our attention that there is a SCAM email being sent out with our organizations name soliciting funds, gift cards, etc. to support a variety of fake causes. WE ARE NOT SENDING THESE! Please report these emails as SCAM/SPAM/JUNK... report as much as you can through your email provider so we can put a stop to this as quickly as possible. As an example, below is the text of a scam email: ------------------------------ How are you doing? Are you available at the moment? I need your assistance to handle a little project. Can you please handle this for me on behalf of the society? The Single Action Shooting Society is requesting gift card donations to assist Veterans at hospice care welfare with patients who have been negatively impacted by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every gift helps provide resources that will stabilize a Veteran and ensure a positive upward trajectory during this critical time. I have decided to make it a personal duty and I'll be responsible for the reimbursement of cards bought. Kindly confirm if you can help out. Brad L. Myers President -------------------------- (The sender email was: director@tahessddscm.org) SASS only sends emails to our members on a limited basis- and all emails that are truly from us will ALWAYS come from an @sassnet email address. Thanks, Misty Moonshine
  3. Exciting news! SASS is proud to announce our next big move for the future! Coming soon- a final relocation of the SASS World Headquarters Offices. It’s official- SASS closed on a beautiful historic (1900) building in Akron, Indiana today. Stay tuned for updates and a final moving date to be announced soon. HUGE thanks to Anna Gilsinger with ReMax Results of Warsaw, the Indiana SASS member contingent, the Paradise Pass Crew, the SASS Board, and the Wild Bunch for their unwavering support and encouragement as we embark on our next adventure solidifying the future of SASS. Misty Moonshine #greatthingsarecoming #sassrelocation2021 #paradisepass #indiana #goodbyenewmexico
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