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  1. I'd like to have one with more normal barrels, the long one just isn't my cup of tea. But hey, even if they don't sell a whole bunch it got folks looking at, and talking about their products.
  2. Kid - this comes up fairly often. I've only shot at one club that allows it. And the only shooters who do it are established cowboy shooters who are wanting something different that day. The game is cowboy action shooting, and it's played with two single action revolvers. Folks that are interested and go to a match are often loaned guns to give it a try. Some enjoy it and get bit by the bug and stick around. For some it isn't their cup of tea, which is fine. I am of the opinion that changing the game 'in hopes of attracting new shooters' would be changing the whole reason I fell i
  3. I opened your link, and then right clicked on the picture and chose copy image URL and then pasted that into the image dialog here.
  4. DAGNABBIT ALL TO SNOT! I knew I should have hibernated. This just in from TriggerHappy Ted Howdy all, I know you all have cabin fever already, but Saturdays forecast for Great Guns is 18 degrees at 9am and a high of 32 degrees with a 7mph wind. Even tho it might be dry, its to cold for this old cowboy to hobble out there with my hotrod walker to watch you all shiver in yer boots. So I've cancelled Saturday's match. Stay warm, stay healthy. And I'll see ya on the trail somewhere. TriggerHappy Ted
  5. I read on facebook that all went well and he was on track to go home as scheduled.
  6. I sent in my entry and booked a motel for Land Run.
  7. Just curious, what would be a benefit to you to have them classified at C and R?
  8. Ted whoops up on me as it is, with a bionic knee he'll really be off to the races. Best of luck to Ted, Misty, and the nurses.
  9. Santa is broke so not much under the tree, but we got the important task done for Christmas morning to take place. Mom only supervises now, my daughter and I do the bulk of the work, but it's tradition, gotta have our Christmas cinnamon rolls.
  10. Lots of matches give out a hat pin to everyone, I like that. As far as awards I'd like it if they went deeper in each category, as I might have a better chance, but I don't reckon that giving everyone something at the awards would mean a whole lot to me.
  11. Welcome Desmund Isaac Booth 12-17-2017 To parents Brodie Lane and N.T. Booth All are happy and well. Baby had to be coaxed here 3 weeks early! You all will have to stop by the compound during EOT and meet the little fella!
  12. I checked the hourly forecast, during normal match hours, the warmest, well, least cold it will be is ONE lonely degree, and that is before wind chill. Good day to stay indoors and stay warm, not that my chores will allow me to do that all day, but....
  13. With a forecast high of 5 degrees, we knew this was coming. Here is a message from Triggerhappy Ted Well cowpokes, after studying and looking and listening to all the weather forecasts for this week and next weekend, the scenario does not look good for us to join in our favorite past time, cowboy action shooting. Friday may be the warmest day of the week with temp's plummeting overnight to -2 degrees below zero, and the forecast high on Saturday of 5 degrees above at Nunn. So the match for Saturday December 17th is canceled. So is the Wild Bunch match the following Sunday, December 18t
  14. For a change I agree with the Gritz. By having a category for the Borgs to compete against each other, it allows others in the categories they used to shoot in to move up in the standings. At the local lever anything that generates interest and some friendly competition is a good thing in my book.
  15. Howdy and welcome. I agree with the others, go out to some matches even though you don't have your irons, good way to find some used ones that might not even be officially for sale but talking to someone they might say, ya know, I got this in the safe I'd be willing to part with. Have fun and enjoy the ride! Grizz
  16. I'd shoot it, and have. And the year or so I shot gunfighter I got a P on it, or similar. My fault, instructions said two separate sweeps and I shot one continuous sweep. It was a thing of beauty, cross overs, etc, just the way I planned it. But it was wrong per the stage instructions. I questioned the call until it was explained to me and then had to laugh and say 'yup, shore enuff a P'
  17. Well I guess if Shooting Bull can give his SWAGs I will too When I started, I used 'factory' ammo, Well, I bought it from Cliffhanger. I think the percentage of CAS shooters using factory ammo would be less than 10 percent, maybe 5. The real target market for CAS factory ammo would be those just getting started, and 38 spc 125 TC or RNFP and 45 LC 200 would be what I would be looking for, was I looking. The split between calibers I'd guess 59 percent 38, 39 percent 45 LC and 2 percent everything else.. In my mind a good factory round would be kinda middle of the road one size
  18. Sled, why yes I do. Have one for sale on craigslist right now, and will put 2 more up this weekend. All part of my fantasy that I may someday be able to park in the garage again. All sorts of treasures out there that I've had trouble parting with in the past, but I may just be ready, finally. Like my golf bats, haven't played in 30 years, I reckon I could part with them. Heck, at this point they are vintage, right?
  19. Howdy J Mark. Ol' Blackwater has kept some of us filled in on your activities, well, them what you didn't swear him to secrecy on anyway. Good to see ya, have a bottle on my tab.
  20. Dangit, had the whole three volume series typed up and lost it. In summary - Bro in law first told me about the game. He had only heard about it, and is just now getting going with it, though I've drug him to a match here and there. First match 'just to watch' Coyote Gulch Cowboys, Boulder, CO. Welcomed and talked into trying it, I was hooked. Partial list of folks who made me feel welcome and included: Jinglebob Gerri, Diamond Curly, Ten and Eight, Badger, Scraggs, and a host of others. Second match (first match shooting) with Pawnee Station. Special 5th Saturday match where I c
  21. And here is a slide show showing some more detail http://s181.photobucket.com/user/co_dave/slideshow/golf%20cart
  22. How the heck am I gonna know if my IWB carry is gonna fit with them new jeans unless I have it with me when I try them on?
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