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  1. And here is a slide show showing some more detail http://s181.photobucket.com/user/co_dave/slideshow/golf%20cart
  2. How the heck am I gonna know if my IWB carry is gonna fit with them new jeans unless I have it with me when I try them on?
  3. Your inquiry brought the following idea into my head.... On the back of the cart, a classic old west shipping crate, labeled Winchester repeating rifles or some such. Open the hinge lid back (towards the front of the golf cart), and two uprights hinge up from the ends, and then a cross piece installed between them with long gun barrel rests. In my vision, the crate would have enough room to store the long guns and a bit more when closed up and be locked up.
  4. I generally don't as I rarely change my loads and use just one for both rifle and pistol. But, I did just change my load so have been putting the cutoff side of a primer sleeve with something to tell me it's the new load in each box. I also make a note on those made with brand new brass. I'm about thru my stockpile so I'll likely change to labeling the old load boxes to maybe keep around for when I wan a little extra thump.
  5. Hey Dawg, what time ya figure to be done Sunday afternoon? I mean awards and everything done? Trying to cypher if'n I would want to get started home or what.
  6. I'm getting a wild hair.... What is the basic tentative schedule for the match? I know it's a ways out, but it would help me plan....
  7. That feller in the mirror is a whole lot older than I am. Heard great things about this match. Gonna keep it in mind for sure.
  8. With the vid open in youtube, I pause it, look under and click on share, it pops up a URL that is already highlighted, I right mouse click and copy the URL and then just paste it here. Like others, I have found it works most of the time, and is sometimes necessary to put the URL on a separate line, with a space and a return after it. https://youtu.be/_7FkcJaFKDs and sometimes that doesn't work, hmmm, lets edit that without the s following http like someone suggested
  9. Yes it is, I've done it while running an analisis of RP vs TT vs R&CP.
  10. Bud, interesting view on the subject. If I read your example correctly, the only reason the MSV didn't hurt the shooter is that he was faster enough than the other shooter to cover the penalty. If they had shot the same (or closer than 10 seconds) raw time, the MSV would have hurt him. At any given match scores on a given stage do vary widely, say from 15 second to 90 seconds. And that would seem to leave the door open for penalties that don't have any effect due to rank points as your comments suggest. However, I would say that given any shooter, and the group of other shooters that he o
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