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  1. Great idea for next year with a bit of planning.... For this year, we can pop over to Akron on Friday or Saturday and I can open it up for anyone who wants to come for a tour. Misty
  2. Drive by simply wont do! We'd love to show you SASS HQ! Perhaps we can schedule a little time in to bring anyone who wants to visit down. We're happy to open the doors and give you a tour. Just let me know and I'm sure we can work something out! Misty
  3. Still hopeful for additional volunteers - giving this a little "bump" to get it back on page 1. Misty
  4. Yay! I'll add you guys to the list! Many, many thanks! Misty
  5. Good morning; great questions! The event is taking over the town, rebranding many of the buildings as the businesses from Blackwater (the town in RDR)… it is a full-town event! As I mentioned, we have been given the city park as part of our sponsorship. No awning needed- there is a gazebo there, electricity, and even some trees. Logistically, it’s a bit of a nightmare to get much display-wise over there…. I’ll be flying into Tucson from Indiana…but I’ll ship in materials – banners, brochures and promotional items for us to give out. Our friends at Mernickle will help out by bringing tables and other supplies. I envision the park as being our “base”… but we’ll want to get out there and enjoy the event…meet folks and talk about SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting! My goal is to have as many SASS Cowboys and Cowgirls as possible to fill the park- and the town- to meet these Red Dead fans and spread the word; getting them out to a local club to “shoot Cowboy” in real life! People are going to be our home run on this one. I'm happy to provide drinking water, I just need to figure it out a bit; I can likely stop and buy a cooler and keep it stocked for all of us. We will have electricity in the park, will just need extension cords and such- perhaps we can bring in a few fans... Here are some images of the park we'll be set up in:
  6. Good morning everyone: We have some exciting news! Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is a proud sponsor of the inaugural Tombstone Redemption Event! July 29-30 in the one and only Tombstone Arizona. Red Dead Redemption, a video game by Rockstar, is regaled as one of the most successful video games of all time.... and its fans will ascend into Tombstone for a great weekend and SASS will be set up in the Park right next to the OK Corral promoting our sport to the attendees. If you are interested in joining us in promoting Cowboy Action Shooting and SASS, please reach out to us- volunteers needed! Let's offer up some real life Cowboy Shooting to the fans- invite them out of their gaming chairs and into the world of Cowboy Action Shooting! This is our opportunity to really promote our sport to the fanbase and get them out on the range. Let me know if you are interested in joining us in Tombstone. In part of our sponsorship, the event organizers have given us the entire Tombstone city park to set up in. Mernickle Custom Holsters is also sponsoring and will be set up in the park with us- we need a great showing of Cowboys and Cowgirls of all ages to help us represent our amazing demographic! Here is the event website: https://www.tombstoneredemption.com/ I hope you guys can join us for this amazing opportunity. Many thanks, Misty misty@sassnet.com
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