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  1. Happy Birthday, Billy Boots!!! Hope you had a great one. Misty
  2. The SASS® Organization A few of SASS’ own members have recently stated, “What does SASS do for me?”, “What does SASS do as a “parent” organization… and even the statement “We don’t need SASS to play Cowboy Action Shooting™”… While the latter statement may be true in the short term, it wouldn’t remain so for long without SASS® - and Cowboy Action Shooting™ wouldn’t be the recognizable or respected discipline it is today in the Shooting Sports and Firearms Industry if it weren’t for the direct efforts of the Single Action Shooting Society®. At this critical time in our organization, I think it is important to illustrate what your membership in SASS means on a global scale- and list just some of the achievements SASS has championed on your behalf over the years. While being humble is an admirable quality, I think it is time to outline some of SASS’ accomplishments. SASS® membership means different things to different people, and membership in SASS has both tangible and intangible benefits. In many ways, those intangible benefits outweigh the tangible benefits of a registered alias, a shooters badge, and member discounts. Did you know? Colt SAA’s and their clones would be illegal in California if not for the direct efforts of SASS on your behalf. Without SASS, members in California would only be able to have rifles that are limited to hold 10 rounds only. SASS represents its members interests to protect gun rights: Testified before the California Senate Judiciary Committee on Firearms related legislation Testified before the California House Public Safety Committee on Firearms related legislation Testified before the United Nations General Assembly on the Treaty for Regulation of Small Arms and Light Weapons (currently titled The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)) Today’s wide variety and availability of Single Action Revolvers and Lever Action rifles is directly attributable to SASS and its success as an organization. SASS created and still creates and maintains a visible market that influences manufacturers. Ruger Vaqueros Marlin Rifles without a “micro-grooved” barrel There would never have been a need or desire for a .38 bullet weighing less than 158 gr. SASS members would have a difficult time finding competent gunsmiths to work on their guns (there were only a very small handful in the early 80s) Winchester quit putting the cannalure in their .45 LC brass and made it a smooth walled case so it would last longer. The quality and design of those firearms is immensely superior to those of yore- and while that’s largely due to the efforts of Boyd Davis (EMF) and Val Forgett (Navy Arms), their efforts would’ve been fruitless without the visible market that is the SASS Organization of members. Many retail giants in the industry (Midway, Dillon, Cabela’s, Brownell’s) stock and market Cowboy Action Shooting accessories, parts, etc. – a direct result of SASS’ influence. Internationally, many countries are signing on to the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Those countries will be expected to conform to the mandates of the treaty. SASS stands as the organization that invokes protection to ensure that SASS members and affiliated clubs are protected by definition- meaning their guns are protected. SASS membership affords members in many foreign countries to possess firearms that they otherwise could not legally own. SASS has had a profound effect on the way firearms and the shooting sports are viewed by many, including the press. Men, women and children dressed in 1890s clothing, shooting old time firearms presents an aura of FUN. That in turn has influenced other shooting sports, which have adopted the public approach of “shooting is a FUN, SAFE, pastime.” Even the National Shooting Sports Foundation advertises their First Shots program with an emphasis on FUN. SASS has been a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation since its inception, and has helped develop many of their range programs. Today we are seeing many of our traditions, much of our history, and many of our core values denigrated, devalued, and in some cases, simply erased. SASS stands for and promotes the preservation of those valued elements. If you think not, ask yourself why you like your SASS pards. Why do we all say you’ll “come for the shooting, but stay for the people”? It is our mission to ensure SASS continues for many, many years. Not the least of reasons is our ability to pass on the history, the values, the camaraderie and good will exhibited in our game. SASS has worked diligently to provide a sport and an organization that your entire family can enjoy together. Steeped in core values you and every member of SASS teach the young ones by example. The core qualities of free men and a free nation should not be allowed to die. Every single SASS member should be introducing friends, family, and neighbors to SASS and influencing them to join. There is strength in numbers, and the larger we are the stronger and more influential we are. Every member should swell with pride to be part of SASS. On behalf of the Founders of SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting- The Wild Bunch- Misty Moonshine PROUD member of The Single Action Shooting Society
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